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“It could be the hidden side of you; I think making movies is a great way to release that. I think it is important to be honest with that, and have fun with it.”

Happy Birthday, Ang Lee!

spartanguard  asked:

Prompt: David isn't going to react well to this. First to finding out that Killian killed his father, then to him disappearing on Emma? Nope.

I’m combining the two. And seeing as how everyone’s bashing my poor guy who doesn’t deserve any of this… I figured I might as well join in at the same time?

He’d heard from Snow that Killian had finally returned. But no amount of reassurances about things being ‘okay now’ or ‘sorted’ could dampen the rage that bubbled within his veins.

He parked the truck on the opposite side of the house, fully aware that Emma had left already and Henry was at school.

He took the front steps two at a time and knocked knowing there was only one person home. The one person he wanted to see.

The door opened and he saw Killian’s face pale when he realized who was on the other side.

“David. Come in.”

He gave the man no greeting, just breezed past him into the living room of the house.

Killian closed the front door and braced himself for the conversation that was about to take place. He turned to face the man, ready to grovel and beg for forgiveness.

“David, I don’t even know-”

His words were cut off by the harsh crack of David’s fist colliding with his face.

Killian fell back, crashing to the floor from the impact.

“You bastard.” David seethed. “You stood and watched me tear this town apart-“

“I didn’t know-“

Another fist met his face, causing blood to fill Killian’s mouth.

“You let me believe it was George, let think it was another another man.”

“I swear I didn’t know!”

David hit him again as Killian took the beating, refusing to defend himself.

“I bared my soul to you! And all the time it was you?!”

“I’m sorry-“

Another crack to the cheek split the skin under Killian’s eye. David couldn’t stop himself. The more Killian just lay there, the more enraged the prince became, working himself into a mad hysteria.

“And after all that talk of wanting my blessing, you leave?! Do you know what you put her through?!”

David grabbed Killian’s jacket lapels and hauled his face up to meet his.

“All that talk about changing and you haven’t changed a bit, Hook! Just the same lying, selfish, murderous pirate.” He spat the words at him before pushing his body back to the floor, letting his head bounce against the wood with a thud.

“David stop!”

A pair of hands were grabbing his shoulders and pulling him off the bleeding man beneath him.

David stood to watch Emma crouch down and try to help Killian to a seating position. His body thrummed with raw energy and his breaths came out in harsh pants.

“Why would you do this?!” Emma asked him, eyes full of betrayal, begging him for an explanation.

“You may be able to forgive him, Emma. But I can’t. You marry him if you want, that’s your choice, I’ll respect that. But he will never be welcome in my family.”

David turned and left the house, shaking as he climbed into his truck, adrenaline fading as reality and remorse took its place.

cora pearl (born emma crouch in 1835) was at her time the most famous courtesan in paris. she may not have been the most conventional beauty, but she charmed men with her daring sexuality, enviable body, wit and lust for life. there are many stories about cora, some probably true and some not: it has been told she used to bathe in expensive champagne, once had herself served naked on a silver plate at a fancy dinner and dyed her hair red, pink and golden - and her dog’s hair to match hers.

“I have never deceived anybody because I have never belonged to anybody. My independence was all my fortune, and I have known no other happiness.”

Princess of Devil’s Night

Words: 2.96k

Warnings: Messy and not as dramatic as its’ predecessor, don’t cut my head off please.

Description: A continuation of Pride and Joy. Emma is invited to Devil’s Night a year later. James deems it appropriate now that she has become accustom to the hotel and her own morbid thoughts (and also because she would rather spend Halloween with her daddy than trick-or-treating).

This is honestly all over the place but it took me a few days to put together some kind of plot. Honestly, I expect this to flop compared to its’ predecessor. I wrote this more due to the demand, as I personally felt as if Pride and Joy stood well on its’ own, the way I had intended for it to be. If you follow me, then you may have read this post, and know that the original requester had requested the same prompt to multiple people. While a few of us writers worked it out and communicated about this problem, I also explained why that was wrong to the requester. Overall, I was still unsure about continuing this. It was fun at first, but I slowly lost interest (which is probably evident halfway through). I still did try to put effort into it, since so many people wanted to see this, so I hope it still makes you all happy and you all enjoy because that’s my main goal ♡

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My Loves

Also on AO3 (posting there may be delayed as I’m out of town again)
This is a direct sequel to Routines (day 2), but it can be read on its own.  It is also the @miraculousfluffmonth August 12 prompt, mon coeur.

