emma milligan


I’d like to hear about all your favorite non-canon, underrated ships. Clearly, at this point, most relationships have become canon at some point, even ones that shouldn’t have (*cough* DRECKY *cough*) because, well, it’s Degrassi.

But there are also a lot of non-canon ships that do have potential.

So what are some of your non canon degrassi ships? Submit so we can hear –>


Bunker Family

It’s a bit late but this is the end of the advent calendar!

I know you could add way more people, but I pulled Adam out of the cage, revived Kevin, got Emma and Benny out of Purgatory, invited Gilda into the human realm, made Charlie come back from Oz, worked cupid magic on Sam and gave Cas and Dean a baby.

I’m pleased.

I hope you enjoyed the calendar and Christmas! ♥♥

P.S. Let’s imagine Adam’s got a partner too and they’re currently getting the champagne ready.