emma my darling


Allen sits down beside Lucien. Lucien softens, lies down, head in Allen’s lap. Passing out from the liquor.
Lucien closes his eyes and passes out against Allen. Allen shakes nervously, finding himself suddenly holding Lucien’s body for the first time.
We follow Allen’s P.O.V. as he plays with Lucien’s hair. Slowly slides his finger down Lucien’s face to his lips.
Lucien’s eyes open. Allen tenses. But Lucien suddenly takes Allen’s finger in his mouth. Sucks on it.

Lucien’s head passed out in Allen’s lap. Allen still petrified. We were just in Allen’s imagination.

Kill Your Darlings (2013)

In Storybrooke of all places you’d think that Emma’s first conclusion would be ‘something bad happened to him’.  A stable person without such a fear of abandonment would absolutely worry about that first before deciding that they’ve been abandoned.  But Emma,  my poor darling Emma,  this is what ALWAYS happens.  

He just left seems the most logical choice because… they always leave.  



If I focus on that hard enough I can possibly… possibly turn off the caps lock.  




Her ladyship will meet with nothing with kindness and respect in this house. And, apart from such little precautions as may suggest themselves to our good sense, she will be treated as a guest in this house and we will strive to make her happy.

Kaz and Emma in a 1920′s Alphonse Mucha-inspired piece. Part of a cute idea @kelz313 came up with, in which Kaz “Hellmaster” Miller is the tough no-nonsense gangster and Emma is the poor kid he just happens to have the hots for. And Hellmaster Miller always gets what he wants.

Imagine being Bella’s sister, and you and Carlisle fall in love - Part Six

Finally! A confession, and DUN DUN DUN! Into the final part of the book.

Stumbling through the airport after landing from my flight in Japan, I am surprised by a gentle, icy cool hand catching my air, causing me to look up blurrily, finding a familiar blonde face, with smoldering medallion eyes, causing me to smile. “Carlisle.” I greet.

“I was only gone for 48 hours, did you stay up packing all night?” He teases.

“I wanted to get back quickly. Being alone in Japan, it’s not comfortable anymore.” I answer.

“I just needed to come into the hospital-” I shake my head, reaching up to pull him in a hug.

“I hated being there, it’s not that you were gone. I’m fine.” I answer, causing him to chuckle, hugging me back.

“Emmett and Alice are getting your luggage. You can sleep in the car.” Carlisle explains, scooping me up into his arms as soon as I leaned heavily against him, he starts towards the doors, but I’m too tired to care about the looks we’re getting, as I wind my arms up around his neck, cuddling close like a toddler as I rest my head against his chest, attempt to fall asleep. “Emma?” His voice encroaches my mind, what feels like only a few minutes later. “Emma, time to go inside.” He whispers.

“I have to get in the car.” I mumble, causing Carlisle to chuckle.

“No, I’ve already put in you in the car. I just can’t get you out of the car, without hurting you by accident.” He answers.

“To get on the plane?” I ask, yawning as I stretch.

“No, Emma, my darling.” Carlisle laughs. “I just need you to climb out of the car, I can carry you into the house.” I mumble as I reach up to rub my eyes, but he catches my hand. “Don’t do that, it’ll wake you up more. I just need you to stand.” He teases, causing me to nod, placing my hands on his shoulders, turning to clamber out of the car, stumbling to my feet, and step a few feet before everything goes dark once more, as sleep again claims me. The next morning, I feel muddy inside, a bit anxiety ridden, though that may have to do with my dream, of Carlisle calling me his darling, and him kissing me on the lips as he tucked me into my bed last night. Raking an anxious hand through my hair, I press my fingers to my lips, they tingle from memories of last night’s dreams as I stand, wandering out into the hall, stopping outside Carlisle’s office. “Come in, Emma.” Carlisle calls as soon as I lift my hand to knock, shaking my head I open the door, unsurprised that he knew it was me, and I slip inside the room, shutting the door behind me. “Good morning. Sleep well?” His smile is gentle, though it shoots a jolt through my chest, causing me to clench a fist, resting against it.

“You’re mate.” I state, the first thing that comes to mind, in my panic- it gives him a startled pause, his smile falling.

“What about her?” He asks, tilting his head at me.

“I want you to tell her. It’s request, as your friend.” I answer, causing him to stare at me in surprise.

“You want me to… tell her?” He asks.

“Yes. I put a lot of thought into this, while we in Japan. I want you to tell her. She deserves to know, that she has someone who loves her. Someone special, who’s amazing, and smart, and handsome, and a doctor. Carlisle, tell her because you deserve to be happy, with the one you love.” I look down, letting out a sigh as I rub my arm.

“Would that make you happy?” He asks.

“What?” I look up, tilting my head at him. “This doesn’t have anything to do with me, Carlisle.” He frowns. “This is about your happiness, instead of everyone else’s for once. Don’t you get that?!” I wince, looking down as I realize that I’m yelling.

“Emma,” Carlisle stands, crossing to my side at a human pace. “Why does this both you so?”

“You ask why?” I let out a laugh, shaking my head. “Because you are my friend! More than that, you’re someone that I can talk to, that understands my need to become a doctor! You’re compassion is rival to none, you are passionate about everything you do, you try to make yourself a better person, because you’ve come to harm with what you are, and you’re not a killer like some other vampires are!” I take a deep breath, my hands shaking as I clench them into fists, and look up into his ocher orbs, filled with a swirl of confusion emotions. “It terrifies me that you’re such a good person, that you are alone, and that you can’t seem to see that you deserve happiness. What terrifies me most, is that you have a mate, and yet-!” My hand flies to my mouth as tears burn in my eyes.

