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Being in a Poly Relationship With Emma S. and Regina M. Would Include:

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  • Running late to work when you get Regina her coffee and Emma her hot chocolate and bear claw to go besides getting Henry’s and your own breakfast. It’s okay though because the responses you get are always worth it.
  • Despite you being a warrior (like Snow) Emma and Regina are extremely overprotective of you because of your lack of magic.
  • When Regina gets hit on by Hood Emma, Henry and you make sure to send him away. When Emma gets hit on by Hook Regina, Henry and you make sure he doesn’t come back.
  • Best Christmases together. 
  •  Regina is totally into Halloween so she makes sure to find matching costumes for her 3 loves. 
  • Henry always goes to you when he needs help. 

“[Y/n]? Moms are having a silence contest again. What happened?” 

“Eh, nothing for you to worry about yeah? You know how they are. They are both drama queens. But I know it had to do with something along the lines of Emma wanting to buy you your favourite video game for your birthday and Regina wanting to buy it as well. I’ll break the tie later.” 

“You already bought me the game, didn’t you?” 

“You know me, Hen.”-

  • Parent conferences are a hassle because somehow along the way Emma and you became legal guardians and now conference evenings go something like this: 

 “Whose going to go to Henry’s conference?” 

“I went last year!” 

“So did I.” 

“Well I’m not missing it.” 

“Snow already told me what she’s (was) planning on telling us over lunch earlier this week.” 

“This is too much for me. I’m not going. Regina can go.” 

“Emma, of course you’re going.” 

“Why don’t we all just go?” 

  • Shopping for clothes for eachother is always really difficult because everyone has distinctive tastes?? 
  • Regina and you stealing Emma’s hoodies and jackets. 
  • Emma and you stealing Regina’s shoes. 
  • They both steal your clothes to purposely leave you naked. 
  •  Cuddles are like the best??? 
  • Regina and you sleep on Emma’s chest, holding hands while Emma wraps her arms around the both of you. 
  • You’re like never cold because Regina always fusses about you wearing climate appropriate clothing. 
  • Family nights are spent playing board games and laughing until your sides hurt at Emma’s ‘sore loser’ face. 
  • At night Regina tends to read to Emma and you until one of you falls asleep. 
  • Emma, Henry and you creating a meticulous plan to surprise Regina on her birthday.

“[Y/n], you should distract Mom.”

“Henry and I will cook.”

“Emma you don’t even know how to cook.”

“Mom taught me how to cook.”

  • By some miracle and a ton of puppy faces throughout an entire month you convice Regina to get a pet. 
  • Regina telling you about her love for riding and horses. 

 “We should do that. As a family activity. You can coach us, yeah?” 

  • Emma teaching you how to survive on the streets for some reason??

“Emma, why do I need to know this?” 

“You never know when you might need it.” 

“Regina’s going to kill you. Just please don’t teach Henry…” 

“Oh, I’m not.”

“Thank go-”

“He already knows all of this.” 

  • Snow and David adore you because you help balance two extremely passionate and intense people and they do the same to you. 
  • Love, War and Wisdom. 
  • You can barely fit everyone in the family photos but somehow you manage to take a decent one and you hang it in a huge frame and place it above the fireplace mantel. 
  • Emma babysitting Neal, Regina babysitting Emma and Neal and you babysitting Regina, Emma and Neal because when it comes to babies Regina is absolutely, hands down, a huge dork?? 
  • Babies: 

“We should make a baby.”

“EmmA NO!”

“Get away from me.“ 

  • Power Women 
  • Literally everyone is afraid of your girlfriends. Even Ruby stopped flirting with you.  

A/n: Dedicated to @sarah-paulsons-bottom-lip 😊. Thanks for the request, lovely!💜

Oh, Baby - Part 4

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,160

Summary: The reader gets distracted and crashes into Baby, making Dean an instant enemy. What happens when they get stuck working together?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Is it ok if I leave early today? I’ll make sure everything is done.” You ask Mary.

“Sure, honey. I’ll be gone by then so just let Dean know.”

“Let Dean know what?” He wonders walking into the kitchen.

“I’m leaving an hour early today.”


