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Y'all Emma said that shit about Beyoncé three years ago.

Character development? Fuck nuts?? I used to be homophobic. Like. One of those “secret” anti gays like “i don’t care just don’t do it around me” bullshit? Like. “Hide your gay, guys, I don’t want to know about it.” And now I’m transgender and pansexual. P e o p l e C h a n g e. I mean. Y'all acting like you didn’t say stupid ass shit three years ago. Emma criticized Beyoncé’s music video in 2014, two years before the year of realizing things? Let’s chill with attacking any white girl who is a feminist and calling it white feminism. Emma Watson is a global ambassador for the UN. So. Call out the real lowlifes that partake in white feminism, like Jennifer Lawrence.


Mr. O’Hara, erm it’s not my place to say, but you may have a problem.

As much fun as post-reveal Marinette denying Adrien=Chat is, I wanna see her crush get even WORSE

Think about any actors that people already found attractive were and how people’s crushes got even stronger after finding out these hot people were dorky too. (TOM HIDDLESTON, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, Emma Stone, etc.

So instead of Marinette finding out [her] dorky kitty and patience-of-a-saint classmate are the same and fervently not wanting them to be so, she instead gets one of those dopey smiles (bonus points for something like a fist pump). Because the boy she likes and her best friend who she trusts worth her life are the same. She can trust him with her entire being, if his flirtations with Ladybug (and Marinette *COUGH*) are legitimate.

Just for fun (or evil, depending on how you see it) let’s say Marinette quickly gets around her even more debilitating crush (and just when she had been making progress!). So she starts flirting with Chadrien. In AND out of masks. All sides of the square Marinette goes from sputtering like a bad radiator on an old car to 100. (Good or bad. No. Good AND bad flirts.) Poor Adrien is so confused. And flattered. Ladybug and cute classmate/friend started flirting at the same time. (But differently than Chloe or Lila). And both are flirting with both faces???

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it recently hit me the reason hollywood is so heavily populated with white girls who can’t act is bc they never wanna give women of color a chance… you have upcomers like anya taylor-joy but who is she really fighting for roles with? emma watson? shailene woodley? kristen stewart? lmao they’re all literally the same person, you can’t never give these white actresses full credit bc they truly have zero competition besides their other mediocre selves and even the better ones like jennifer lawrence and margot robbie don’t even have any range, hell scarlett johansson is really out here sleepwalking her way through movies and making millions for it… at least with the men you can point out to the few michael b. jordans and oscar isaacs that we do have and ask why they’re so insistent on casting the hemsworthless brothers and charlie hunnams when they’re right there, but when it comes to women??? jfc black actresses like tessa thompson, ruth negga and gugu mbatha-raw have to wait until they’re in their fucking thirties only to share the spotlight with the daisy ridleys who can be crowned movie stars over night without any experience

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