“Where Mama?” Hugo asked, craning his head around the crowded room.  He happily swung his feet, enjoying his vantage point from the carrier holding him to his father’s hip.

“She’s behind the curtain,” Emma said, bending down a bit to explain.  After a great deal of practice at Uncle Nino’s music in the park performances, she’d graduated to a spot on her father’s shoulders.  "Isn’t that right, Papa?“

He patted his daughter’s knee.  "Absolutely, Sweetling.”  

“Why are people staring at us?” Emma wanted to know.  "Is it because kids don’t go to fashion shows?“

Adrien laughed, catching the eyes of some of the people his daughter was asking about.  "Well, there aren’t a lot of kids who go to fashion shows, that’s true.  But it’s really because your mama is an incredible designer, and so people are curious about us.”

“Auntie Alya says it’s because you used to be a model,” Emma said, patting his head, as if to soothe him.  "She said you were famous.“

Adrien snorted.  Trust Alya to toss his skeletons out for his kids to play with.  "I still sometimes model.”

“Only for Mama,” Emma pointed out.

“You have a very special mama, Sweetling.  She’s worth modeling for.”  He rubbed Hugo’s back and pointed to the runway.  "Okay.  Like we practiced.  They’re about to start, and we want people to focus on mama’s clothes, not our bad behavior, right.“  He held up one fist and both kids bumped it with theirs.

"Right!” Hugo agreed.

“We can do it,” Emma promised.

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anonymous asked:

Regina assumes that Emma shares Henry's desire to add a dog to the family, but she sees a new side of her girlfriend when they find a cat that reminds Emma of one she bonded with when she lived on the streets

Thanks for the prompt :) 

It’s a beautiful spring day so they decide to walk home from work, hand in hand in their blissful bubble. Occasionally someone will wave to them but other than that they can just enjoy a casual stroll through the town they call home. 

Regina sighs contently resting her head on Emma’s shoulder only to find her girlfriend abruptly pulling away. “Emma?” 

She turns to find Emma crouching down and calling over a stray kitten, smiling as she watches the animal cautiously approaching the blonde. Emma strokes it before pulling it into her arms. 

“There ya go little fella…you’re so sweet,” Emma gushes. 

Regina raises a brow, “Huh…I always thought you’d be a dog person.”


“When Henry goes on about a dog I figured you’d be on his side…”

“Oh…I like dogs,” Emma replies, “But this little guy here…when I was fourteen I spent six weeks living in an old subway tunnel…it was lonely and it was freezing but every night there was a cat and he would come up to me and curl up beside me. At a time when I had nothing, I had that cat and I was a little less alone.” 

Regina smiles softly, “I’m glad you had that cat…you want to keep this one don’t you?” 

Emma nods sheepishly. “I do…if you’re okay with it.” 

“We’ll put up posters to make sure he doesn’t belong to anybody…and if no-one turns up to claim him then…he can be a Swan-Mills.” 

Emma beams, “I love you so much…can I name him Mufasa?” 


“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (2005)

Alan Rickman is one of the reasons that the “Harry Potter” series means so much to me. Alan Rickman IS Snape!                                       Alan Rickman, you will forever be in our hearts and on our minds. Thank you for everything!

“The rules are absolute. The Goblet of Fire constitutes a binding magical contract. Mr. Potter has no choice. He is, as of tonight, a Triwizard champion.” – Barty Crouch

Fic: Hiding Something

The second of my one-shot prompts, the original prompt will be at the bottom of the fic to avoid spoilers. To submit your own one-shot please click here. I will tag all the one-shots with the tag CPoneshot so you can easily find them.

Hiding Something | 2,000 words | PG rating

Emma knew that Regina was hiding something she just didn’t know what that something was. The curse had broken six months ago and since then things had been quiet, or as quiet as a recently cursed town full of story book characters could be.

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Coconuts a.k.a. Neverland Renaissance prompt

Emma tries to grab a coconut in a tree, mind you, she’s not tall enough, Hook lifts her up. A little something I wrote a while ago. I feel like the characterisation is a little off (constructive criticism would be appreciated). Alternatively, you can just laugh at how bad I am with this writing thing. 

He hears her before he sees her.

Hook brushes aside a giant leaf, the flora of the Neverland Forest having grown considerably over the decades since his first visit.