“Dean! It’s none of your business.” Mary says.

“It’s ok.” You chuckle. “I’m getting my hair done. I have a date tonight.”

“Oh! Tell me who the guy is, Y/N.” Mary says elbowing you.

“His name is Matt. He’s a good guy. He’s a doctor and really hot too!” You playfully wink.

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Caught Hook Handed

Lines are tested at Thanksgiving dinner! Lots of fluff and of course lots of smut;)

Rated M You can read more of my work here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/rubyrose82/works

“I still don’t really get what this holiday is all about. Every year I try to understand, but it just seems like everyone is getting together just to eat turkey and pumpkin pie. Besides there are much more important things pie,” Killian teased, playfully biting the soft skin between her neck and shoulder.

“Killian, I already told you. We don’t have time. We are already going to be late,” Emma giggled, a shiver running down her spine from his ministrations. Damn, that man was gonna test her self control today.

“Let them wait, darling,” Hook practically purred in her ear.

“I know they know why we are late every time. Our family doesn’t need anymore reasons to pick on us,” She moaned, as his hand traveled further down, playing with the seam of her navy blue dress. She could feel his hardening erection against the crease of her ass. Pull it together, Emma she thought!

It was crazy that they had been married for almost five years and he could still pull this kind of excitement from her. God, she had it bad. Emma quickly turned around and placed a brief chaste kiss to his lips, then spun around making her way to the kitchen to take the pie out of the oven.

“Easy tiger, you think you can wait a few more hours?” She laughed, staring at the bulge in his pants.

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Summary: Bouncing around with her son for the majority of her life, Emma Swan has told herself she’s happy in the city. It’s where the most camera operating jobs are, and that’s how she makes her money. But when an old friend calls her and asks for her help on a new project in small town Maine, Emma finds herself in a place she’s never been with people she doesn’t know filming a profession she knows nothing about. But when the captain of the ship she’s filming begins taking a keen interest in her and her life, she finds herself wondering whether she might just catch something other than fish. Deadliest Catch AU
Rating: M
Content warning: Character death, some violent situations

And here we are: another week, another update. Four million and six thank yous to @sotheylived​, @shipsxahoy​, @queen-icicle-fandom​, and everyone over at @captainswanbigbang​, for this would be absolutely nothing without any of you :)


Chapter Seven

Gaining her sea legs is a bit of a challenge, but after ten minutes on the water – the Jolly Roger isn’t even out of the sound yet – Emma begins to steady. It’s all in the knees, she finds, along the lines of ice skating: bent knees are better for absorbing the shocks. She’ll probably have a bump on her knee from knocking into the walls of the ship – the hard way of learning that lesson – but it’s a surface injury.

“You’re a natural, love,” Jones shouts from the captain’s hut as they finally hit open water. She turns  with the camera to catch his brilliant smile. “I’ll be able to add you to my roster in no time.”

Behind the viewfinder, she scoffs. “Please, Captain, don’t you have a boat to steer?” she responds, focusing back on Scarlet and Robin preparing some ropes for the first throw of the season.

Even from her spot on the deck, she can hear his groan. “Ship,” Jones says, “it’s a ship, Swan, not a little dingy boat.”

She believes herself to be doing well: she’s only fallen on her ass once so far and that’s because she missed a step going down to interview Whale in the galley. She’s been on the boat – ship, one of these days she’ll remember – for half an hour, so she’ll be fine.


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Out of the Frying Pan (26/?)

Ruby gaped at her – mouth pulled up on the sides in some sort of surprised smile – and her eyes flashed across Emma’s face, almost searching for the point when she’d transitioned into gushing about her boyfriend in the middle of Zelena’s office. She seemed to find her answer after a few moments, reaching out to grab Emma’s wrist tightly and beam at her.

“You should tell him you love him with the actual words,” Ruby said softly, but with the kind of intensity that had gotten Emma on TV in the first place. “Don’t just go on about the restaurant when you do it.”

AN: This is actually kind of short? What even is going on? Even so, thank you for everyone who has commented or messaged or even thought about glancing at this fic. It blows my mind every time. @laurnorder continues to be a word-reading master and @distant-rose makes this all look prettier with that very pretty aesthetic. 

