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Pride And Joy

Words: 4.0k

Warnings: child neglect, child abuse

Request: Hi can you do a story where the reader is a little girl (5 or 6) with a neglecting father and Liz Taylor and James make sure the child is well cared for (well fed, healthy, ect)  on devils night James forbid her to go to the party and she meets all the killers in the hallway in a little red Ridinghood costume and she goes walks one of them to the room And James doesn’t want to yell at her but he’s angry and you can take it on from there thanks

Hey can you possibly mix these ideas!  she walks Jeffrey or Richard to the room and James gets mad at them and her because they dared touch his ‘darling pride and joy’ and she just like sits herself down and chats with Aileen about her new boyfriend at school who drew her a picture 

(all requested by @brookiesimmer )

This was so much fun to write. I honestly didn’t expect to get this done until Wednesday but I continued to get messages about things for this and it was all so cute and I couldn’t help but write it all in one sitting. The only thing that I didn’t do is make this a reader inclusive one. Rather, I named the little girl Emma. I try my best to do mostly gender inclusive fics, so I felt like giving the little girl a name would make it not as exclusive and instead would feel more like a real story. But six and a half pages and 4,069 words later, we have my new favorite fic I’ve ever written. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! ♡

Part Two: Princess of Devil’s Night

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“Daddy, let’s explore!” the young girl yelled as she pulled her father’s sleeve. He picked up the phone with one hand as he waved the child off with the other. His speech was slightly slurred as he spoke to his daughter, “Daddy’s going to invite a nice lady to the room, so how about you take your crayons out to the lobby and color in your books for a few hours. Daddy will come get you when his friend leaves, okay pumpkin?” The girl nodded, obviously upset, but she knew well that she shouldn’t argue with her father. His voice sounded funny and he had some of his brown bottles out on the desk, which meant bothering him any longer would have terrible consequences.

She packed up her coloring books, crayons, and even a few toys just in case. Her old dingy Sesame Street bag hung loosely from her back while she held her favorite bear by his arm. His little button eyes seemed happy despite his torn leg and his dirty fur. He had a friend to care for him. The little girl walked the hallway, memorizing the way to the elevators. While the hotel was big and easy to get lost in, she knew it was safe to go straight to the lobby alone. She took her time, knowing she might even fall asleep on one of the couches in front of the desk again. She pressed the down button. One second. Two Seconds. Three seconds. She counted how long it would take the elevator to reach her floor. It always took eleven seconds from the lobby. Around this time the elevator was usually empty, which was what the child expected, but with a loud “DING” the doors open and there stood a fancy man. He towered over her, but did not scare the rather small child. “Hello my darling, which floor are you going to?” He asked, his accent silly and fancy to the modern girl. “To the lobby, please!” she giggled as she smiled as big as possible. “Of course, shall I press the button for the young mistress?” He raised his eyebrows with a smile, gaining an ecstatic nod in return from the five year old. He held out his hand, which she gladly took, and led her into the elevator.

The elevator opened to the lobby after the eleven seconds of silence. Suddenly, the girl remembered an important rule her mom taught her before she passed away. “I’m sorry, sir. I’m not allowed to talk to strangers,” her voice was sad, as this man seemed very nice and fun. The complete opposite of her dad.

“Ah yes, you definitely should not talk to a stranger. I guess I’ll have to introduce myself,” James paused as he held his hand out for the girl to hold, “Careful darling. My name is James March, I used to own this hotel. What is your name young lady?” he asked, a lopsided grin displayed for his new young friend. They walked to the couches in the lobby together as they talked.

“Emma. My daddy and I live in the hotel,” she sighed. James was well aware of her situation with her father, and he was beyond displeased. He couldn’t stand watching her sit alone in the lobby to color any longer. “My darling, what is the matter?” he asked, acting as if he didn’t already know.

She sat down on the couch and got out a book and her crayon box as she replied, “My daddy never wants to play with me anymore. When I ask him, he always says “Daddy has work to do” or “Daddy is having a lady friend over, go play in the lobby”. It’s not fair Mr. March,” she replied as she started to cry. She began wiping her tears with her sleeves, causing her face to look red and sting slightly at any touch. James leaned over, pulling out his handkerchief in the process. The girl wasn’t sure what surprised her more; the fact that someone else was wiping away her tears, or that this new man was spending time with her. She looked down at her paper, tears still slipping from her eyes, as she asked James a rather odd question for a five year old. “Are you going to kidnap me or something?”

James was taken back, but only chuckled when he thought about how aware this child was of other people. “My darling, why would I kidnap you? I want to be your friend. Someone you can go see when your father makes you come to the lobby. If you ever need anything, go to room 78 and knock five times, so I know it’s you.” She smiled and nodded in response, excited to have a friend in the hotel. The closest thing to a friend she had there was a little boy with bright blond hair who would try to bite her when she asked if he wanted to play. He got in a lot of trouble when his mother found him.

“Mr. March-” James immediately interrupted, “Call me James, darling.” She grinned from ear to ear, “Okay James! Do you want to color with me?” James chuckled and nodded, “Since we’re both going to color, how about we go sit at the tables upstairs?”

The young girl was so excited, she hurriedly shoved things back into her bag, not even bothering to zip it shut before yelling, “Race ya, James!” and zooming up the stairs to the tables by the bar. James chuckled, chasing after her at first. On his way, he noticed she was dropping the contents of her bag all the way up the stairs. She cheered when she made it to the table, then turned around and found James carrying just about everything from her bag. She zipped to him and took some of the stuff from his hands. “Hey wait, I left my bear downstairs!” She quickly put everything on the table, as did James. He sat down and watched the cute child run back down the stairs to get her bear from the couch. Liz, who was working the bar took notice of James’ new friendship as she poured two glasses, one being water for the girl and the other being absinthe for James.

“You seem happy with this little girl around,” Liz suggested, a smirk clearly visible if James were to ever take his eyes off of the child. “I want to treat her as my own child, Liz. I want her safe from harm, and cared for. I want to see her grow up to become a beautiful independent woman,” he sighed, not sure himself if in content or annoyance with himself.

“If it makes you feel better, Iris and I have been watching over her thus far. No one has been a threat to her except her own father quite honestly.” James took a drank of his absinthe in frustration, “How can a man be so incompetent with a young child who is as free as she is?” He questioned, watching Emma play with her bear in a side-tracked trance. A “lady of the night” passed the child, both blissfully unaware of one another, but the woman hadn’t gone unnoticed by James and Liz. Meanwhile Emma looked up at the balcony where James and Liz were watching her. She waved to them as well before getting up and heading towards the stairs not even bothering to watch if they would return the gesture.

“Hi James, hi Liz! I’m back and I have Teddy now!” She held out her bear, obviously trying to stay energetic and upbeat, but running around, accompanied by the late time, was causing her to become worn out. She tried to hold back a yawn, but failed. Liz pulled out the chair across from James for the child, so that she may rest. “I got you some water, honey. Are you hungry?” Liz asked with a sweet, motherly smile. The tired child nodded, rubbing one eye while she clung on to her stuffed animal. “I’ll go warm up some macaroni for you. James, help yourself and Emma to refills while I’m gone,” Liz turned away in a dramatic fashion as usual.

