emma j hardy


After receiving such a positive response to my Jane Eyre book cover idea, I’ve decided to do a (very) small print run of the book!

You can order your copy here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/973444159/classics-collective-jane-eyre 

I’m using a Kickstarter page so you’ll only have three weeks to order your copy - if you want one, get pledging please!


Had a lovely surprise when I went to the British Library today (to see the Comics Unmasked exhibition) - Peter Mendelsund’s brand new monograph ‘Cover’ was in the gift shop! Although perhaps I shouldn’t have been quite so surprised - the British Library book shop is the only one I know with 8 whole shelves just for book design. 

I haven’t made my way through the whole thing yet, but I am already in love with this book. Not only does it showcase the best of Mendelsund’s incredible last 11 years of work, but the sections with text are also a great read. He describes how he found himself embarking on his career from classical pianist to one of the most famous book designers of his generation as well as going into some of the more nitty gritty details of what makes a good cover design.

And (al)most importantly I also really like the jacket: a clear plastic wrap with the copy printed onto it, although unfortunately on mine some of the ink seems to have transferred onto the boards underneath. Other than the tiny printing flaw (which who knows, may have been intentional) Cover is quickly making it’s way to being one of my favourite design books - certainly going to be living on my work desk for years to come!

Buy it here