Coming up to a clearing, he sees Emma leaping up and down, grunting in effort and batting her hand at something.  He looks up to see a coconut tree towering over her small form. Hook smirks in amusement at her antics; she’s not tall enough to reach the fruit but she tries again before huffing and kicking the stump of the tree in frustration. She puts her hands on her hips, glaring hard at the tree and even though he can only see her profile from where he’s watching, he can tell that her lips are in a thin line and her eyes are narrowed.

She really doesn’t take defeat easily.

It’s one of the things he’s come to admire about her.

As if to prove his point, she turns and her eyes sweep over to where he is. He ducks instinctively, but she doesn’t seem to notice him. Instead, her attention is on the forest floor and her eyes light up when she finds what she is seeking. Emma crouches down and picks up a branch, bending it slightly to test its durability, before nodding in satisfaction. She turns back to the tree and starts leaping again, this time batting the coconut with the stick.

Deciding to make his entrance whilst she is otherwise occupied, he steps into the clearing and clears his throat.

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can’t remember what I’ve forgotten (1/1)

CS AU Week Day 5: Role Reversal

What if Pan’s curse brought everyone who was born in the Enchanted Forest back?  What if Henry was left behind?

WC: 3k

A/N: Oh, what’s that?  I have two interviews this week I should be preparing for instead of writing last-minute fic for AU week?  What a surprise!  I can technically blame you (yes you, reader) for encouraging me by reading this, right?  … Right?

“No,” Regina whispers as she crumples to the floor, clutching Pan’s scroll.  

“Regina?”  Emma calls out, concerned as she hurries over to her.

Regina’s shoulders start to shake and tremble, her head hung as she traces the edges of the scroll.

“What’s going on?”  Emma asks, crouching down next her, unsure if her presence is wanted.

“Something’s wrong,” Regina mutters, brushing her hair from her face, but refusing to look up from the scroll.  “Pan’s magic is too powerful, I can’t stop it.  The curse is taking all of us back to the Enchanted Forest, Emma.”

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Zombie Ethics

summary: Zombie AU with a twist… ft. lots of terrible innuendo (the brother-in-arms of Mindreader Sex)

genre: humour, kinda-smut, angst
wc: 9.8k (ish)
warnings: the gore you’d expect from a zombie au (blood/cannibalism), alcohol, sorta non-con

I lean back on the furs in the wardrobe, steadying my breathing.
‘Although, just in case… It’s quite cosy in here. Wanna make the most of our final hours?’
‘Well, it’s not gonna matter if we don’t use condoms at this point is it.’

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Anonymous asked: You should totally write a fan fiction based on what would be Emma’s life if Regina never placed the curse. And what would become of Captain Swan. If they were to meet, and where, and ect. You could make Emma a widow or something so Henry’s still in the picture.

So, Anon, apparently when I told you to ‘give me a few days’, what I really meant was 'give me a few hours’. I obviously got a little excited by this story!

Here’s the first chapter, also available at ao3.

Emma looked out over the bow of the ship and let the fresh sea air wash over her. Her diplomatic mission to the neighbouring kingdom hadn’t been nearly as successful as she might have liked. Her parents would no doubt be disappointed. They’d spent the last 24 years raising her to be the perfect princess: tactful, firm but willing to compromise.

Sadly, Emma had also grown up to be fiercely independent, a little hot-headed, and unwilling to deal with people’s bullshit.

Hence, her inability to negotiate a peaceful truce with their neighbouring kingdom. Still, their neighbours hadn’t instantly declared war on them, so Emma supposed she can’t have messed up too badly.

A year ago, Emma had been grateful that her parents had recognised the restlessness that had been plaguing her and decided to give her the responsibility of protecting their kingdom from possible dangers. No doubt they thought it was a fairly safe task, as no one had threatened their kingdom in Emma’s life time. And with Emma’s training in various forms of combat (sword fighting from her father, archery from her mother, and strategy from her tutors), it had seemed like a perfect fit.

Sadly, the last year had been fairly uneventful. This had been Emma’s first real test, and she hadn’t succeeded.

She comforted herself with the knowledge that she hadn’t actually failed, either. At least she hadn’t made things worse.

She sighed, trying to think of a way to make it up to her parents. If she didn’t, they might not trust her again, and Emma couldn’t bear it they made her go back to her role as a largely useless member of their court. It would break her.

