emma did

Everybody remember the scrapyard scene where Robert said “…prison would be perfect for you: gay, self-harming, emotionally stunted, you’d probably end up topping yourself…”? What do you want to bet those things were going through Robert’s head without the venom when Bob was talking?

Then, there’s the whole Finn/Emma thing. I couldn’t help thinking about when Aaron hit James and Emma called the cops on him. James wasn’t going to call the cops, but Emma did. I wonder if Kasim would have or did call the cops or if that was just Finn, too.

And then there was Aaron’s self-harming: that was exactly how he started doing it in the first place. He cut his hand breaking Carl’s stuff and then realized it helped to reopen the wound.


#tfw your crush beats up your ex-boyfriend to defend your honor

Scream Fans after The Halloween Special
  • Eli Fangirls: HE IS STILL ALIVE!! HE IS!! *crys*
  • Emrey Shippers: FUCK YOU GINA!!
  • Naudrey Shippers: FUCK YOU GINA!!
  • Emma Fans: You go Girl.
  • The whole fandom: OMG BEX, BEX I LOVE YOU!!!
  • Nostavo Shippers: They wrote a book together, now what else can they do together ;)
  • Brostavo Shippers: I'm glad Billie died
  • Kieran Fans: Awww, as soon as I liked him
  • Horror Fans: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Much?
  • That One Gina Fan: Erm... I like Gina and Audrey together
  • The Whole Fandom: *Looses their shit*