Living it up on Ao3 and tag’ed up on Tumblr

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last call (2/2)

Best friends (of sorts) turned lovers (of sorts) AU, just a short little two-shot filled with fluff, banter, and— dare I say it— a smidgen of crack.

(Part 1 here)

Word Count: ~4.8k

A/N: It’s fascinating to read about who relates more to Emma and who to Killian, whether you bask in the comfort of not needing to label a relationship or feel a bit anxious about the lack of definition.  Emma isn’t unhappy here, not at all, and I’ve tried to show that (boy was that a tricky writing exercise), but it’s certainly interesting to see everyone’s reactions.  Regardless, I’m glad my exploratory fluff has been enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

They spot a pair of waving hands as soon as they walk in to Granny’s, and Killian automatically moves to let Emma in the booth first, knowing he would lose the fight for the window seat regardless.

“Sorry we’re late,” Killian apologizes with a playfully admonishing glare to Emma.

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault I was up late,” she argues back, grabbing at the coffee mug already in front of her.

Killian notices David’s eyebrows slowly rising, and gives him a far less playful glare.  “Wasn’t mine, either.”

“That would be my fault, actually!”

Ruby appears at the table and squeezes in with Mary Margaret and David, unapologetic grin in place as she looks from Killian to Emma and back.

“Don’t be so proud of it,” Emma mumbles, sipping her coffee.  Killian chuckles and drapes an arm on the bench behind her.

“Hey,” Ruby scolds, hands on her waist.  “I got you free drinks and this is how you repay me?”

“Technically,” Killian butts in, “It was the already drunk businessmen who got her free drinks.” There’s a tone of defensiveness in his voice that everyone at the table picks up on.  Emma catches Ruby smirking and rolls her eyes.

“Is that jealousy I hear?” David teases, ignoring the look Killian shoots his way.

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New Chapter!

Cover by the sweetheart @herhookedhero

Tagging @hookedonapirate at her request and the lovely @revanmeetra87

AO3 or FFN


Un-Kissable Chapter 3:


High School teacher Emma Swan had been running late. It seemed she couldn’t catch a break. Her beloved car had broken down and forced her to call her roommate Ruby to pick her up and give her a ride once again.

She had been racing against time and it was a race she couldn’t possibly win. She lost miserably.  Her bug would be to blame and the comments on upgrading her vehicle were coming. After this last breakdown, it was inevitable that she would be told to retire her beloved yellow bug.

Maybe it was a deathtrap waiting to happen.

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New Story - Take Me To Church [1/?]

Emma Swan returned to her southern hometown of Storybrooke to pick up the pieces of her last shattered relationship, determined to rebuild her life in the one place she swore she’d never return to. What she didn’t expect was the new priest and the journey of passion, love, and redemption he would take her on. [Priest!Killian Modern AU]

Rated: E
Ch 1Ch 2

Chapter 1: Not Your Average Sunday

“Emma! Hurry up or we’re going to be late!”

Emma Nolan rolled her eyes as her mother’s voice carried from downstairs. The woman was habitually late for every aspect of her life but the thought of being late for a Sunday Mass would send Mary Margaret Nolan into an absolute frenzy of promptness. Running a hand through her blonde locks Emma quickly checked her reflection in the full length mirror hanging on the back of her bedroom door.

Most of her clothes were still in New York - there was only so much she could fit in her small bug - but having grown up with her mother she at least had the presence of mind to bring a few Sunday pieces with her. The champagne colored summer dress fell to just a few inches above her knees, flaring out slightly at the waist to create an almost swaying effect as she walked. She kept her accessories simple - her favorite dust rose clutch, the small pearl drop earrings her father had given to her on her twenty-second birthday, and the ever present Swan necklace she had worn since she was seventeen. Her make up was simple and her blonde locks cascaded down her shoulders in loose waves with the champagne heels she had bought at Ruby’s insistence during the brunette’s last trip to New York rounding out her outfit.

