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you should call out your friends and expose them because everyone has a dark side and it's your responsibility to share the truth

Oh! You want me to tell my friends how much I love them and why because everyone deserves love and it’s my responsibility to make sure my friends know how much I love them? Okay, if you say so!

@kookookarli Karli, what can I say about you that I haven’t said before. You have quickly become one of my closest friends and I love you to pieces. Getting to work with you has been so amazing and I’ve learned so much from you. You are the biggest sweetheart and the best mom-friend. You deserve the world and more. You’ve never been anything but supportive and kind to me. You’re so smart and talented. I love every word we exchange and getting to meet you in person was fantastic. I love you so so s o much

@exadorlion Mari you shit bucket. I know we don’t talk as much as we used to but I still love you and consider you one of my good friends. I love being able to watch you grow as an artist and as a person. You’ve got such talent and potential it amazes me sometimes. I love you for who you are. Never forget that.

@ham-for-ham I don’t know when the last time we actually spoke was, but I love you and miss our talks. You’re such a strong, smart person and you deserve everything good that could happen to happen. You amaze and astound me with how strong you are, and whenever I see you on my dash I get happy because that means you’re still out there and doing your thing and I support you in everything and wish you the best and all my love.

@morningisnotalright Listen, we’ve only been talking for such a short while but you seem like a really sweet and awesome person and I’d love to talk some more. I know I’ve been lacking on the communication from my side because I’ve been busy but know I actually enjoy talking to you and I hope to get to know you better!

@250mb GARRETT MY BUDDY MY FRIEND MY PAL I LOVE YOU. I know you’re not Hamilton and the rest of this post is Hamilton people but how could I forget my literal best friend on earth? You’re honestly one of the best people I’ve ever met. You’re so intelligent and funny and smart and talented and you never fail to bring joy into my life. My life is 100X better having known you, and I miss you daily. If I could have brought you to school with me I would have in a heartbeat. I cannot wait to see you again in person. I love you with all my heart and with every bit inside me.