emma mcdonnell

sexual orientation: older woman wearing pantsuit and heels, in position of power

If my faves had tumblr:
  • Kate Mulgrew: *posts mainly Throwbacks of cast members, red carpet selfies and gets into the occasional pro-lgbtq debate*
  • Meryl Streep: *posts thoughtful quotes and follows all musical blogs she can find. Also compulsively reblogs designer shoes *
  • Emma Thompson: *doesn't post often but when she does it's sassy comebacks and quotes and images of great leaders.*
  • Mary McDonnell: *her blog should have a selfie or two somewhere but first you have to dig through the hundreds of cute animal photos and the occaisional hair tutorial video reblogs (what is unicorn hair and why do people keep talking about it??)*
  • Helen Mirren: *stunning nature photography and dirty jokes, has been threatened with blocking for getting into violent disagreements about Shakespeare and Feminism*

sexual orientation: a middle aged woman leaning over a desk


YouTubers React to Colorblind Man Sees Purple for the First Time


New Video→

Queerbaiting On YouTube | Beckii



talking about what it is and why it’s harmful!

stop pretending to come out especially if ur heterosexual thank you everybody!

Sees a middle aged woman, forgets how to talk and eyes become heart shaped

raise your hand if you are a victim of middle aged women’s charms

person: so you got a boyfriend?

my mind: *I’m just here distracted, waiting for a middle aged woman to come and tell me that she wants me and loves me, anyway who needs a boyfriend when you always can dream and cry while that never happends*

person: so..?

me: oh no, I just haven’t find the right person…you know