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Anon requested: The benefit of being the only adult in this college course is commiserating about the woes of single-daddom over a beer with the hot professor" AU

“Have a great weekend,” Professor Shurley called as everyone filed out of the room. Dean waited for his younger classmates to be gone before he went to to his desk.

“Can I help you, Dean?”

“Yeah, I was just wondering… I know this going to sound stupid, but I could an extension on the paper? My daughter was sick all week and–”

“It’s fine,” Castiel said with a small smile. “I know how it is. Get it in by next Wednesday and I won’t deduct any points.”

“Thank you. I really appreciate it.” Castiel nodded and continued packing his things, so Dean left. He was running a little late to pick Emma up as it was.

The school yard was flooded with kids running to their parents or playing on the playground. Emma was on the slide with a little boy that Dean recognized, but couldn’t name. She grinned when he saw him.

“Daddy!” He scooped her up and smacked a kiss on her cheek.

“Did you have a good day?”

“Uh huh.” She wriggled in his arms so Dean put her down. She took off back up the ladder to the slide where her friend was waiting.

“Gavin,” A familiar voice called. Dean turned an saw Professor Shurley coming towards them, smiling. The little boy bolted for him, almost knocking him over.

“Papa, meet Emma,” The little boy said, pulling his hand. Castiel followed him to where Emma was holding Dean’s hand.

“Hello, Dean,” He said, not looking at all surprised that he was there. He kneeled down in front of Emma. “You must be Emma. Gavin talks about you all the time.”

“I do not!” Gavin shouted, turning completely red. Emma hid her face behind Dean’s leg, her own blush blossoming on her cheeks.

“Papa can I go play some more?” Gavin asked when Cas stood back up. He checked his watch and nodded.

“For a little while,” He said, running his fingers through his hair. “Don’t get too dirty.”

Dean let Emma go too, and he and Cas found somewhere to sit down and watch them.

“I didn’t know you had a kid,” Dean said. He mentally slapped himself after he said it. Why would he know anything about his teacher’s private life. “I mean, I didn’t know you had a kid that was friends with Emma.”

“I think they sit beside each other,” Cas said, his eyes tracking the kids movements. He smiled at Dean. “Gavin just loves her.”

Dean smiled. Emma had that way about her. Everyone she met was crazy about her in an instant. It made him dread her teenage years.

Dean couldn’t think of anything else to say. He felt awkward, sitting beside Cas saying nothing, but the professor seemed content to sit in silence. After an hour, Cas stood up and called Gavin. Emma followed him back.

“We need to get going. Grandma and grandpa are waiting,” He told Gavin, lifting him up. “It was nice to meet you Emma.” Emma turned her face away again and Cas smiled. “I’ll see you on Wednesday.”

“Yeah.” Dean watched as he left, then turned to Emma. “Alright, baby doll, what do you want for dinner?”


Dean came in early on Wednesday to hand in his paper. He opened the door to the class room and heard Cas talking to someone.

“I really need you watch him tonight,” He was saying into the phone. “You already said that you would…No. I can’t find another sitter on such short notice…Fine.”

He hung up the phone and ran a hand through his hair. He saw Dean and gave him a tired smile.

“Come on in, Dean. How can I help you?”

“I have my paper. Thanks for the extension.”

“Kids always come first,” Cas said, flipping through the pages. “I’ll get this back to you as soon possible.”

“I heard you on the phone,” Dean said hesitantly. Cas sighed.

“My babysitter. I had a seminar I planned to attend, but she canceled on me.”

“I could take him,” Dean offered.

“I couldn’t possibly ask–”

“I’m offering. C'mon, he and Em could play for a while and you can swing by and pick him up when your seminar’s over. No big deal.”

“If you really don’t mind…I’ll email their teacher and let her know. Thank you, Dean.”

“It’s no problem. Really.”

The other students started to come in then. Dean nodded to Castiel and went to take his seat.


Dean collapsed onto his couch with a relieved sigh. One five year old was enough work, but two? He felt like he could sleep for a week.

He groaned when someone knocked on the door and forced himself up. Castiel was standing there, looking just as tired, if not frazzled.

“Hey, Professor. Come on in. The kids conked out about an hour ago.” Castiel thanked him and walked through the door. He spotted the open beer on the table first thing.