A silence fell between James and his child companion as she gulped down her glass of water. “Do you still want to color, darling?” James asked, receiving nothing more in return than a small, quiet, “No thank you.” He nods and begins to clean up her things, putting them away one by one into her bag, just in case she wants something out in the process. Her eyes begin to close as she has become more tired with every passing minute. Liz returns after about twenty minutes with a both of macaroni and cheese, made just the way Emma likes. James shakes her lightly to wake her up, succeeding just as the food arrives.

“Eat a little bit of it and then you can come sleep in one of our rooms tonight, okay honey?” Liz received a sleepy nod from the child, which pleased her enough to return to the bar to clean.

Months went by as James and Liz both grew closer to the little girl. She began calling them by new names, Aunt Liz and Uncle James. Neither fought against it, as they had practically become her new caretakers. Her father was still alive in the hotel, surprisingly. James had plotted ways to murder the man many times, but was advised to not go through with it no matter who he told. Except Elizabeth, but later Liz talked him out of doing it. If they killed him on the property then his daughter will never be freed from him.

Devil’s Night was quickly approaching, which James was looking forward to, but one thing stayed restless in the back of his mind. “What about Emma? She surely can’t be surrounded by murderers,” James complained to Liz. “It’s Halloween, maybe we can get Iris to take her trick-or-treating,” she suggested as she filed her nails. “Would Iris be willing to do so?” Liz shrugged in response, “I’ll ask her next time I see her.”

As the conversation finished, the hotel doors opened. Iris appeared with the hotel’s favorite little girl, who was wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume. She held on to Iris’ hand until she spotted James and Liz sitting on the couch. She let go of Iris, yelling as she ran towards them. “Aunt Liz! Uncle James!” She hugged them both and sat between them on the couch. “How was school, my darling?” James asked, interested in her costumed endeavors. “It was really fun! We had a Halloween party in my class and everyone had cool costumes on! Except the boy who wore a sheet with holes cut out. He said he was a ghost, but if he really wanted to be a ghost then he would look like himself, like you both do.” James and Liz were surprised, not aware that she knew they were dead.

“Where did you get the idea that we’re dead?” Liz questioned. The child replied, almost as if it were something everyone would notice, “You’re both cold, just like my mommy, after she died. She didn’t feel like my mommy anymore. Mommies are supposed to be warm and soft.”

“There’s no reason to hide knowledge from a child who already knows…” James patted his little companion’s back, comforting her as she thought about her mother. “But let’s talk about something else, alright my darling?” she nodded at James, who then stood up and held out his hand for her to take. She did so and followed him to the elevator, looking back to wave at Liz as they walked away. Liz waved back, a saddened smile on her face as she had to hear a young child speak as if those things are normal.

“Now Emma, as you know, Halloween is rapidly approaching. I have an adult party every year with my students, but these are people I don’t want you around, so you are not permitted to be in my room at all on Halloween.” James’ voice was harsh, which made the only child he has come to love sad. She understood though, so she nodded compliantly. “We’re going to go to my room and have some candy and ice cream together to make up for not being able to spend my favorite day together, is that okay with you?” James asked carefully. Emma just nodded slowly, not really focusing on reality anymore. She was daydreaming of a different world.

She mindlessly walked along, holding James’ hand as he led her to his room. His table was in sight as soon as the door opened, set with two old fashioned ice cream sundaes, a bowl of candy, some paper, and crayons. “Would you like to draw with me, miss Emma?” James asked, feeling his fatherly instincts come back to him. The little girl smiled and nodded, excited to get to draw with James. She taught him how to draw all kinds of fun things she liked, such as flowers, the night sky, and even funny aliens.

“Here you are, my darling,” James pulled out the chair to the right of his end-of-the-table seat. His sweet foster daughter sat down, not even bothering to take off her bookbag. James took it for her and hung it by the door. “Go ahead and draw your heart out and eat as much as you want. Just remember to brush your teeth when you go back to your room so you don’t get any cavities,” he looked at her with a stern, but loving, face. A face that lets her know that he’s having fun, but still means business. She took a bite of her sundae first, getting excited about the hot fudge more than anything else. “Uncle James, do you know when the last time I had a sundae was?” she asked, assuming he would say “no, my darling.” This wasn’t the case though, as he had replied, “The twenty-third of August, young mistress. Exactly one week before your first day of kindergarten, my dear.” She was quiet after that, not sure what to talk to James about next. She instead grabbed a piece of paper and began drawing a picture of her, James, and Liz. She was in the middle, holding hands with both Liz and James. Below them was a grassy field with flowers strewn about. A blue background contrasted heavily with James’ black suit and Liz’s gold dress. The sun was a bright yellow circle in the upper right-hand corner, and a cloud took up a lot of the top border of the page. She labeled each person, adding hearts around them. James was drawing his own picture, a cute scene in itself. He was stopped mid-coloring when he was tapped on the shoulder.

“I drew this just for you, Uncle James,” she smiled. James looked at it, never failing to fall in love with the pictures she drew of them. This one was different though, as the cloud had a title to the picture. It was labeled “MY FAMILY” in messy handwriting. Everyone was smiling and happy, even the flowers. “Do you consider your father family, Emma?” James asked cautiously. She shook her head, “No, he’s not my dad anymore. You’re my new dad and Liz can be my second mommy.” James nodded, his eyes not leaving the child who now started drawing one another page. It looked as if she was replicating the picture, most likely to give to Liz. James had many questions, but decided to wait and ask another time. She was happy at the moment and that’s all he cared about.

A few days passed, and it was now Halloween, or as James calls it, Devil’s Night. James’ guests were arriving just as Iris had returned from taking the “hotel’s sweetheart” out to trick-or-treat. They were going to sit in the lobby and sort through candy, but Liz immediately asked Iris to take the front desk so she could run up and take care of the bar. Iris looked at the sweet child and apologized, “Make sure you look at your candy before you eat it, okay? There’s some real sickos in this town.” The child just nodded and sat on the couch. She looked through her pillowcase for a chocolate bar, knowing she got a king sized Hershey bar from one house. She wanted to split it with James and Liz, so she dragged her candy up the stairs with her and took it upon herself to sit at the bar. “Oh my darling, I think I might need an ID to serve you,” Liz teased, making the little girl giggle. “Can I have a water please?” she asked sweetly. “That’ll be one piece of chocolate and a pack of Skittles,” Liz smiled as she set down the glass, seeing that the girl was digging for a package of Skittles. She set it on the table, as well as the king-sized candy bar. “I want you to have some of this one. If my other daddy sees it then he’ll eat it himself. I want to share it with you and my new daddy,” she explained as she broke off four pieces of the chocolate bar and gave them to Liz.

“Which daddy is which honey?” Liz questioned. The little girl took a big gulp of her water before explaining, “Well since my real daddy is super not fun, I decided that Uncle James is my new daddy. I call my old daddy “other daddy” because he was only my daddy until mommy died. You’re my second mommy now, Aunt Liz.” Liz didn’t question any further as an obnoxiously loud man sat a few stools down from the child. “Nice to see you again, Richard. What’ll it be this year?” Liz asked, and eyebrow raised. “Mojito On The Rocks,” Richard requested as he noticed the dressed up child eating candy and sipping water a few seats down. He moved closer, tapping her on the shoulder. “Hey, can you spare a piece of candy for an old man?” He asked, chuckling as she seemed so calm. She pointed at the sack on the ground, “Miss Iris said “there’s some real sickos in this town, so make sure you check the candy first.” You can have a couple pieces of candy and only one popcorn ball. Those are the best.” Her voice was stern, just as James’ had been when he was mentoring Ramirez. He chuckled, “Got it captain.” As he sifted through treats, the little girl spoke up again, “Are you here for Uncle James’ party?” Richard nodded, smiling before he took a sip of his drink. “How do you know James March, sweetheart?”

