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Lady Midnight Challenge «art»
-day 8- favourite emma + julian moment
When Emma healed Julian in the car with the “powerful parabatai iratze”… *open the pic for a better quality*

lady midnight chapter titles, narrated by percy jackson but in Emma’s point of view

(do not recommend reading this before reading lady midnight)

  1.  “I fight a tree”
  2. “I give Cristina a tour”
  3. “I join my parabatai in bed”
  4. “We order some vampire pizza”
  5.  “We make a deal with faeries”
  6. “Mark rejects our warm welcoming”
  7. “We map”
  8. “I fly a motorcycle”
  9. “I battle giant pray mantises”
  10. “Mark kills Mr. Limpet” 
  11.  “A minipoodle leads us to a corpse”
  12. “I work a miracle”
  13. “Cristina and I go shopping”
  14. “We party at the Midnight Theatre”
  15. “I watch the lottery”
  16. “My parabatai’s little brother meets his soulmate”
  17. “Mark destroys the kitchen”
  18. “I sleep with my parabatai”
  19. “I nearly kill Cristina’s ex-lover”
  20. “My parabatai tell us his life story”
  21. “Storytime”
  22.  “Kieran turns out to be snitch”
  23.  “I find out my parabatai has a room full of paintings of me”
  24. “We have a blackout”
  25. “We take out the dead”
  26.  “I murder a high warlock”
  27. “I start dating my parabatai’s brother”

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anonymous asked:

You don't know Henrik though. Lots of general good people can be slightly homophobic. Don't be blinded by adoration to pretend like this statement from the agency didn't bring up the possibility of him actually withholding some problematic thoughts.

Okay but I’m not. 

First of all, the most blatant and obvious reason to be pretty comfortable in my ‘assumption’ that Henrik isn’t a homophobe is that he plays an LGBT+ character. Whether an actor or not, homophobes are not comfortable playing the roles of that which they despise or look down on so it’s safe to say Henrik probably isn’t homophobic.

Also, a homophobe wouldn’t do this on LIVE TV:

Originally posted by evennies

(I mean look at how aggresively he’s shoving his tongue down Tarjei’s throat…. what a homophobe!)

A homophobe would also probably not attend pride:

Also, homophobes dont tend to open up about how important playing an LGBT+ character is in interviews (and yes I just made this gif solely for the purpose of using it here because I’ll defend Henrik to the grave dammit!):

And obviously only homophobic a**holes post fanart of a gay couple and encourage their 770k+ followers to vote for them in an online poll:

But yeah I’m “blinded by adoration” to Henrik’s obvious homophobia

The perfect gift

Wishing @girl-next-door-writes a very happy (and early!) birthday now with this little fic! I chose the prompt ‘only having Christmas paper to wrap a birthday gift

Word count: 956

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: fluffy enough to rot your teeth :)

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Rummaging through yet another cupboard, you blew a stand of hair out of your eyes and willed the tears not to start falling. How could this massive bunker, built to house a whole freaking organisation, not have what you needed?

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice from behind you makes you jump, and you curse as you bump your head on the shelf above you.
“Hey Sammy. You’re back early.”
“Yeah, hunt ended up a lot easier then expected. What’s going on here?”
“I’m trying to find wrapping paper! I thought I’d have plenty of time to pick some up but now the stores are all closed and I never got any! All I have is leftover Christmas paper!”
“This for Dean?” Sam asks, moving one pile of stuff onto another pile of stuff so that he can lean against the wall.
“Yeah. Where is he by the way?”
“He went to the diner to pick up some dinner. Dropped me off on the way. You know Dean isn’t going to care about the paper, right?”
“I know. But I wanted this gift to be perfect. It’s, well it’s kind of special.”
“OK, I do not need to know what you and my brother get up to in bed!”
“Wow. And you say our minds are in the gutter.”
Sam chuckles, but stops when he sees your face, not realising just how big of a deal this was to you. Stepping towards you, he puts his hands on your shoulders and waits for you to look up at him.
“Y/N. It’s a gift from you. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas paper, birthday paper, hell even newspaper. Dean will love it.”
“You’re right. I’m just overthinking things. I just like to make a fuss out of you guys on your birthdays.”
“And we love you for that.” Pulling you towards him, you sniffle as you lean your head against Sam’s chest. “Now, want a hand putting all this stuff away?”
“Oh god yes.”

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The Dark Artifices: Lord of Shadows: Snippet Challenge

“I never thought Jace and Clary would be topped by anyone else in terms of insane, self-destructive decisions, but you all are giving them a run for their money.”