“I was just winding down,” Dean said.

“Can I have one?”

“Uh, yeah. Just a sec.”

Dean went to the kitchen and pulled a bottle from the fridge. Cas was sitting on the couch when he came back to the living room. He had loosened his tie and removed his jacket.

“How was you seminar?”

“Horribly boring,” Cas answered, taking the bottle. He took a drink. “Thank you again for watching Gavin I really appreciate it.”

“No problem. It’s tough being a single parent.” Dean was worried that he’d went too far, but Cas nodded.

“Yes, it is.” He looked at his watch. “I should really get home. I have papers to grade.”

“Yeah,” Dean nodded. “And if you ever need anyone watch him, I can take him. I mean, I usually take Emma to the park and stuff or back here.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Dean showed him to Emma’s room where the kids had tuckered out. Cas carefully lifted Alfie into his arms and brushed a kiss against his temple. Gavin yawned and nestled against Cas’s neck.

Dean held the front door open for him and waited to see if he would need help with his car. When Cas had driven most of the way down the street he stepped back inside and turned off the porch light.


As it turned out, Cas asked Dean to watch Gavin about once a week.

On Wednesdays Dean would pick the kids up while he graded papers or attended meetings with students. Cas would be finished around six and they would usually all have dinner together.

Dean and Cas became good friends in that span of time. Dean would never admit it, but he had actually developed a bit of a crush on the other man.

“So what’s a mechanics major doing taking Literature courses?” Cas asked one day, after Dean told him what he was majoring in.

“I got better financial aid if I took enough credits to be a full time student,” Dean shrugged. “I take all my other classes online.”

“I suppose that’s a lot easier,” Cas said. “You can make you schedule and still spend time with Emma.”


“I wish my schedule was more flexible,” Cas said. “I hate missing so much. And with his dad in London, I’m worried he doesn’t get enough parental attention.”

“Dad?” Dean asked before he could stop himself. He was about to apologize when Cas nodded.

“Yes, my ex and I had a surrogate, when we were still together. His job got moved to London a few months after Gavin was born and we just couldn’t make it work,” Cas sighed. “He looks so much like him it hurts sometimes.”

“Bad break up?”

“Oh, no. It was amicable. I just miss him. We were together for so long, it just feels strange not to be.” He shook his head. “What about Emma’s mother?”

“She took off as soon as the cut the cord,” Dean said, looking down at his beer.

“I’m sorry, I–”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. We hooked up one night and nine months later I got Emma.”

Cas didn’t know what to say. He and Crowley had planned for Gavin for months before they even started looking for surrogate, which took several years. He couldn’t imagine only having a few short months to get everything ready.

“It was a good thing,” Dean said. “We didn’t love each other. We didn’t even like each other all that much. It’s better that Emma didn’t have to deal with faking, you know?”

Cas nodded. He had wanted Gavin to grow up with married parents, but when Crowley left, he knew that that wasn’t going to happen. He and Crowley both needed the people they loved close, they needed physical contact. While he was happy that Crowley called Gavin at least once a week, on the phone and by webcam, and even though he was still Cas’s best friend, it hurt to see him.

He pulled from his thoughts by Emma and Gavin running up to them, exclaiming their hunger. Luckily, Dean had had the foresight to order a pizza.

Later on, after the kids had settled in front of a disney movie and the were washing the dishes, Cas made a dumb joke and Dean splashed him. Cas splashed back and ignited a full on war that didn’t end until Dean had him back against the wall and they were laughing wildly.

When they finally calmed down, Dean was holding Cas’s wrists and they were pressed close together. Dean blinked rapidly, and looked down at Cas’s lips. He watched Cas’s eyes flutter shut, then closed his own eyes as he leaned in. At the last second, Cas turned his head slightly, causing Dean to kiss his cheek.

“I should go,” Cas said, softly. He pulled his wrists from Dean’s hands. “Goodnight, Dean.”

“Night.” Dean watched him gather Gavin up and say goodnight to Emma. He waved at Dean one more time before he slipped out the door.


“Read chapter 6 and answer the end of chapter questions by next week. Your dismissed.” The students started packing up when Cas ended the class. “Dean, can I talk to you, please.”