She quietly grinned, “I’ll show you Mr. Richard.” She got off of her stool and took a hold of Richard’s hand, leading him to the elevator. The child pressed the button to James’ floor, where she then lead Richard to room 78. She knock quickly, not bothering to count the knocks because she knew she wasn’t allowed in today.

James opened the door, seeing Richard first and being quite pleased to see him, going on about how “it’s good to meet again” and that “everyone was waiting for him to arrive.” James followed Richard’s arm down to see him holding hands with his foster daughter. She just smiled and said “Hi daddy,” leaving Richard and James both in shock. She let go of Richard’s hand and walked inside, finding Aileen to be the only other girl there. “Emma! Get back here!” James called out, very upset that she had disobeyed his orders. She ignored him and plopped down next to Aileen, who had the same type of brown bottle her other dad would drink when he shooed her away.

“Hi miss, are you drinking grown up juice?” She asked in blissful ignorance. Aileen nodded, “Yeah, don’t try this stuff until you’re older, okay kid?” Emma nodded, understanding that it was bad for kids. “What are you doing here, little girl?” Aileen continued, but James cut in, livid with the child and Richard. “She’s about to leave and go back to play out in the lobby,” James claimed, but she ignored him and kept talking to Aileen. “Uncle James is my new daddy and Mr. Richard didn’t know that so I wanted to show him.” Aileen acted as if she understood, but could barely hear the kid over James’ lectures. He was scolding Richard for not only allowing her to come with him, but for even laying a finger on her. “Woah, calm down. She dragged me through the halls all the way to your room. I didn’t know that’s where we were going.” His hands were up in defense, but James wasn’t having it. “That’s the most precious thing to exist in this world. I will not have anyone lay a hand on her. She has become my own child to love and care for, and I will not allow any harm to come to her…” he droned on. The lecture seemed to go on for years, but while he lectured Richard about his little girl, she was busy telling Aileen about a picture she drew for a boy in her class.

“It was really pretty, it had flowers and hearts on the sides and we were laying in the grass holding hands with heart flowers around us.” Aileen was extremely interested in the story, even asking questions to the little girl. “Why were there hearts everywhere?” Aileens eyes were wide, a smile spread across her lips, and her body leaning toward the kid in pure interest. “Because he’s my new boyfriend but-” she was cut off by James’ halt on his lecture, as he immediately repeated the phrase, “Boyfriend?”

“Yeah daddy, I have a new boyfriend at school!” she seemed very excited about the fact. “Who said you could have a boyfriend?” James glared, not pleased with his one and only pride having a “boyfriend.” “I did, daddy,” she said sheepishly as she realized it wasn’t a good thing. “No boyfriends until you’re eighty.” James was obviously not up for debate on the matter. “It’s okay daddy, he’s not my boyfriend anymore. He drew on the back of my picture and gave it back, and then he drew a picture for another girl and gave it to her so I broke up with him during recess,” she giggled.

James was flushed with relief when she said that, and quickly scooped her up into his arms, “Now darling, will you go play with Aunt Liz? I have important matters to tend to with his friends.” She clung to him with a quiet “no.”

“I’m scared my other daddy might see me. I’m hiding from him because he’s being a bad man.” she whispered this into James’ ear, but the room was so quiet that everyone still heard. “Let’s go talk about this in the hallway, I want to know how exactly he’s a “bad man.” James put her down and held her hand tight as he led her into the hallway, the poofy skirt of her dress and her hood, now resting on her back, bouncing slightly as she walked. Once they were out the door and down the hallway, James crouched to be eye level with Emma.

“My darling, how is your father a bad man? I know he doesn’t do what Liz and I have been doing, but what is making you so afraid?” James asks, lifting up his baby’s chin. “He hits me and yells at me and he eats my food when I take it to the room so I can’t have any.” James doesn’t say anything, and instead just hugs her.

“You’re not warm like a mommy, but you hug like a daddy. A real daddy,” she whispers quietly in James’ ear.

“I’m going to take care of the bad man tonight with my friends. You’ll never have to see him again,” James says quietly. He feels her nod, and once she’s ready, he sends her back to Liz. His new plans for Devil’s Night already formulating as a form of celebration for his pride and joy.

Tripping Over the Blue Line (19/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: Have some emotion. All the emotion. Pie-based emotion. As always, I can’t thank you guys enough for every click, comment, message and general flail. It’s the absolute best. Always, always, always thankful for @laurnorder, @distant-rose & @beautiful-swan
Also living on Ao3, FF.net & tag’ed up on Tumblr

Thanksgiving might have been her least favorite holiday.

Or maybe Christmas.

Her birthday?

Did her birthday count as a holiday?

It didn’t matter. Emma hated all of them. She hated the memories that lingered with each and every one of them, the waiting and the hoping and the wanting that came every holiday, the idea of a family to share it with or remember to buy her a birthday present, hanging in front of her like some sort of universe-based tease.

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A Canon Divergent set sometime in the future after Emma and Killian are married.   A series of one-shots centering around a CS pregnancy.  Pregnant -Emma’s POV - here, Pregnant - Killian’s POV - here, First Doctor’s Visit - Emma’s POV - here, First Doctor’s Visit- Killian’s POV - here, Heartbeat - Emma’s POV - here, Heartbeat - Killian’s POV - here ; First Movement - here; Ultrasound - here

Pregnant - Killian’s POV     

Can be found on FF. Net

word  count ~4600           Rating - K+

Killian looked out the window, watching his Swan climb into that yellow contraption she liked and drive off down the road.  Sighing at her stubbornness, he turned to the kitchen where Henry was finishing his usual morning Pop-Tarts, “You need anything else, lad?" 

"She okay?” he asked instead.

“Aye lad, she’s fine.  Just being Emma." 

"Stubborn, you mean?" 

Killian laughed, "That she is, but I was thinking more along the lines of ‘savior’ Emma. The Emma who doesn’t like to burden others with what she perceives as a problem.”

Henry sat there a minute contemplating what had been said and finally as if accepting there was nothing he could do, cleaned up his plate and ran upstairs to get his things for school.   

Killian wiped down the table, grabbed his jacket and walked the lad to the bus stop. “See you after school,” he called as Henry climbed on. 

As the bus drove around the bend, Killian felt a vibration in his pocket and pulling out his phone, was surprised to see Emma’s mother’s picture flashing on the screen. “Milady, is there trouble?”

“No, Killian, nothing like that.  I just wanted to tell you what happened with Emma as she just left Granny’s." 

"How was her appetite today?  Lately, it’s been hit or miss, with days where she eats well and then turns a pale shade of green and dashes off to the lavatory.”  

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Fic: A Recipe for Love, Or: Lesbians and Lasagna, Ch 1

by @rowark-sq and me

Read at AO3

Summary: They were all lesbians and they ate lasagna every damn day. An intentionally ridiculous fic.

