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Out of the Frying Pan (22/?)

Killian nodded, handing his own jacket to the attendant next to them before turning back towards Emma and staring at her like – what had Ruby called it? – like she was the goddamn sun. His mouth opened slowly, like he wanted to say something, but couldn’t remember the words and his eyes flashed, lingering for a moment on the very prominent necklace before drifting down to her waist and back up to her face.

Emma’s stomach tightened slightly at the look – not wholly unexpected, but absolutely uncharted territory. She’d never been looked at like that – not like she was just wanted, but like she was loved. Or something absurd.

That was absurd.

AN: I continue to love all of you and your reaction to this story and it’s pretty much keeping me sane in a very not-sane real-life. A very particular shoutout to @laurnorder who read this chapter at work without realizing what happens in this chapter. That’s the real beta MVP. 

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i think that CS is the second biggest problem in OUaT, the first would be all those random characters that appear only for 10 episodes and then leave. The show spends so much time on them and then they just disappear. I mean OUaT has some main characters and then guest stars,there is almost nothing in between .Therefore the leads have no friends or basically no one outside of the family. All these hit me when Regina and Snow took Emma out for drinks .Emma's only friend is Regina, Snow's only 1/2

2/2 friend is Regina, Charming’s only friend is well again Regina .So all i wanted to say is that they could use some of the guests in that way. For example Tink could have been Regina’s friend outside of the family, Ruby could still have scenes with Snow , some prince could have been Charming’s buddy. Why the hell are they bringing people that don’t stay? I swear i have never seen this before

True. Captain Swan is just a side-dish, a result of severely lacking writing, simply put. Because some writers are plot-first novelists, others are character-first novelists. And Brothers Dim (and their little team of wannabes) are neither. I mean, they were apparently good at ‘hero essence capturing’ (which is in every writing manual that talks about archetypal characters, and they’ve only been developing S1 for like… a decade?) in a way of showing basic understanding of the inner workings of a solid hero, you know–how to show what is at their main character’s core. And it worked really well in S1 where there was basically a lot of exposition and more of a setup for character development that was supposed to ensue, you know–from S2 onward?

Only it didn’t. So if we’re talking about main characters, they had some start/stops (and first more serious inconsistencies) with Regina, Emma was just more solidified in her basic conflict, while with Rumple they clearly had no idea what to do with (which direction to take him in, but then when he ‘had’ his son back…they completely screwed it up by not going there, at all) and there was literally no development with Snow and David (between each other, only a little bit with their daughter) apart from a shitload of flashbacks which were now not background–but just basic, instant exposition for these new random pointless characters. And that was just season two. After which, it only got worse. Because if that’s how they write main characters (at this point there’s absolutely no consistency, as everything’s plot driven–and all plots are shallow and vapid and deus ex macguffin resolved?) what can we expect for the side-characters? The guests that you mention, that honestly no one gives a rats ass about because we all know that they’re there just for that episode’s plot purpose–and never anything beyond? When they for instance already had so many great characters (Ruby, Archie, Kathryn, Ashley–basically ANY conceived and left completely unused after the very first episode that gave their exposition) that they did absolutely nothing with, really?

So at this point a lot of us are still hung up on foundation of the story, and the… squandered potential, really. Like say, Swan-Mills family (as the three of them always had that link, and developments that are the only ones that still make sense), the way they were despite horrible character digressions and regressions (the focus on the family, rather then Emma’s and Regina’s atrocious ‘romantic’ choices) and… why we either lament the loss (“where’s Emma Swan, she disappeared seasons ago?”) or fanwank and fix it (”fancifiction does it better”). While in reality, we have just too much convoluted stuff (plot wise, I’m not talking about characters being degraded and rendered beyond recognition in OOC-ness like Emma has been, for purposes of romantization of her boyfriend), a lot of running on spot, way too many insipid dialogues and scenes that only serve to engage the audience through action. With very little essence, and development. Now, a screenwriter can write these stereotypes but then it’s up to the director, the casting director and the actors to give depth to otherwise flat characters. So the screen-writer might write a generic fop character and get away with it if the rest of the process adds up, and you get a better result? It is a two-fold process that can help them turn the literary characterization of their leads into explosive material, but…

OUaT has been horribly flat in that department for way too long now, so is it any wonder if we wonder at what point have they given up trying–and why?

All Grown Now (inside we’re the same)

The third and final part to Bitter Hearts (middle of the ride) and Not a Picture Perfect Life (write your own line). Also on FFNet and AO3

Summary: Emma’s finally able to start putting the past behind her, just as Killian’s decides to come back and haunt him. 

This fic has changed from the original outline more than any fic I have written ever. swallowedsong let me flail plot changes at her while I tried to sort them out cuz she’s awesome like that.

This got long, you guys.