Dean waited until after everyone had left before he went to where Cas was waiting.

“I’m really sorry about what happened on Friday,” Dean said, scratching at the back of his neck. “I didn’t mean to make you comfortable.”

“It’s not that,” Cas said, running a hand through his hair. “I’m your teacher, Dean. I can't–we can’t do that.”

“I understand.” Dean bit his lip. “But after the semester’s over?”

“Our kids can still have play dates,” Cas said. He smiled a little. “After the semester is over maybe we can have some of our own.”

“Awesome.” Dean grinned. He wanted to kiss Castiel so badly, but he pushed the urge away. A few more weeks wouldn’t kill him. Hopefully.

“Come on,” Cas said, pulling his trench coat on. “Our kids are waiting.”

Dean followed him out of the room, shutting the light off behind them. If their fingers linked under Cas’s too long sleeves, no one had to know.

storybrookeisms  asked:

≖‿≖ {Snowing in any combination you'd like}


Normally, Snow was an incredibly patient woman. She’d waited 28 long years to be reunited with her true love after all. But, with Emma watched Neal for the night, and her husband running extremely late from work, she had grown tired of waiting. So, after changing into a silk nightgown, she slips under the covers of their bed, fingers finding the apex of her legs, gasping softly as she starts to tease herself, moaning softly, unaware David has walked through the door.

Blackice Highschool AU

Grade 12 was just beginning, today was the first day actually. The very last, first day of high school ever, or so he hoped. Jack was running late like usual, Emma was angrily yelling at him to wake up before giving up on her older brother and leaving before she was late herself.
With a loud groan Jack finally stood up, stretching his arms over his head before groggily getting to his feet and toward his dresser. He tugged on his favourite pair of dark blue skinnies, letting them sit low on his hips. He then opened a different drawer, going through different shirts before pulling out an over sized black baggy tank top. Jack grabbed a pair of socks tugging them onto his feet as he hobbled toward the bathroom. He stood up straight running a hand through his wild silver locks before smirking.
Finally ready he grabbed his backpack and headed out the door and toward school. He inhaled deeply as the cool morning air hit his face.
After about 10 minutes of walking he was finally there, and of course late. He chuckled, as he made it down to his locker, throwing his things into it and glancing at his schedule. With a small groan he slipped the piece of paper into his back pocket and grabbed his black and dark blue binder from the bottom of his locker and headed down the hall to his first class. Science.
Jack went to open the door, and groaned. First day and he was already late. With a loud sigh, he knocked on the door lightly, leaning onto the wall with his hand now in his pocket as he waited for the teacher to let him in.

You Love Who You Love

A/N: Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, my lil peanuts! This fic has fought me every step of the way, but I was determined to finish it, and even though it’s a bit late, I hope you guys enjoy it anyway :) I don’t say this enough but thank you so much for making this fandom my favorite place to be at the end of the day. Thank you for your kindness and your love, for flailing with me and reading my fics, for being as over the moon as I am about a badass pirate hero and his equally badass Savior princess girlfriend. You guys brighten up my life endlessly and I adore you <3 

ao3 | ffn

‘i got drunk and confessed my feelings for you…and then forgot’ au (aka add another one to the ‘friends to lovers’ fanfic pile ^_^)



The thing about Killian and Emma is that they’ve been Killian and Emma pretty much since the dawn of time. Alright, maybe not ‘since the dawn of time,’ but pretty damn close. At least since David’s 30th birthday five years ago, when Mary Margaret had planned this extravagant surprise party, only to forget to leave the key under the mat, and the two of them – despite having just met – volunteered to climb David’s fire escape together to break into his apartment so they could let everyone else in for party set up.

Nothing says ‘instant friendship’ like committing a felony together.

(Though Killian had argued that it would have been considered a ‘misdemeanor,’ since neither of them intended to burglarize Dave’s place. She’d replied that pilfering his private liquor collection without his knowledge – or permission, for that matter – would be considered theft, and therefore bump them up into felony territory. His only reply to that had been to raise his glass and toast to her with an amused quirk of his brow and equally amused grin while they had sat companionably out on the fire escape towards the end of the night.)

