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Y'all Emma said that shit about Beyoncé three years ago.

Character development? Fuck nuts?? I used to be homophobic. Like. One of those “secret” anti gays like “i don’t care just don’t do it around me” bullshit? Like. “Hide your gay, guys, I don’t want to know about it.” And now I’m pansexual. P e o p l e C h a n g e. I mean. Y'all acting like you didn’t say stupid ass shit three years ago. Emma criticized Beyoncé’s music video in 2014, two years before the year of realizing things? Let’s chill with attacking any white girl who is a feminist and calling it white feminism. Emma Watson is a global ambassador for the UN. So. Call out the real lowlifes that partake in white feminism, like Jennifer Lawrence.


Mr. O’Hara, erm it’s not my place to say, but you may have a problem.


Is faceapp sexist, or is it just that society’s beauty standards are much higher for women than for men?

I played around with everyones newest obsession, Faceapp, yesterday and tried it out on both myself and my family. I had a lot of fun with it at first, but then I noticed that it treated my face differently than my brothers face. And thats where you might say “well of course it treated your faces differently, you are two different people”. But the thing is; when I put the female filter over my already feminine features it made me unrecognisable. It made me look younger, it smoothed out my skin, made my face rounder and smaller, my eyes bigger, my hair more voluminous, my eyebrows thinner, my lips plumper, and it even game me a smokey eye. I looked like I was a contestant on “Toddles & Tiaras”! But then when I put the male filter over my brothers face it changed absolutely nothing. He looked exactly the same and it made me feel self-conscious about all the changes it had made to my face.
But instead of deleting the app and wallowing in insecurity the rest of the night I became curious to see if it would do the same to other female faces, so I decided to conduct a little experiment.
I google image searched “female celebrity” and “male celebrity” and downloaded all the best pictures I could find and gave them the same treatment I gave myself and my brother. These are my results.
As you can probably see, the before and after pictures of the male celebrities look almost identical, but every single female I put the filter on looks like a different person. Not to mention that these women are already all done up with expensive hair and makeup. Imagine the changes the app would make to an “average” woman. Because, apparently you don’t look like a woman unless you have flawless skin, big round eyes, and plump lips.
This only goes to show how society treats women and men differently.

What are your thought on this? Do you agree? or am I making it out to be a bigger deal than it is?