Emma’s brow wrinkled as she contemplated the casserole dish Regina had just pulled out of the oven. “Lasagna again? Seriously, Regina, is this the only thing you like to eat?” They were alone in the kitchen, Henry having gone upstairs to wash his hands before their weekly family dinner.

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Emma Swan vs. The Bake Sale

Note: I don’t normally update two days in a row but this prompt was too good to pass up. imhookedonaswan on AO3 made a comment on one of the prior installments about Emma bringing store brought brownies to a baked sale with judgmental moms and I really couldn’t pass it up. It was just too brilliant for me to let slip through my fingers so I decided to write it. Anyway, thanks again @welllpthisishappening for always lending an ear and constantly reading blocks of text that I send your way. You’re amazing.
Summary: Emma Swan is the Savior, the Sheriff of Storybrooke, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother of five children. Her life is a bit hectic. God forbid, she bring store bought brownies to the youth football bake sale.
Rating: T
Word Count: 5,500+

Before she got married, Emma Swan admittedly thought about how her life would be if she survived the Final Battle. She had fantasized about an idyllic life where Killian and she only had to battle a monster once a week, would go to Henry’s track meets, eat dinner with her parents and have an absurd amounts of sex on a daily basis. She had imagined that she and Killian would have a few years to grow comfortable with each other before deciding whether or not they would have children. And even more admittedly, Emma had imagined that they would have one or maybe two kids, a boy and a girl preferably, and they would be beautiful, charming but respectful of their parents and wouldn’t get into too much trouble. (She always assumed that any child of theirs would have some mischief in them, but would be smart enough not to do something crazy like perhaps steal their grandfather’s sword and go swinging it around like it was a baton. Seriously.)

That was a fantasy though, and some deity up there on Mount Olympus had seen those fantasies and laughed their ass off because that was not the reality that Emma Swan was granted.

The reality was that Emma Swan and her family only ate with her parents twice a week, Henry had quit track during sophomore year to run the school newspaper and while she still had a healthy sex life, it was constantly interrupted by her four (yes, four, she was still uncertain how they had managed to get that number) small children who didn’t seem to understand the meaning of a closed door. Those same children, of course, were beautiful and charming, but they didn’t often understand the meaning of the word ‘respect’ and they seemed to get into trouble more often than they were out of it. Emma was now very familiar with the school principal, who seemed to have her on speed dial, and her family health insurance now covered absurd things like “falling off a roof” and “accidentally eating harmful paints” because apparently, she needed that. She’s pretty certain that the Emma Swan of eleven years ago would be terrified of the reality she had been given and would have gotten her tubes tied.

It wasn’t that Emma hated how her life had gone since the Final Battle had been won. She adored her life, her husband and her kids, but sometimes she just wanted a day off or at least a twenty-minute nap. That’s all she asked for. Well, maybe she also wanted for a clean kitchen too. And a magic proof cookie jar. And a vacuum that could actually pick up dog and cat hair. And a way to detect if a suspicious brown stain was chocolate or poop. Okay, she wanted a lot of things, but at the moment, she really, really, really wanted that nap and it was only nine in the morning.

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A Family Addition for Captain Swan 

A Canon Divergent set sometime in the future after Emma and Killian are married.   A series of one-shots centering around a CS pregnancy.  Pregnant -Emma’s POV - here, Pregnant - Killian’s POV - here, First Doctor’s Visit - Emma’s POV - here, First Doctor’s Visit- Killian’s POV - here, Heartbeat - Emma’s POV - here, Heartbeat - Killian’s POV - here ; First Movement - here; Ultrasound - here.

Thanks to @duathadun for her excellent wall work and for @hellomommanerd correcting all my mistakes.  

Doctor’s Visit - Emma’s POV          
After you read Emma’s POV, read Killian’s here

Rated - K   Words - ~5K

Once the secret was out, Emma felt that her life became easier, yet more difficult at the same time. She couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without feeling like at least a dozen pairs of eyes were watching her every move.  She had even accused Killian of asking the entire town to spy on her, to which he had responded, “Why love, would I ever do something like that?” with his oh so innocent face.  She was pretty sure he was guilty, she just couldn’t prove it.  

And nowhere did she feel like it was more so than when she stepped into Granny’s for her morning cup of hot chocolate.   Leaning against the counter, she waited for her order which seemed to be the weekly remedy to soothing her stomach and felt the eyes of everyone on her.  She wasn’t sure what they were waiting for but wondered if possibly they were watching to see if her stomach suddenly grew like the last few pregnancies in Storybrooke.  Thankfully, a protection spell would keep that from happening.  Taking her "to-go” cup and unconsciously gently rubbing her stomach she exited Granny’s under the watchful eyes of at least five of the dwarves.  

Running into Archie on her way to the station and being questioned on her choice of drink added to the aggravation of the day, so much so that by the time she got to work she was spoiling for an argument.  Her guilt for running out of the house this morning without saying goodbye, combined with her frustration from what felt like constant staring from the good citizens of Storybrooke and then mixed with her volatile emotions created a dam threatening to burst.  For the sake of everything she held dear, she really hoped this would be one morning her father decided to come in late, as time alone sounded heavenly. 

Of course, that couldn’t happen either, for as she opened the door, she walked into the room just as she heard her dad say, “Thanks for the head’s up, Killian.  I’ll let you know when she arrives.” When he saw her and realized he was caught a sheepish look crossed his face as he quickly hung up. 

“Good morning, honey.” He came closer as if to embrace her, “How are you today?”

“Really, Dad,” she answered him, an edge already making its way into her voice.  "I caught you on the phone with my husband, who apparently was tattling on me, and you ask how I am?“ Continuing to walk on into her office she dropped her bag on the floor and set the hot cup on her desk, before turning back to her father. "Why don’t you tell me how I am?" 

"Now Emma,” he began, “don’t be like that.”

Knowing she was being just a little bit irrational but unable to stop the words from exploding out of her mouth, “Don’t be like that?” she asked him, before shouting, “Don’t be like that?  How am I supposed to be?  Tell me and then I’ll know.” She could feel the anger disappearing to be replaced by frustration, which more often than not brought tears, “You try feeling like you’re going to throw up every time you see food but then the next minute you want to eat everything in sight.  Or how about that parts of your body no longer feel like your own.” She stopped and clenched her hands together, before continuing, “or how you can go from so happy you want to shout it to the world to being so scared you’re going to screw up that you want to scream and cry for hours." 

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OKAY, I HAD TO WROTE THIS! Im so MOHNSTAD/CHRISEVA TRASH! Its my version of the last clip. 

(Probably maaaany mistakes but well.. i dont give a shit and I want CHRISEVA!)


They finally was a couple. Chris just still couldn’t believe in that. Eva seriously asked him to be her date on Sana’s party. 

And of course he said yes. He was her boyfriend, officially.

They were talking about the food and lookng to each others eyes.

-I don’t like tomatos. - said Eva, pursed her nose. 

-I can eat it if you don’t want to. - whispered Chris to her ear. Eva smiled to him and gave a little kiss on his cheek. 

In next minute they both saw Jonas and Emma together. Eva looked at Chris face. 

-Are you still mad about what happened with me and Jonas? - red-haired asked him without smile. 

