emma copied me

Lmao… it’s been at least a decade since I drew something with pen and coloring pencils. Also reason why the drawing is kinda off; not at all used to inking without Ctrl Z ^^; So yeah… plenty of fuckups xD

Anyways, here’s some Emma x333

Emma Darlington © Me


Tonight, October 3rd 2015, Carina Gillespie made her West End Glinda debut at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. (featuring adorable tweets because these witches support each other so much!) (x)


My good friend Emma got me a copy of Keri Smith’s ‘Wreck This Journal’ for Christmas 2013. I thought it about time I shared some pages. These are not the only ones I’ve worked on, but the ones I feel are 'finished’.

I’m not the best illustrator, but I have been fairly arty in the past…and this book is very therapeutic to fill out in times of stress.

Hopefully I’ll update with more pages in the future!