emma is the true love of regina

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Personally I still can´t believe/take it seriously that Regina has emotionally ties to the Robin who died. For me it was like Regina saw a stone somewhere on the ground, took it said "Now I love you/you are my true love" or some other similiar bs. No version of Robin is worthy. I even would find it more believable if Grumpy would be her love interest, because at least there is some history. Regina deserved so much better and not this punishment.

True. It’s ridiculous. He was as random as much as their token lesbians (from their Very Special Gay Episode™) were shoved–as a “here ya go, you can now shut up about representation” at those of us who have been here from day#1, totally engrossed into the beautifully organic dynamics between the Heroine of the story, Emma Swan (MIA since circa mid S3) and the Antihero, the Evil Queen, butchered when this limpet of a LI has been attached to her arse, because–straightwashing?

And then multiple convoluted storylines down the line, this version of FrobinHood (fake Robin Hood) might be less bland and with more spunk, but it makes this writing choice even more contradictory. Because if he’s a common ale-chugging thief that steals for himself, and if the new ‘mended’ EQ is now supposed to be the same like Regina herself (the mix of all the darkness, the weight of guilt, but also having strength of love, remorse–and the consequences of things she’s done to try to redeem herself?) shouldn’t he be even LESS worthy of her? And then on top of that, there’s the fact that they were ‘destined’ back when all three of them (both Frobins and Reginas) were different people–after which they took different paths and pixiedust means jack shit anyway, as we know from Rumple’s father? So if it’s our experiences and choices that make us the people that we are… then yeah. She’s now ‘given’ (literally and metaphorically) to a complete stranger who has nothing in common with the man she thought she loved (I still believe that it was desperation, not love–fight me on this) and then the people that she killed (the King and Queen nonetheless) don’t matter because they ‘weren’t real’, and Pinecone (inexplicably not aged) somehow is? Why?

Because he’s wearing the same fugly mug of the wife-cheating hypocrite who once ‘gave’ her so much that he filled her heart with as much love as her son did–enough to give some to the EQ to make her.. .what, loving? Lovable? Remorseful? She’s still fucking halved, and all for what? To satisfy one part of the crowd. But not the tiny shipper group called OQ (there’s like 8.5 of them out there, plus their Twitterbots) but the bland dim GA who gets attached to that white dude hero and he gets the girl no matter what–because that’s everyday heteronotmative ‘romance’ for ya?

And to get there, they had to keep bringing him back, retconning the retcon out of retcon, because–third time is the charm. ‘Cause you know, egomaniacs would never admit the mistake, and here they made two: the first was how they ‘wrote’ him (random, non-existant characterization–relying on us to project the ‘Robin Hood’ lore into him) and second, the casting. Because in order for a ship to be popular (yeah, they ‘don’t write ships’ my shapely arse) the casting needs to be spot on. It’s the reason why many problematic ships are so popular (good acting, apart from good looks?) and SMeag however failed big time–he was dull, boring, lacked the charisma and anything but leading man material. He’s probably still counting his blessings that he landed a job for being so incredibly unlikable. (Hell, he had to resort to internet harassment to win all ten of his fans, didn’t he?) Meanwhile, the bottom of the barrel was appealed to, and producers counted their Disney dollars. There are inevitabilities in the American media game, that tend to involve horrible people making their living off of the stupidity of a stupified public, because thinking too hard about the awful world around is harder than mindlessly consuming the candy given in the form of popular entertainment. It’s a formula, one that the so called shippers of ouat, mainly OQ and CS’ers, mindlessly promote for their own twisted reasons.

  • Regina: that's what true love is, it's sacrifice. Giving up everything for the person you love.
  • Emma: *sacrifices herself for Regina*
  • Regina: *sacrifices herself for Emma*
  • Emma & Regina: *fight for who should sacrifice to save the other*
  • Me: do I need to say it?
So who loves Emma?

ouat episode 6x4, “Street Rats”. The Queen tricks Emma into telling everyone about her vision of death… Regina’s reaction vs Hook’s

At the vault Emma tries to avoid the subject, but Regina knows better and is genuinely worried. She’s there to help Emma not upset that it was kept from her

Hook on the other hand is broody the entire episode after finding out that she didn’t tell him. He gives Emma hard glares and silent treatment for a good portion of the episode. In the end its Emma that has to approach him…to apologize…to him…?

WTF?!? She’s sorry that she made him mad at her? How can anyone not see how toxic this relationship is?

Regina loves Emma even a blind person could see!!!

Me after watching that SQ promo:

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But then I think about the fact that this is OUAT and I’m like, 

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So now I’m just, 

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So you’re telling me that even in her deepest curse state, something deep in Emma Swan knows that she has to save Regina Mills , something about this woman is so deep rooted in her that the very thought of her dying can break a curse and make Emma remember who she is. And somehow I’m not supposed to take that as True Love?

Mid-season Finale leaves us

 with Emma and Regina stuck in an alternate universe, and they just wasted probably their only magic bean. I can only think of one sure way for them to get out of it now. Yep. True Love’s Kiss. And the only two REAL people there are Emma and Regina. But that’s just me, drawing conclusions and what not 

The OUAT fandom
  • Swan Queen shippers: So, we ship Swan Queen. Isn't it an awesome, beautiful ship? Too bad the writers are still queerbaiting.
  • Rumbelle shippers: We feel you. They screwed up our ship too. We see the chemistry btw.
  • Outlaw Queen shippers: We totally respect Swan Queen, but we ship Outlaw Queen. It was nice to see Regina happy for a change. But, yeah, one of them is dead so that sucks.
  • Swanfire shippers: Sorry you guys have to go through that, our second half also died and we still miss him. :( Most of us now ship Emma/happiness, so we're with you, Swan Queeners!!
  • Snowing shippers: Hey y'all, we just want to send you some love, our ship isn't handled in the best possible way either, but at least they are both alive and canonically true love.
  • Swan Queen shippers: Group hug!!
  • *Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Swanfire and Snowing shippers join in for the hug*
  • CSers: HA!!!!!!!!!! Your ships all suck. So glad Neal is dead, Rumbelle and Snowing only steal screen time from Killy the saint and ew.. two women as mothers of a child and lovers? It's a family show for God's sake! NOW BOW DOWN TO THE GLORIOUS ONE AND ONLY SHIP!!!!