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Steve & The Squad

After November, Will is the first to warm up to him, mostly due to watching Jonathan become friends with him, and Steve’s constantly hanging around the Byers.  When he saw how happy Steve made Jonathan, Will decided he couldn’t be all that bad.

Dustin’s the next one to change his mind, trusting Will’s opinion (and Nancy’s). He and Steve have a personalized handshake for each other now, and even though they don’t really get each other’s senses of humors, they laugh at each other’s jokes without fail.

Mike was more difficult to win over, but Steve expected that, mainly because the kid has always seen him first and foremost as “Nancy’s boyfriend.” Over time they got into the habit of teasing each other mercilessly, but it turned into sibling banter more than anything else.  Mike still refuses to admit he likes Steve at all (but Nancy’s told her boyfriend that Mike asks about him when he hasn’t come over in a while).

What Steve didn’t expect was that Lucas would be the last one to change his mind. Lucas makes people actually earn his trust, and as far as he’s concerned, Steve was just that high school bully, even if he did ditch his shitty friends.  He doesn’t hate Steve, since he can see how his friends feel about him, but they’ve still got nothing in common, and so Lucas doesn’t really care to get to know him. Steve will sometimes try to start conversations, and Lucas will just roll his eyes and walk away. It’s disappointing to Steve, to say the least, but he doesn’t push it.

One day the boys are watching MTV at the Wheelers, and Steve walks in just as “Thriller” starts to play.  He makes an offhand comment about how he taught himself the whole dance, and Lucas sits up immediately, in no way believing him.  Steve takes it for the challenge it is and dances the entire thing without a mistake, with Lucas joining in halfway through.  Lucas is amazed, because the other boys don’t really get his love for Michael Jackson, and that’s the first time that Lucas admits that maybe Steve Harrington is cooler than he’d thought.

(From a wonderfully fluffy conversation with the brilliant @eggos-and-promises!)
Can you just imagine Holly staging a wedding for Mike and El? Kids are SO observant and besides, EVERYBODY knows how these two feel about each other.
Holly would plan everything out: she would make sure Mike and El were dressed nice, telling Mike to put on a nice shirt and El to put on one of Nancy’s old dresses and although both of them would do it (not wanting to disappoint her) they would have no idea why until they were standing awkwardly in Holly’s bedroom while she spread conversation hearts on the floor (because she didn’t have petals and it’s close to Valentine’s Day and that’s what Dustin brought) and Will was walking El through the door very formally and Holly was giving a speech about WEDDINGS and living happily ever after that she was obviously making up on the spot.
Mike would be so embarrassed and El would be confused because “What’s a wedding?” but before he can even try to explain (which seems impossible to do at this moment), Lucas starts humming the Wedding March as loudly as possible, joined by the giggling Dustin and Will.
Holly moves right along with her “ceremony”, having them exchange Eggos instead of the rings she doesn’t have. It looks like it’s over (much to Mike’s relief) but then Lucas says, “Wait, Holly. Aren’t you forgetting something?” even though Mike is glaring at him and frantically shaking his head.
Holly just gasps and says, “Oh right! Now you must kiss the bride.”
Mike is just dying and mumbles, “Holly, please-”
But all she says is “MIKE THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT IN THE BOOKS” and he tries to ask how she knows that when she can’t even read yet but he gets a bit distracted when El suddenly follows Holly’s instructions and kisses him. He hears the guys cheering and is being pelted with rice (thrown by Dustin), but again, he’s distracted.
And can you imagine, oh, ten or so years later, at their ACTUAL wedding, that they try to recreate that wedding (that Lucas never lets Mike forget EVER), complete with Eggos and conversation hearts? Sure, the guests are a little confused, but Holly the flower girl and the three best men and of course the bride and groom understand, and that’s really all that matters. ^_^

When Lucas Sinclair turns sixteen, his parents give him their 1982 Ford Granada station wagon.  He’s the first of the squad to get his license, and the only one to actually have a car until Mike gets his dad’s old car a year later.  Lucas loves his car to death and has very strict rules about what goes on around it.  Max is the only other person allowed to drive it, and that took months of convincing and negotiating terms. Lucas insists on no eating or drinking inside, but after a while, they all forget the rules, and Lucas finally gives up on trying to enforce them.  Sometimes when the weather’s nice, they’ll open the back and pile in blankets and pillows and all hang out inside until they eventually fall asleep.

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Marc Foster + Emma Henderson: [text] Your mom scares me, I think she can smell my fear.

  • [text] Hey, there’s a 90% chance that she’s actually just smelling that half eaten bag of chips you’ve got in your jacket pocket. 
  • [text] You gotta be careful with that. 
  • [text] It’s pretty dangerous to withhold food from my mom. 
  • [text] But either way, if you share them with her, you guys will probably be friends for life. 

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I thought this would be out of my head like, the day after this video
But no