emma daman

Good afternoon, British-Isles-based-Rookie-readers, it is Eleanor Hardwick speaking! I wanted to let you know that this Thursday (29th May), I have co-curated a zine and a zine launch event at Freud in Oxford, which will also feature sound-performance-art-pieces from my band back-to-back with my boyfriend’s band, as well as exhibitions, short film screenings and dj sets from young artists (particularly young female artists based in the Oxford area!)

The zine we are launching features the work of Rookie familiars like Olivia Bee, Shriya Samavai, Lauren Poor, Arvida Byström, Petite Meller and myself - as well as Becca Thornton, Ben Giles, Beth Siveyer (Girls Get Busy), Cardinal Fang, Celia Edell, Charlotte Sykes, Digby Taylor, Emma Daman Thomas (Islet), Greta Bellamacina, Kamal Rasool (Flamingods), Katie Giritlian, Laura Makabresku, Lauren O’Neill, Mike and Claire, Mirren Kessling, Moonbow, Rachel Louise Hodgson, Rosalind Jana, Saga Sig and Tallulah Fontaine.

You can read a little more about the zine here and see a sneak preview of it below. Facebook event with full details is also here.

There is a limited first edition of copies with handmade covers by me, which will be available exclusively at the event for £5:

Poster design by none other than the amazing Maria Ines Gul.

PS! The entry price comes with a complimentary glass of wine, however if you are under 18 we can change it to a non-alcoholic drink for you!

Thanks and hopefully see some of you there!

- Eleanor xx