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I have been searching for the Barnes & Noble Signature Edition of Northanger Abbey to complete my set for a couple of years and YAY!!! Today a copy finally arrived :)

hi yes here have aesthetics for the kids

claudio:  roses, old fashion, weddings, hearts, ‘i love you’, hand holding, cheek kisses, happy couples, love letters OR. roses on a grave, old fashion, ruined weddings, broken hearts, ‘ill never love again’, sadness, heartbroken-ness.

amanda:  pastel blues and greens, strings of lights, long sleeve dresses, love, peace, cute positive notes, cute pens with positive sayings on it, scripts, theatres, musicals, plays, ( when seventy two, add head wounds, bruises, binary, and electricity. )

drew:  matte blues, matte grays, ice, rain, wind, snow, the moon, the cold, frost, dusk, midnight, dewdrops, clouds, snow, lakes, owls, beanies, winter jackets, scripts, theatres, musicals, plays, ( when two, add head wounds, binary, and electricity. )

cheryl: pastel purples, mechanical pencils, notebooks and journals, things along the line of ‘i have the best brother’, trees, plants, flower crowns, nature, forests, autumn, ( when a deadite, dark purples instead of pastel. add blood, lots of it, bloody teeth, scratches, wounds in general. )

shelly: pastel pinks, nail polish, high heels, belly showing outfits, sugary alcohols, iphones, cats, cherry blossoms, strawberries, perfumes, lips stick, eye shadow, literally any form of make up, painted nails, uggs, starbucks, ( when a deadite, just add blood )

emma: purples of any shade, crosses, overalls and purple button ups, purple shoes, bibles, finger painting, daycares, pugs, horses, playing with cute lil kids, sign language.

morality: purples of any shade, disappointment, overalls and purple buttons up, purple shoes, cleaning, ‘i dont understand kids’, ‘i dont like talking’, sign language.

andy: pastel pink, books, glasses, facts, programming, apologies, highlighters, pens, pencils, studying, jellyfish, lab coats, sweater vests, pink button ups, pink pajamas.

fact: pastel pink, books, glasses, facts, programming, binary, crayons, kids drawings, sweater vests, pink button ups, pink pajamas, candy, sugar, balloons, ‘error’.

wheatley: blue, cityscapes, landscapes, broken glass, the cubes, anything about hearing things, things about delusions, ‘i want out’, ( human - blue jumpsuits, portal guns, hospital rooms ), ( core - blue ties, blue button ups, glitch effects, )


The Following: none shall survive.

Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”

Seriously, the death rate of characters in this series is amazing. Only two of the original characters remain. And I doubt more than half of the current ones will live past this season finale. Definetely one of the three main (Ryan, Mike, Max, even though Ryan’s death would be impossible)

UPDATE: since the series has been cancelled no death is off limits. It surely ends with Ryan dying.

UPDATE II: Mark is now dead and Mike is seriously injured. I don’t think he’s going to make it

UPDATE III: Mike is not dead and Theo bit the dust. The series has ended. Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”.

f o c u s ◄  a mix for when you have a story to write, a book to read, an exam to pass. keep your head up. you’ve got this. (x)

1. jack wall — reflections; 2. randy edelman — dragonheart theme song; 3. music legends — the fields of ard skellig; 4. emma thompson & peigi barker — noble maiden fair; 5. jed kurzel — macbeth; 6. james newton howard — what are you asking me?; 7. london music works — plastic bag theme; 8. steven price — gravity; 9. daft punk — solar sailer; 10. essay & coma — deceptive; 11. brambles — to speak of solitude; 12. thrupence — folds; 13. 36 — inside


How sick is Hot Dog’s Sick Trick?

[The premiere episode of Good Content season 3!]

I was looking at some gifsets and realized something:

In Unforgiven, after her entire schpiel, Snow says she wants Regina to go undercover with the Queens of Darkness

In Enter the Dragon, Charming and Snow are telling Emma that Regina decided to go undercover.

So I’m trying to figure out how Emma, who went the entire last episode going berserk over the possibility that Regina could endanger herself with the QoD, will react when she finds out that her parents not only lied to her, but also served Regina up like a lamb for slaughter.

Especially if the undercover goes south and Regina gets hurt.


[Good Content]