They’ve been inseparable since. Well, unless she counts these last two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

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sugar and spice

summary: Emma, Roland, and Elsa own a struggling bakery called Happy Endings Bakery in Boston. Things get a little bit dicey when a food truck called The Jolly Roger parks immediately in front of their store. (so, basically, rival shop owners au with lots of banter)

word count: ~5200

also found on: ff.net, ao3

Happy Endings Bakery has been Emma Swan’s child for much of her adult life.

After finishing her business degree, she’d decided to open her own shop in Boston with her close friends Roland Hood and Elsa Arendelle, both of whom attended college with her.

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sadpeaches28-deactivated2016120  asked:

hiya! my ship is captain swan & the prompt is librarian au. maybe where one of them or both are a librarian and have a crush on each other. thanks & i hope you feel better <33333

He Tasted Like Adventure | Captain Swan | 6,320 words

Killian Jones is the new librarian and Emma Swan is a mess.

(also on AO3)

Belle smiled across the issues desk as Emma sorted through the returns. Sighing, Emma looked up her and said, “What is it?”

“I have a date.”

Emma blinked, a little stunned. “A date?”

“Yes. Don’t look so surprised. I am cute.”

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anonymous asked:

one day regina wears one of emmas shirts by accident and snow sees it and questions regina until emma walks in and tells her about the secret relationship.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina frowns as she sits down opposite Snow at their parent-teacher conference. Emma is supposed to be here but she’s running late - though Regina knows exactly why that is. 

They planned it. No-one knows about their relationship yet so Regina snuck away first dressing quickly as she prodded Emma awake. 

“Snow are you okay?” she asks as Snow continues to stare at her. 

“Where did you get that shirt?” 

Regina frowns before looking down and blushing as she realises that in her haste she’s grabbed Emma’s shirt. She sighs. When they’re at home together it happens all the time but they’re normally far more careful when it comes to being out in public. 

“Why?” she asks evasively.

Snow quirks a brow up, “Oh it just looks very familiar. In fact almost identical to what Emma was wearing last night.” 

“Well there’s not that many stores in Storybrooke Snow, I imagine it’s quite likely that somewhere in town two people will be wearing the same thing.”

“I doubt that you and Emma are,” Snow replies, “Besides I haven’t seen her go clothes shopping yet, most of her stuff she brought with her.” 

It’s then that Emma comes bursting in wearing Regina’s blouse from the night before. She gasps in recognition seeing Emma wearing her shirt before looking down and blushing, “Damnit we did it again.” 

“AGAIN?!” Snow cries out. 

“Oh shit,” Emma murmurs before sitting down besides Regina before looking to her mother, “We uh must have mixed up our laundry.” 

Snow stares incredulously at her, “Is that why you have bed-head and lipstick smeared on your cheek?” 

Emma swipes at her cheek as Regina rests her head in her hands, “Emma!” 

“You tricked me?” Emma asks and Snow nods. Emma leans back in her chair before taking Regina’s hand, “I think we’ve been rumbled.” 

“I think you need to stop leaving your clothes in my spot.” 

“They were in my spot!” 

“Were not,” Regina counters, “Besides the other day I found you rifling through my closet.” 

“Only because my clothes were hanging up in there,” Emma replies. 

“So you guys are together then?” Snow asks. 

“Yes,” Emma clarifies before turning to her girlfriend and kissing her sweetly, “We share more than a son and shirts.” 

february fourteenth

summary: a sequel for february thirteenth; emma and killian celebrate valentine’s day amidst some tension created by emma’s parents.

word count: ~7,000

also read on: ao3, ff.net

read the first part: february thirteenth

David Nolan has always been a protective dad.

In high school when Emma dated a variety of different boys, he always insisted on chaperoning and would often intervene if things got a little too heated for his tastes. Which, to no real surprise meant holding hands or laughing too much.

So the possibility for her father to have a complete panic attack the moment she introduced Killian as her boyfriend obviously had occurred to her, especially considering Killian Jones was someone he deemed “off limits”.

Though, Emma has always been one to break rules, or at least bend them.