           Being with Killian isn’t like being with Neal. It isn’t like anything she could have expected and she kind of hates that she keeps comparing the two in the back of her mind. But being with Neal was a rush all the time — just the two of them against the world. Emma had felt like they could do anything, as long as they had each other.

           Killian seems to think she could do anything entirely on her own.

           Being with him is a rush too. Every single time he looks at her she’s sure her heart skips a beat. But it feels different — safe, she thinks the word is. And she can’t remember the last time she felt safe around anyone.

           They take their time with things for the first couple months, even if they see each other almost every day. Emma can’t even count the number of toe-curling kisses and teasing touches before she finally sleeps over at his place. But it’d been a hellish night at work despite his near constant texting as he pulled an all-nighter of his own. (They were only together a week before she bought a phone and a cheap plan with minimal minutes but unlimited texting.) She just wants to crash afterwards, but when she gets to the garage she’s gripped by the need to see him. For there to be something redeemable about the day. Emma’s not even sure how she stays awake long enough to drive over. When Killian opens the door he looks as exhausted as she feels and he wraps his arms around her as she steps into him. They’re asleep within twenty minutes and she’s never slept better.

           (When they wake up around noon and spend a couple more hours wrapped up in bed together, well, that’s never been better either.)

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Title: Take Me Away (fanvid) <–Click HERE to watch the video!
Artist: pearsonasnic

Title: Take Me Away
Author: Idisch_von_Swedish
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 24630
Emma works at a cafe and admires this beautiful woman, a regular, who appears to be everything Emma is not. Rich, successful, someone. Unfortunately also: unapproachable. But one day the routine is broken, something is off, and Emma finally gets a chance to talk to her.

It doesn’t go particularly well but it’s the beginning of a friendship that turns out to be so much more, and so much more complicated. For starters, Emma. Is. Not. Gay. She has a boyfriend. That aside, something strange is definitely going on with Regina Mills and Emma doesn’t quite dare to think what might be going on in her home.

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Things weirder than Regina being Emma's "Grandmother..."
  • Bae being about 1289 years older than Emma.
  • Rumple being 673487634287623489432 years older than Belle.
  • Hook having pretty much the same relationship to Emma that Regina does and nobody giving a flying fuck.
  • Speaking of flying fucks…Emma has also got that one covered with Walsh.
  • “I ate my boyfriend” - yeah lets just skim over that one Ruby.
  • and the way Mary Margaret runs.

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Emma! I found out that my boyfriend has a crush on Louis, and when I asked him to elaborate he said that he doesn't know what it is but "Louis has something that makes me want to protect him from all evil" lol (I'd be very worried if they ever meet). Why do you think men of all ages and sexual orientations want to hold/protect/manhandle him?

It’s because Louis is the perfect mix of beautiful, adorable, and sexy. And to answer your question about why people want to protect him - it’s because he’s tiny, delicate, and fluffy. He’s also a complete and total sweetheart and he’s both clever and funny, so his personality attracts people to him. The crinkles by his eyes when he smiles makes even the coldest person melt - it’s honestly just a fact. Louis was put on this planet to be loved by everyone he meets.


Where the lamp post division represents the current Emma’s walls. [x]
Look at Killian’s position. This is how u otp.

People need to stop acting like Emma saving Hook’s life by turning him into a Dark One is the worst thing in the world and how dare she do everything in her power to save the man she loves right?

Newsflash, yes what Emma did was desperate and ultimately harmful to herself, her family, and to Hook, but she didn’t ever plan on them staying Dark Ones forever. Her plan was a temporary fix until she could find a way to destroy the darkness in both of them.

But yeah Emma should totally just let him die right? She should just let everyone she loves die every time isn’t that right? I mean it’s not like Graham died in her arms, or Henry died right in front of her, or Neal died in her arms and in front of her twice. It’s not like Emma’s lost almost every person who’s ever mattered to her, and has definitely lost every boyfriend she’s had. It’s not like her parents are basically ignoring her or only valuing her as a Savior, or that her son is now living with his abusive ass adoptive parent again therefore Emma has less time to see him, or that her boyfriend died three fucking times in front of her.

Nah Emma should’ve just let him die. She didn’t think of the consequences right? I mean, everyone on this show always thinks about the consequences of their decisions right? / sarcasm

I will punch you if you try and tell me that what Emma did was the worst thing ever, as though her reasons for doing it aren’t understandable or relatable or forgivable. As though she was planning on leaving Hook like that forever.

As though anyone else on this show has any fucking right to tell her not to save him after all the problems the rest of them have caused doing stupid ass selfish shit over and over again without seemingly any lasting consequences.

