emma makes icons for people


h p  i c o n s (31+)

*drums* this curly haired nerd just made her first icons ever!! *applauds*. (i’m also close to hitting my first 1k and i wanted to do something for all of you) and turns out i’m actually kinda proud of them so here they are. let me know what you think!!! are they good or nah? let me know which one you like the best. 

this includes:

  • awesome ginny 
  • cinnamon roll neville
  • snake babe draco
  • loveliest punk tonks
  • my very loved brotp harry and ron
  • fuck the movies i wanted more of bill
  • best dad ever arthur
  • fucking murderer and still like her bellatrix
  • and others

+ fancast for :

  • sirius black (ben barnes)
  • james potter (aaron taylor johnson)

and 5 emma watson icons.

please, reblog/like if you save them. icons page here.

hope you enjoy them! ♡

4x10 ‘Shattered Sight’ Icons

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