But the story doesn’t start with Emma’s father meeting Killian, nor does it start in the minutes that followed- the polite conversation over dinner and the excruciatingly too much interrogation afterwards- no, it starts on February fourteenth.

What follows is a series of events all leading to the moment Emma Nolan decides it’s time to move out. That, and it’s time to break up with Killian.

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an: for @whimsicallyenchantedrose, @swans-and-pirates, and @probalicious17 who asked for: “Emma’s pregnant and Killian suspects before she does” (or some variation of that) as part of my fic celebration! <3 Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you enjoy this!

When Emma enters the house, she makes a beeline for the couch and lies down, her eyes closing on a grateful relieved sigh. She’s exhausted and she’s famished and all she wants to do is curl up right here on the couch and forget that she’s the savior of this town, responsible for everyone’s Happy Ending.

Sometimes she forgets that she’s allowed to indulge in her own happiness and rest like Killian and her parents are always telling her to.

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Oneshot: Keep Me Warm

Summary: Emma finds a frozen Regina in the woods. A SwanQueen oneshot.

I don’t own Once or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you enjoy :) 

Emma’s heart thumps wildly in her chest as she runs through the trees. It’s been twelve minutes since she got a panicked phone call from Henry. The seconds tick by like hours and she wishes she could move faster and just find him. It was one of the worst phone calls of her life. She had been sitting at the Diner when her phone rang. She was expecting Henry to ask to be picked up or that he was going to a friend’s place. She wasn’t expecting her world to fall to pieces.

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darth-khal  asked:

Prompt: Regina is about to cross the town line with RH & Emma gets miserable. Her parents talk to her in Granny's not to let Regina go. Emma runs the whole town to get to them before it's too late & BAM, confession. How Regina reacts is up to you :)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma frowns glaring into her drink. She feels miserable, utterly and terrible miserable. Robin’s going over the town line and Regina said she’ll go with him. Emma’s not so sure she wants to. When she told her she was going she just looked tired, as if this was her only option. 

It isn’t. 


Emma jumps before turning to see her parents staring seriously at her, “What?” 

“Go,” Snow repeats, “Go find her.” 

“I can’t. She’s leaving,” Emma says. 

Charming shakes her head, “Not if you give her a reason not to. Emma you love her. We all can see it and the thought of her leaving is making you miserable.” 

“You have to at least try Emma,” Snow adds, “You’ll never know if you don’t.” 

“You’re okay with me being in love with Regina?” 

Charming shrugs, “It took as a while to wrap our head around it at first but we want you to be happy so go for it Emma.” 

“Don’t let her go,” Snow says insistently. 


Snow sighs before holding out her ring, “It’ll glow when you get to your true love. Now go find Regina.” 

Emma sighs before taking the ring. She knows what they’re doing, they’re offering her one chance at happiness and one she has to take. She runs towards the town line noticing the ring glowing as she nears it. 

“REGINA!” she calls out and the brunette whips around. Emma’s just in time. Regina was about to step over but as Emma calls her name she steps back, “Emma?” she asks hopefully as Robin stares on confused. 

“Don’t go,” Emma pleads, “Please Regina just don’t go.I know why you’re going. You think it’s your only option but it isn’t. Don’t settle for something that isn’t making you happy. You deserve better. You deserve to know your choices. I love you Regina and I’m here and I’m asking you to please just stay with me. I know I’m not a pixie dust coated soulmate or anything but I’m Emma and if you want me to be I’ll be yours.” 

“Regina we need to go,” Robin says, “I need to get Roland from Marian.” 

Regina frowns turning to him, “I can’t. Go back to your wife Robin.” 

“But I came back for you.” 

“I know,” Regina replies, “But I don’t want to go. I don’t want to leave here. Go be with your wife. Find happiness without me because I’ve already found it elsewhere.” 

“Do you mean?” Emma asks, a small smile blooming on her face as Regina steps forward and pulls her in for a sweet and tender kiss. It feels like fireworks exploding within her as their lips meet and their hearts skip a beat as they realise they’re right where they need to be. 

Regina rests their foreheads together, “I’ll stay.”