-No, not now. I know you did this because you was afraid your feelings for me and I know that meant nothing for you. And well, Jonas looks happy with that girl.

-And I’m happy with you. - said Eva and kissed Chris. 

Now, everything was perfect for both of them. They were perfect for each other.

firsts - dragon swan queen friendship, with a baby

@lucyllawless​ requested Mal and Regina seeing the hat, which means very very new baby and everyone crying. Dragon Swan Queen friendship, romantic Dragon Queen. Dragon Queen baby. (Zelena using her fake midwife skills.) 

(mild descriptions of the immediate aftermath of childbirth)

She’s so little, bright red and squirmy. Regina’s tears fall on her head, and Mal cradles her against her swollen breasts. Zelena brought them the blanket. It has tiny dragons on it, and she pats the baby’s back, drying some of the gunk from her skin.

She was angry a moment ago, bleating like a little lamb, not a baby, but now she has her mothers and she’s quiet while Zelena whispers how wonderful she is. The umbilical cord pulses on the bed, weird and grey and alien. Emma barely remembers this part from Henry’s birth. Everything hurt and he was crying. She didn’t hold him. She never clutched him tight like Maleficent does.

Mal and Regina whisper about love, and Regina kisses her forehead, over and over. Everything’s slick, and even Emma’s sweaty. Her hands are damp because she held Mal’s shoulders so Regina could see their daughter arrive. Zelena and Nurse Ratched caught her, then everything stopped, because she’s here. Right here. She fumbles at Mal’s breasts, rooting around for a swollen nipple.

Regina laughs, sobs, something and then her hand grabs Emma’s arm. “Look at her.”

“Head’s a little squashed,” Zelena says, readying a very shiny pair of scissors to cut the cord and part them. All of Emma aches, but this baby’s not leaving. No one’s giving her up, no one’s taking her. Her life will be here, with her family.

“That happens when pushing takes awhile.” Nurse Ratched helps clean off the baby and cooes at her. “She looks nearly perfect.” She makes something down on a form, and she and Zelena watch the cord still before they clamp it off.

Zelena touches the back of the baby’s head and smirks. “I don’t think she noticed, seems like she’s ready to eat.”

“Is she all right?” Regina’s voice cracks and Emma wraps her arm around her, trying to keep her steady.

“Perfect,” Ratched promises. “Color’s good, lungs are strong. She’s awake, alert, ready to eat.”

“What do we do? Am I doing this right?” Mal looks at her breasts with absolute confusion, and between the three of them, they shift and guide until that little red mouth grabs a nipple.

Mal makes a face and then they’re all laughing.

“Just needs a hat,” Zelena says, looking at the pile of little blankets. “Did we bring one? Wouldn’t want her to get cold.”

A hat.

“Oh I–” Emma blushes and pulls the little hat out of her jeans pocket. She almost forgot. She wishes she’d forgotten, because it’s an ugly, lumpy little thing because she kept screwing up the stitches and it’s not even hard. It’s just a hat, and she tried to get an apple on it, but it’s really hard. “I made a hat.”

“Emma–” Regina’s voice is almost too thick to be heard. “You made a hat?”

“It’s terrible.”

“Emma, please.” Mal somehow sounds more coherent than Regina, which seems impossible, but she reaches her hand. “Let us see.”

“I’m terrible at knitting.”

“No, Emma, no.” Regina takes it and she clings to the little hat, wiping her tears with her hand. She smiles so bright that it hurts to look at her face. “It’s beautiful. It’s her first present.”

“I brought the blanket.” Zelena mutters and Regina touches her and Maleficent laughs.

“You did, but Emma made this.”

“It’s crooked, and lumpy.”

“I love it.” Regina slips it onto the baby’s damp little head, covering her dark hair. “It fits her.”

“It’s too big.”

Maleficent reaches for Emma and grabs her hand with a gentleness she hasn’t had for the last few hours of labor. “It’s wonderful. Thank you.”

Shrugging, Emma looks down, then back up at their faces. “I’m sorry I didn’t make a better one.”


“It just happened so fast.”

Regina glances at the clock, and she squeezes Emma, almost hugging her. “Twenty-one hours. You could have made several hats.”

“Was it?” Mal looks up from the baby, eyes wide.

“Shhh,” Regina insists, leaning int to kiss her. “Everything’s fine. Everything’s wonderful. You were perfect, you’re both perfect.”

“She’s getting sappy,” Zelena mutters, rolling her eyes.

“She’s allowed.” Ratched nudges Zelena and they take the placenta over to the table, while it lies like a dead alien creature.

Emma watches Regina and Mal kiss again, then stare down at the baby and her ugly little hat between them. It’s dreadful. They can’t possibly like it.

“Thank you, Emma.” Maleficent pulls her close and both of them hug her, sweaty, sticky, still wet with tears, and the baby’s in the middle.

“Her godmother should be the first one to give her a gift,” Regina insists, clearing her throat. “So it’s wonderful.”

She can’t escape. They’re both staring at her. They didn’t pick Zelena, Granny or Ursula, someone who knew what she was doing. They picked Emma. They want Emma to be something to this tiny new baby in an ugly hat.


“Please.” Mal smiles at her with liquid blue eyes and fuck. No one should be able to ask her anything with that kind of look. “We want you to be a big part of her life. We love you.”

Hormones. Totally hormones, except that Mal doesn’t need to blame them. She says these things.

Regina strokes the baby’s head. “It would mean a lot to both of us if you’d accept.”

Staring at the baby, Emma nods, now her voice catches. “Okay. I’ll practice knitting.”

“Emma, we love it.”

Out of the Frying Pan (19/?)

“We’re in the middle of the hallway, love.”

“So move to the kitchen.” Killian laughed softly, leaning forward to rest his forehead on Emma’s. “I’m sorry,” she said, palm flattening just above his hip.

“For attacking me in the hallway? You don’t have to apologize for that.”

She smacked her hand softly against his chest and he dropped his own away from her jaw, wrapping his fingers around Emma’s and pulling them up to his lips, brushing kisses across her knuckles in a way that made her reconsider attacking him all over again.

AN: It’s almost (officially) summer, so here is 8.6K worth of Thanksgiving fluff and makeouts. It was almost Thanksgiving when I wrote this. @laurnorder continues to be THE GODDAMN GREATEST and reads all of this. 

Hanging out on Ao3 and tag’ed up on Tumblr

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anonymous asked:

Emma accidentally telling you about regina's crush on you

Yes! :)

Originally posted by lumadreamland

You and Emma were eating at Granny’s.

Hook and Henry were off somewhere ‘bonding’, apparently. Emma had called you, asking if you wanted to eat dinner with her.

You had said yes, the sheriff was a good friend of yours. You hadn’t seen her much, lately. She was always busy.

“So, what have you been up to?” Emma asked, playing with her fries.

You smiled. “Not much. Just the usual stuff. I’m not busy saving the world like you always seem to be, Emma.”

“It’s tiring,” Emma complains, “me being the Saviour gave me a lot of things. My family. Everything. But it’s also… a burden. I’m so afraid that I will lose all of this. That I’m not good enough as a Saviour.”

“Bullshit,” you say, “you’re the best. You’ve saved this town so many times. I wish I was as strong as you.”

The door opened and the bell rang. Regina Mills came in, also one of your friends. She smiled at you and Emma and then walked over to the counter, asking Granny something.