A shout sounded from above, and Emma followed the gazes of the crew members to see a ship on the horizon. She didn’t panic, not yet, as they had encountered a number of ships on their journey. But by the looks on the faces of the men and women around her, something was different.

“What is it?” she asked the nearest crewmember as they hurried past.

“Pirates, miss,” the young girl told her before hurrying off to her duties.

Emma’s blood ran cold.

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for so long

summary: 28. “You make two lunches every morning and give one of them to me every day” AU. send me a prompt from this list. requested by koltarmi.

word count: ~ 2,300

rating: c cheesy damn dorks

a/n: i don’t ever bring lunches to school anymore…thanks, vicky, for wanting me to write this. thanks cutieodonoghue for that idea. y’know. the one.

He catches sight of her the first time she walks into the classroom, but the first time he actually talks to her, it’s because she doesn’t have a lunch and she’s just sitting against the wall with her knees drawn up to her chest.

For a moment, he hesitates, but then he takes steps forward and introduces himself.

“Emma Swan,” she responds softly.

He smiles, crouching down next to her. “Need a lunch?”

“No, I don’t,” she says, refusing his offer. “I can’t take it from you.”

“It’s okay, I have some snacks.” He brings out an apple, granola bar, and juice and offers it to Emma. “Sometimes I get hungry after school while I wait for my brother to pick me up. Here, you can take it. Can’t have you starving during class, can you?”

Killian soon understands she’s an orphan like him, her family at the moment not so caring about packing her a lunch. All he knows is that he feels bad for her, that at least Liam takes care of him and loves him. But Emma Swan is a stubborn little girl (honestly much like him), yet she’s kind and quiet, a reserved type who doesn’t like to talk that much with other children. At least, besides him.

“Thank you,” she murmurs, throwing the empty juice box into the recycling.

“You’re welcome.” He grins, packing his stuff up. “Let’s get in line for class.”

She’s a little reluctant, but she nods with a small smile. “Okay.”

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Teenage Dream (1/?)

After being away from her hometown for the last nine years, Emma Swan returns for a visit which its sole purpose is to let go of her past once and for all. The past in the form of Killian Jones. High school sweethearts AU.

Rating: M 

Also on ff.net | AO3

Chapter 1 – Walking Down the Lane of Recollections

There were just a few things Emma Swan had sworn never to do again. Looking into the blue depths of Killian Jones’s eyes was at the top of that list.

Yet here she was, back in her hometown of Storybrooke, only five hundred feet away from the Joneses’ boathouse, and minutes away from facing the man who had shattered her heart into a million pieces nine years ago.

He was her first love, her high school sweetheart. The man she had loved to no end. The only man she’d ever imagined standing at the altar with, having children with… until he’d bailed on her the day before they were supposed to leave for college together.

The now twenty-seven year old blonde got out of her yellow bug, shoving the door shut and leaning heavily against it as she gazed at the Jones family boat.

The boat that held so many memories, their first date, first kiss, first…

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if it can be broken, it means it still works

Sorry this took so long, Nonnie! But look, I finished just in time for CS AU Week! *throws confetti*

Hope I fulfilled your prompt dreams. Cause this one ran away from me. What’s new, right?

Also on ff.net | AO3


He hides it well, at first. 

A joke there.

(–I do intend to hold it over your heads for a very… long… time.) 

A quirk of an eyebrow here.

He’ll even throw in a smirk, time to time.  

He hides it well, which is why she doesn’t notice it immediately.

She brushes it off in the beginning –– attributes the weird tension in his shoulders to him having been a different person for, what was seemingly, an entire lifetime.

Plus, there’s that plot twist where he, you know, died.

So she gives him time to adjust. 

Of course there were the little things.

How he would veer away from knives (be it butter, paring or steak) or any sharp object, whether it was consciously or not. 

How his body would stiffen at the sight of any of the dwarves. 

The way his eyes would momentarily widen with something akin to… she wouldn’t call it fear, but it was a close thing. A reluctance, maybe, every time David and Mary Margaret approached him. 

But then he’d glide his fingers over such instruments smoothly, as if he never meant to take it in the first place. His movements would resume its easy and cocksure manner and those stormy blues of his would clear up, reluctance turning to fondness and teasing and it was like she just imagined it ever occurred at all.

It was happening so slowly… so quietly that when it turned to the big things, she was completely blindsided.

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