“Emma?” He asks softly, his voice is full of compassion, of worry, causing me to swallow thickly. “What were you saying?” Don’t mistake compassion, and friendship, for love.

“And yet, you do nothing about it.” I lie, causing him to frown, leaning down to look me in the eyes.

“I would rather do nothing about it, than to cause her pain.” He explains softly, his hands resting on my shoulders. “But, if you think that it would be wise to tell her, perhaps I should take your advice.” He presses his forehead to my own. “So, please do not cry.” He breathes softly, he captures a loose tear, causing me to frown as I reach up, pressing my palms to my eyes.

“I can’t… I can’t see you like this. It’s not okay for me to be crying.” I step away towards the door, and reach for it, when his hand comes to rest beside my head, pressing the door shut once more.

“Emma, where are you going?” He asks, turning me towards him.

“To compose myself.” I answer, causing him to chuckle.

“You’re fine. Please,” His brow furrows as he looks away for a moment. “please stay.” He asks, causing me to nod, following him over to his desk, where I sit down.

“Carlisle, I… I lied, about something.” He frowns as he looks me in the eyes, sitting across from me once more. “I lied about being upset, that you do nothing about having a mate.”

“Why is that?” He asks.

“Because, if I said the truth, you would hate me, or our relationship would change, and not for the better.” I answer, causing him to frown again, he tilts his head at me, and I swallow thickly, looking down as I clasp my hands together.

“You can tell me, Emma. My opinion of you, is impossible to change. Or relationship will always prosper.”

“I-” I look up at him. “What terrifies me most, is that you have a mate, and yet, I feel as though I cannot stop myself from falling in love with you.” I state, causing his eyes to widen as he freezes in his spot.

“I see.” He answers, causing my heart to stutter, painfully.

“See! This is what I didn’t want to happen.” I press out of me seat, starting towards the door. “Don’t worry, Carlisle, I’ve got two months to accept a new internship in France. I’ll be gone in two days.” Suddenly he’s slamming the door shut, looking down at me, his hand grasping my chin while his eyes are frantically wide.

“Don’t go.” He leans down, pressing his head onto my shoulder, hands moving the pull me into a hug. “Don’t…” His voice is soft, almost broken. “don’t leave me.” He begs softly.

“Carlisle, please, this is difficult enough without the mixed signals!” He pulls away.

“If they are so confusing, perhaps I should make them clearer.” He answers, suddenly he is kissing me, causing me to freeze in surprise, before the surprise melts away, and I form to the kiss, my hands tangling in his hair, his hands finding purchase, one on my waist, the other on my neck. Pulling apart quickly, I grasp for air, when it hits me, what I am doing.

“Wait!” I shake my head. “You have a mate, Carlisle. You can’t do this to her.” He lets out a slightly irritated sigh.

“For one so smart and in tune with others, you are truly oblivious to a person’s feelings.” He chuckles. “You are my mate, Emma.” My eyes widen.

“What? Me?” I blink rapidly, before he chuckles, leaning down to peck me on the lips, softly.

“Yes, you.” He pauses. “I would not force you into anything, you know this right?” He asks softly.

“Yes, I know.” I look at him, smiling. “I can say it, then?”

“You may say whatever you like.” He answers, softly.

“I love you.” He smiles down at me. “I want to live an immortal life with you. Not now, but one day.”

“I love you, too, my darling.” He kisses me softly, raking his fingers through my mahogany locks, being as gentle as always.

“Carlisle!” The door opens, causing Alice, looking a bit frantic, to pause looking at us in surprise. “I-I’m sorry, but…” She looks up at Carlisle. “Something’s wrong with Edward and Bella.” The words cause my stomach to drop, and for a moment, everything bright, goes dark.


The Darling Affair (1/18)

Summary:  Ex-military officer Killian Jones has never forgiven the Gold family for what they took from him. But when his path searching for justice (and maybe revenge) leads him straight to Emma Swan, a social worker who’s young charge has just been kidnapped by Malcolm Gold, he might just learn to let go of the past.

Rated:  T, for violence, kidnapping, some dark themes

Art credit/link: The totally awesome @shady-swan-jones took on the story and made some fabulous art for it.  You can see the art here.

Beta and cheerleader: @delightfully-difficult-pirate and @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, thanks so much for all of your help and cajoling and reassuring!

A/N:  I’m so excited (and more than a little nervous) to finally be posting this!  Once upon a time, I thought this was going to struggle to get to 20K… apparently I underestimated the plot a bit…
So here’s the first chapter of my submission for the @captainswanbigbang Big Bang Challenge.  Take it away, It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

We’ll meet Emma in the next chapter, but for now, enjoy meeting Killian and Liam Jones.

Word count:  ~ 4,450 (80K Total in 18 chapters)


Chapter 1: Mission: Success

The sharp, fiery pain that erupted between his shoulder blades caught Killian by surprise and almost – almost – had him gasping in pain.  Quickly, he bit back the instinctual response and sucked air in through his nose to quell the instinct to flee.  Outwardly, it looked as if he barely reacted to the blow, absorbing the force and immediately sitting up straight again as if it were nothing.  A muscle in his cheek twitched due to his clenched jaw, but otherwise, there was no movement.  Killian may have wanted nothing more than to curl away from the pain, but that didn’t matter.  His body may have been telling him to get up from his chair and pace until the sharp sting of half-healed wounds faded back to a dull roar, but he fought the urge.  He may have wanted nothing more than to rail at the man who had caused him to hurt in the first place, but that man was far away and rotting in prison by now.  It had been a very long time since he’d been so undisciplined as to let such signs of weakness show when he was at the office.  

Even to Liam.  

Especially to Liam.  

Killian continued to stare straight ahead and waited patiently.

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