She looked good today, you noticed. Her hair curled a little bit and she was wearing one of those skirts that showed her curves so perfectly. She leaned over the counter a bit, showing you her ass.

“What… are your eyes glued to her ass or something?” Emma asked loudly.

You almost choked, your face red.

You hoped Regina hadn’t heard that. The mayor would probably be blunt enough to walk over and ask what the two of you were talking about. And Emma loved teasing you about the fact that you had a tiny crush on Regina. Nothing more. Just tiny.

You just appreciated that she looked hot. And if she asked you to kiss her, you would. Nothing more.

“You should tell her that you have a crush on her,” Emma said, winking at you.

You rolled your eyes. “It’s not mutual. She’s probably still busy with Robin and stuff like that.”

Emma ate another fry, looking at Regina who nodded at Granny. She turned around and smiled again, then walked out.

“C’mon, Y/N,” the Saviour whined, “you two would be great together.”

“Yeah, if she was in love with me,” you said, taking a sip of your drink.

“She is,” Emma said.

You choked again. “What?”

Emma immediately realized her mistake. Her eyes widened and she looked terrified. “Whoops..?”

“What?” you repeated.

“She told me that she had a crush on you. I had dinner there because Henry wanted it and we had a drink later and she told me how hopelessly in love she was with you and how scared she was, bla bla. Anyway, I don’t think she remembers because she was drunk,” Emma said, “but what she said is true. She has a crush on you.”

That was a shock.

Regina Mills, Mayor of Storybrooke, former Evil Queen, mother of the truest believer, had a crush on you. You.

“You’re lying,” you said.

“You know I like teasing you, Y/N, but would I lie about something like this?” Emma asked. You looked up and knew she was telling the truth. Lying about this would be cruel and Emma wasn’t that.

“I have to go,” you said, standing up, “I have to talk to her.”

“Go for it,” she encouraged, smiling. You winked at her, grabbed your coat and then ran out of the restaurant.

You needed to find Regina.

A Cold Awakening: Ch 20/25

Summary: Modern crime AU. Twenty years have gone by since Storybrooke was shaken to the core by a gruesome crime that went unsolved. Sheriff David Nolan and his partner, daughter Emma are forced to revisit the crime. At the same time, Killian Jones and his older brother Liam have been drawn back to the town they had longed to never see again, struggling to find their own answers.
As taunting notes and clues show up they are taken on a journey to finally bring justice for the Jones family. And Emma Nolan finds herself caught in a situation more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

Notes: Hello all! First, once again thank you to @shady-swan-jones for the lovely banner for my story!!!!! Still hype about it. Time for anotha chapter! Took me a while (again). This update in particular is brought to you by: your continued support as readers, an entire box of cheez its, and my 90s hits playlist on REPEAT.Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Read the whole thang on AO3 or FFnet 

Disclaimer: I own nothing, all rights to OUAT

Rating: M

Word Count: ~9100

Emma’s limbs were like spaghetti noodles. Loose and limp from spending the night with Killian. One would assume that meant waking up the next morning she wouldn’t still have the urge to go another round but… that assumption was wrong. There was something very intimate to her about spending a morning laying naked in a bed with him. An indulgence she hadn’t allowed herself with nearly anyone else. In fact, if he were anyone else she would be scurrying to dress and leave before the other person woke. Not wanting to deal, at all, with the messiness of a morning after. But Killian wasn’t anyone else, he was him. And that was enough for her to stay. Especially after the events of the past few days. Killian’s ex-girlfriend having turned out to not be who she said she was, Emma was feeling particularly defensive of the man sleeping behind her. She had actively done almost all she could to protect him and his heart that he had so trustingly given to Emma, but there were was only so much she could do.

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Shelter Me

Title: Shelter Me 

Rating: M - for language and a tiny bit of sexy times.

Genre: Humor, Romance

Summary: Killian develops a habit of bringing home abandoned pets, he uses his pirate prowess to convince his Swan to let the animals stay. Featuring Tad Cooper, Swashbuckling Killian and sidekick Henry, and Leroy the Saboter.

A/N:  This fic was inspired by this picture, from the lovely artist @tennant-the-tigger.  A huge thank you for beta and read through to @xhookswenchx and a huge thank you for the read through and providing the title @laschatzi for this, my first ever fan fic!  Thanks also ladies for supporting me in the technical aspects as well.  


“Swan, I am keeping this old tramp, and you can’t stop me!“

 Emma’s eyes turned as big as saucers as she stared down her pirate.

 "I’m sorry love, I don’t know what came over me,” he apologized, rubbing at the back of his neck sheepishly.

 "I think you temporarily lost your mind, pirate,“ Emma replied, even though deep down she knew, if he really asked, she’d be hard pressed to find it within herself to tell him no…about anything.

 "Apologies milady,” Killian crooned in that deep timbre as he swept her into an all encompassing hug. It was worth a try, he thought.

 "Please love, can we keep him, look at those eyes,“ he pleaded.

 Emma looked down at the unkempt dog, and back up to Killian, unable to decide who looked more pathetic. "Please,” he begged once more.

 She rolled her eyes skyward, “Fine pirate, but he’s your dog and you take care of him”.

 His responding smile could’ve lit up the whole of Storybrooke. Emma secretly cherished being able to make him smile like that, her own personal smile. It made her feel as though his joy was, in some small part, due to her.

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zelena  asked:

swan queen xoxo

Needs help opening their Popsicle?: emma. please. this isn’t even a question.
Talks to questionable strangers?: both, honestly
Snorts when they laugh?: REGINA 100% and emma mocks her for it
More likely to snicker and say ‘if you know what I mean?’: emma
Buys useless fandom merchandise?: regina has star wars actions figures that “““she got for henry but he didn’t want them””” so she keeps them in her own room
Owns a piggybank?: emma, maybe? it’s from when she was a kid. she didn’t own much back then so she doesn’t want to get rid of it.
Asks to pet strangers’s dogs?: emma, but because regina won’t
Sharpens candy canes to deadly points?: regina. emma just stares. cause it’s hot i guess.
Give sticky kisses after eating a s'more?: EMMA and regina pretends to hate it but no one believes she does lmfao
Buy an action figure with their face on it?: emma buys the action figure but it’s of the evil queen and regina throws it out the window
Buys valentine candy for themself?: emma swan 100%
Suggest to play hide-and-seek?: ……. henry
Dress up for Halloween?: PLEASE like they both wouldn’t deck the fuck out for some iconic costumes, catch regina and leia and emma as han
Babysit so they have an excuse to watch kids cartoons?: regina “snow can’t take care of her child looks like we’ll have to” mills personally loves doc mcstuffins 
Sing random snatches of songs that are loosely connected to the conversation?: emma, except she can’t sing, so regina rolls her eyes.
Let a dog lick them for long periods of time?: emma always does that but one time regina lets pongo lick her arm for an entire therapy session and when they leave regina’s like Tell No One
Wear nothing but there underwear around the house for a whole day?: i mean, this is canonly emma swan, so, that’s not even a question

of ribbons & rosin ( cs au )

Plot: Killian is a single father, and his daughter is enrolled in Emma’s dance class. He has nobody to watch his daughter after class, and he’s often late, so Emma usually sits and talks to the girl until she is collected from the dance school.