As though Emma isn’t the one who’s always cleaning up all their fucking messes and saves their asses.

dealanexmachina  asked:

Prompt: Emma is the baby whisperer and the only one to calm the new Charming baby down. What they doen't realize is that she still has Regina's memories in the back of her head, so she uses the same techniques to calm down her new baby brother that Regina used on Henry, and it isn't until Henry passes the kid to Emma in front of Regina that they figure it out. Author's choice if you want to set it in The OtherWoman verse.


This is essentially a prequel, so no knowledge of the fic is necessary! Other than the fact that I have disregarded one silly baby name for another and most of the finale has been discarded (other than that one Robin/Roland/Regina scene).


It takes two nights before she hears the crying from downstairs suddenly joined by a second set of tears, louder and considerably more adult, and Henry’s over for the weekend and he whispers, “Don’t you think that we should help?” 

And yeah, maybe, even though there’s still that part of her that shudders whenever she’s too close to the baby and her mother together, when Snow starts talking about firsts with Leo so much that she wants to be a child again, crying and screaming that it isn’t fair, she could have had this all and it isn’t fair.

She winds up at Regina’s house more often than not on those days under the guise of visiting Henry. At first she thinks she’d just wanted to have someone else to blame for it all, someone else to be angry at instead of Snow. But then Regina had looked at her with eyes that have seen too much of her and she’d remembered holding a knife to Regina’s throat and telling Cora to choose her daughter or a dagger and the hostility all just…fades.

Regina gets not coming first, and loving too much to stop. Regina gets her, and she feels all kinds of warmth at the thought of her co-parent that she rarely dwells upon. They’re kind of friends now, maybe. It’s weird.

She sighs and stretches out in bed, mutters, “Yeah, I guess we should, right?” and gets up and staggers for the stairs.

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Do you ever think about the fact that when it comes to Killian and Emma’s relationship, Emma has her father to be the typical dad threatening the boyfriend to treat her well; her mother being excited about her going on dates; a son encouraging her to be happy; a friend encouraging her to love herself, etc…

And then we have Killian whose all alone. He doesn’t have friends or family to warn Emma not to break his heart, he has nobody to remind her he’s a broken man and ask her to be gentle with him; he doesn’t have anybody to be excited for him when he’s going out on a date, there’s no one to wait up for him and ask how it went. There’s no one eagerly cheering him on in finding his happy ending, or anyone who knows how self-loathing he is. He’s just so alone.

say it every day

summary: 25. it sucks to be colour blind, but you always tell me how beautiful I am to be super sweet and loving AU. requested by effulgentcolors.

word count: ~ 2,300

rating: t.

a/n: i tried. i really did. (sorry it took so long, haha.)

For her being unable to differentiate colours sometimes…it’s tough on her, and she’s always struggled a little with it, even after developing her own coping mechanism with it. As a kid, she remembers screwing some colours up, mistaking violet for blues or reds for a brown when colouring.

And yet, twenty-nine years later, all she can do is deal with it.

But luckily for her, she knows she’s not alone. Emma still has some amazing friends and a boyfriend who’s been more than accommodating to the entire ride within the last few months since they’ve been together.

Reading traffic lights, looking at colour-coded graphs or anything of the sort, has always been extremely annoying. She hates having to drive around if the traffic lights aren’t those that flash; her greens would look like brown and then the red and yellows look the same. Luckily enough, Storybrooke doesn’t have that much traffic, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Emma always needs David to be in charge of distinguishing colours. It’s just how it is in her daily routine of things. But, of course she has a way to handle with things, she’s adapted generally well through the years.

It’s a late night patrol that keeps her out until a little past midnight, when she enters her dark apartment, flicking the lights to her bedroom on while she hears the water running in the washroom. Most people thinks about the colour of the clothes they wear. Emma sometimes thinks about that, but it’s not every day, not unless she has to put together some outfit. She just grabs a pair of flannel pants and a t-shirt, not even thinking about what colours they are, and slipping it on, chucking her jeans and jacket aside onto a chair.

She is beyond exhausted from the day’s amount of paperwork, problem-solving with some of the dwarves, and a late night patrol.

“Oh, you’re home.”

She’s startled, placing her phone down from setting the alarm, turning around to see him at the doorway. “Yeah, just got back.”

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Can we discuss though why Regina is vital to the plan to turning Emma dark? 

Emma has already lost faith in her parents. 

So surely Hook (her supposed boyfriend) should be key in turning her dark? Except he isn’t. He isn’t because he isn’t the one Emma has faith in. He isn’t the one Emma trusts with her whole heart. 

Emma and Regina have been developing and changing their relationship for four years. They know each other. They understand each other and when all is said and done losing each other is more catastrophic to them than losing their boyfriends. 

Losing Regina could turn Emma dark and as much as Regina could be vital to turning Emma dark, I think she’s even more vital in keeping Emma light.