Summary: Based on this prompt I found in the depths of tumblr; “I’m a single parent and my child takes your dance class and thanks so much for always staying after class to watch him/her when my boss is an ass and keeps me past my off hours and holy cow you’re pretty/handsome and really sweet/kind and wow I should be late more often so we can talk. Say how do you feel about private lessons? For my kid- yea, yea, for my kid

Chapter 3, Captain Swan AU, Rating M.

read it on a03

The raven haired little girl had been sitting alone, since all of her friends had been escorted away to buy their lunches, with the money their parents had bequeathed them for the day. Daisy, however, had been given her princess lunchbox, containing a meager lunch, by anyone’s standards. She sat with her legs outstretched before her, the box perched on her shins, as she glared in the direction of her friends with their McDonald’s and Subway lunches, while she ate her carrot sticks and hummus.

Miss Emma had been putting the last minute touches to the costumes and props when she had passed by Daisy, sitting alone, and looking not too thrilled about it. Emma had yet to have lunch and the prospect of sitting through a three-hour recital on an empty stomach made her queasy. Still, she plopped down next to the girl and gave her a friendly nudge with her shoulder. She gave the girl a moment to comprehend the situation, given her expression before the blonde had joined her. She made sure to take in everything she could about Killian’s daughter before deciding on the right conversation starter. Finally, though, Emma spoke up.

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SQ-Ficlet (What does she think about roses?)

Emma struggles to pick which roses Regina would want. Asked by n3v3r_mind via twitter

Set on: Some place after 6b.

A03 Version

I don’t know if this was what you had in mind but as I was writing the scene this idea came to me and I couldn’t write anything else ever since then. Henry being a little shit is always funny to write about xd Thank you for the prompt ;)

“What do you think about roses?”

Henry looked up from his textbook with a raised eyebrow and looked at his blonde mother who had just slide up in the booth he was seated at, a feigned look of calmness that got promptly destroyed by the way her fingertips drummed against the table’s surface.

“What about them?” He counter asked while putting down his pen, homework be dammed.

Granny’s was bustling with energy being mid-afternoon and so the shift in where children -finally free from school- came to the dinner’s counter decided to drink as much chocolate as possible before heading back to their parents. However, the sound of laughter and passing conversations didn’t drown Emma’s nervous drumming as she looked at him with narrowed eyes, as if deciding how much she could confide on her teen son. Henry kept his brow cocked, a trait he knew he had learnt from his other mother and one he also knew that messed up with the woman he had in front of him. Finally, after a few more seconds of pointless staring Emma let out a deep sigh and nodded to herself before she put her elbows down the table, closing the distance between her son and herself as much as possible over it.

“Regina, does she like roses?”

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Dead To You *Part 3*

Snow White!Mother X Reader X Charming!Father

Word Count: 788

Requested: Wattpad

Request: My god plz make a part 3 this is awesome

*Part 1* *Part 2*

Originally posted by nolanprince

You hardly left your room, you were completely broken up about Peter dying. Your parents often watched from the door as you looked out the window not acknowledging their presence. Henry comes in to talk to you sometimes, you didn’t blame him so more often than not you talked back. You didn’t eat much but you tried “we can’t leave her like that.” Snow said as she leant against the kitchen counter.

“Well, we can’t just bring back Peter Pan,” David argued.
“Even if we were all on board with this how would we do that?” Emma asked.
“I bet Gold could do it.” Henry piped up.
“Gold was the one that killed him.” Emma pointed out.
“He probably wants something from us.” Snow said.
“Maybe we can find out the price,” Henry suggested.
“What would he want?” David asked.
“Something you can’t give,” Emma answered. No one had noticed that Henry had left the apartment and started towards Gold’s shop.
“We should at least try and find a way.” Snow said desperately.
”No,” David said flatly.
“What? We tried for Emma!” Snow argued her loud and harsh tone reaching you upstairs and drawing your attention the argument downstairs.
“That was different,” David argued back.
“How? Hook was a villain once too” Snow frowned.
“He wanted to get better,” David argued desperately.
“Yes after he met Emma!” Snow admitted and then there was silence.
“Alright kid-” Emma turned to see that Henry was gone.
“He’s gone to Gold.” David sighed.

Henry walked into the shop and Belle looked up at him “Hi Henry how can I help?” she asked.
“I wanted to talk to Gold actually.” Henry smiled.
“What can I do for you, my boy?” Gold asked coming out from the back of the shop.
“Bring back Pan,” Henry demanded.
“I can’t do that.” Gold replied.
“But we both know you can,” Henry argued.
“Let me rephrase that I don’t want to.” Gold re-worded a harsh tone marrying his statement.
“Why do you need him?” Belle asked.
“(Y/N)… She hasn’t left her room since we got back, she loved him and he loved her.” Henry answered remembering his time in Neverland.
“Pan never loved anyone.” Gold sneered.
“You should have seen them in Neverland he spent more time with her than me,” Henry argued.
“Henry!” Emma called walking into the shop “what are you doing?”
“Trying to convince me to resurrect my father.” Gold answered for him.
“What do you want?” Snow asked.
“I want her magic.” he finally answered a second of silence.
“(Y/N) doesn’t have any magic.” Snow denied and Gold shook his head.
“It’s dormant but strong, I want it out of the way.” Gold admitted.
“We need to talk to her,” Emma answered.
“You have until sundown.” Gold nodded.
You were still sitting by the window when your parents came back little did they know you’d been pacing the room after the argument that they had before “(Y/N) I know you don’t want to talk to us but we might have found a way to get Peter back.” Snow said softly as she sat next to you.
“Uh huh.” You grunted not really believing them.
“Gold wants you magic in return.” Your dad said and you shrugged.
“Whatever it’s not like I use it,” You mumbled.
“Okay, you’ll have to come with us.” Snow nodded.

Your parents walked in first seeing Gold set up for the spell. “This may not work.” Gold suddenly said and you looked over at him.
“You’ll make it work.” You mumbled. As you sat down towards the back where Belle sat next to you, both Emma and Gold taking part in the spell, they had tried Regina but she was busy.
It was a while before anything happened but then there was something there something that you missed and loved a tear fell from your cheek as Peter looked over at you and only saw you.
“Hello love.” he smiled stretching his arms out in front of him as you dove forward wrapping your arms around him. Gold cleared his throat and you pulled away before walking up to him and pushing out your hand. “What are you doing?”
“Paying the price for bringing you back.” You answered as Gold began to syphon your magic away. Peter watched and caught you when you fell backwards. Peter picked you up and looked over at your parents raising an eyebrow, David showed him back to your place. He laid you down on the bed and you looked over at your parents.
“Thank you.” You smiled, Snow cried and David smiled back before they left you.
“I love you,” Peter smiled.
“I love you too,” You mumbled.

Requests and general question!

Thanks I guess - Cameron Dallas Imagine

Sweet mmagcon101, I love your story’s i don’t like books because they are so long at i get bored quickly but this short story’s are amazing!!!! I love Cameron so can you please make a imagine that you walk into him outside of magcon and you have no idea who he is and because you fell an the ground he takes you inside to clean your wound. OMG this is a really long request haha


You stared at the open toed heels your friend Emma had surprisingly convinced you to wear. Just as your phone dings and takes you out of your thoughts.

Emma sent you a text “hey I can’t make it today I have to stay with my brother I’m sorry definitely another day ” you sighed as you surprisingly expected this.

You quickly dialed her number.

You began to pace back and forth something you do when your anxious. “Why not ? Like bring your brother with you ! Come on pleas ” you begged and pleaded not wanting to eat alone.

“Alright fine it’s okay “you hung up annoyed. You started towards the door in a fast pace due to irritation. Tripping over your own feet along the way.

“Shit” you mumbled trying to steady your position.

“Hey” you heard a mans voice as you could hear his shoes getting closer.

You stood up leaning on the opposite foot for less than a second then the pain trembled forcing you to sit back on the ground. Quickly removing the heels.

“Do you need help ?” A nice man said he was young maybe just a little older than you he had beautiful brown eyes and nice full lips and he was surprisingly shirtless as his Calvin underwear peeped over his jeans.

“Yeah actually , normally I would say no but I can’t really lift my own weight ” you giggled stretching out your arm for him to hold.

Which he did swiftly.

“Where are you heading ?” He questioned shifting all your weight to his shoulders. “Uh- I don’t know actually, wherever there’s a first aid I guess”. You laughed .

“How about my hotel room ? And pleas don’t take that in a creepy weird way but that’s the only place I know of a first aid ” he chuckled .

You thought about it for a second and you felt strangely comfortable

. "Okay that sound good thank you I appreciate it ” you smiled thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong but you didn’t let that you back . You’s enter the elevator he pressed for the 9th floor. You’s both stood in the elevator you so badly wanted to say something to was the silence but you herald yourself back . The ring of the elavator reaching the 9th floor interrupted your thoughts . 

“This way” he said gesturing to the right hallway his hand was still wrapped tightly around your waste as your arm was still wrapped around his shoulder. Finally reaching his room you walked in to see it was fairly clean all that was around was a few clothes on the floor and some food wrappers . “Sorry for the mess” he said carrying you to the bed so you can sit comfortably . He quickly gathered all his clothes and shoved them to a pile while picking up the wrappers.

 “Oh yeah the first aid kit” he chuckled jogging to the bathroom grabbing the first aid kit. He kneeled down placing the kit beside your feet as he pulled out all the items he would use for your “treatment” . “So I didn’t really catch your name ?” He said as he was pouring the peroxide on to the Cottan ball . 

 “Oh yeah sorry my name is Y/n” you lightly laughed “what’s your name ?” 

 “Oh yeah it’s Cameron ” he looked at you slightly confused for a moment but continued to do what he was prior . “This may sting a little ” he said in all seriousness as his gripped the back of your knee and heild the Cottman ball near . 

 You nodded in response. 

 He firmly put the peroxide Cottan ball on your wound making sure it was doing its job . You squinted your eyes trying to seem tough while you were actually in pain . He looked up at you smiled . He finished his treatment applying a band aid .

 “I think your all set ” he said cleaning up the wrappers . 

He stood up taking them to the trash and placing the first aid kit in the bed. “Thank you very much ” you said trying to stand to the best of your abilities .

 “Your very welcome ” he said sitting on the bed. “Where were you headed before the fall ” he laughed , you assumed he was laughing at the way it sounded.

 “Well I was supposed to be getting lunch with my friend but she bailed so ” you sighed slightly annoyed. “Well you know what I’m actually pretty hungry myself would you mind if I came along ?” He stood up off the bed looking a round the room . “Sure why not” you smiled once more heading towards the door. “Okay let’s go ” he said putting on a plain white t shirt and grabbing his wallet.

 — I hope you liked ❤

Grandpa Hook- A Henry Mills and Captain Swan One-Shot

Title: Grandpa Hook
Request: Can you do a one shot set in the future where the reader is married to Henry and they tell Emma and Hook that reader is pregnant and Hook seems overly excited about it thank you xxxx
Pairing: Henry x Reader x Captain Swan

Y/N sat the test on the counter and waiting for a result.
A few minutes later, the results came up on the tiny screen of the test. She smiled. She read it.
“Henry, it’s positive!” Y/N said to her husband, Henry.
“Yay!” Henry yelled, lifting Y/N up in the arm to kiss her. Y/ was pregnant, and she and her husband couldn’t be happier.
“That didn’t hurt the baby, did it?” Henry asked as he set Y/N back down on the ground.
Y/N laughed, “No, it’s ok.”
They talked and rejoiced for a few more minutes, then Henry asked his wife something important.
“Can we tell my mom and step-dad?” Henry asked.
“Of course! They’ll be ecstatic.” Y/N responded, “Let’s go now!”
They then rushed to find Henry’s mom, Emma, and step-dad, Killian.

Henry banged on his parents door loudly. Emma then opened it.
“Henry, Y/N! Come in. I was just finishing supper, you want to eat?” Emma asked.
“Thanks, but I think we are gonna get something later.” Henry said.
“Why’d you two come over here then? You’re acting like you need to tell us something.” Killian said.
Henry looked at Y/N, and Killian then looked at her.
“What do you need to tell us, love?” Killian asked Y/N.
“Um, actually we need to tell you both.” Y/N said, looking at Henry.
Emma walked over beside Killian, ready to listen to what she was to say.
“I’m pregnant.” Y/N said smiling as Henry put his arm around her.
Emma and Killian smiled widely, and jumped up and hugged Y/N.
“How long have you know?” Emma asked excitedly.
“Just found out a few hours ago actually.” Y/N responded.
Killian put his hand on Henry’s shoulder, as to say “Good job lad”. The pirate couldn’t stop smiling.
“Why do you keep smiling so widely?” Henry asked.
“I don’t know, I guess you could say I’m excited.” Killian said.
“I’ve never seen you smile that big since you asked me to marry you!” Emma said laughing.
Killian walked over to Y/N, looking at her stomach, “Can I?”
Y/N nodded, and Killian put his good hand over her stomach.
“Any plans on a name?” Killian asked.
“I was actually thinking if it’s a boy, Liam or Neal.” Y/N responded.
Emma and Killian looked at each other, then Emma said “How about you just have two boys so you don’t have to pick one or the other?”
Everyone laughed together.
For the rest of the night, Emma and Killian continued to ask Henry and Y/N their plans for the baby. Still, Killian couldn’t stop smiling. Down in her stomach, Y/N’s baby was smiling back at him.

Thanks for reading! Much love.


A little fic about moving in together and happy endings and Captain Hook learning about Brazilian waxing. I blame @kliomuse for this because she just encourages my dirty musings over messenger. 

In the end it was easy.

“Move in with me.”

The sky didn’t fall, the world didn’t end and her hand didn’t tremble.

Her father had once said that life was made up of moments. He drives them to the hardware store in his truck to buy moving supplies, and offers to ferry the boxes from the Jolly to the house so they didn’t have to rent a U-haul. Emma could have used magic, but Hyde’s escaped and the Evil Queen is lurking around town like a walking, talking thorn in Regina’s side, so she’s holding off in case she needs it for battle. Instead, they fold boxes and buy packing tape and borrow day-old newspapers, in moments when things are quiet and Happy Endings start with new beginnings. There’s a shadow behind David’s eyes and her mother tells her about a story they’ve decided to leave untold, when they go on a coffee run to Grannys and leave Henry digging through a chest of God knows what and Killian and Belle sort books.

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