emma bores tumblr with her boring life

I hate that now I have to spend the afternoon studying because my grammar II professor couldn’t send that damn e-mail earlier (instead of yesterday) telling how we ARE in fact having our second mid-term exam tomorrow as we had planned, despite her absence last week. I can’t stand that woman, but it’s just another month of classes and that’s it. Literally, 4 classes with her and I’m done. My head is about to split because, of course, my period decided to come today. Is there such a thing called too much information? Oops. Oh yeah, I don’t care. Women have to go through that once a month for A LOT of years; get used to hearing about it. I’m off.

Stupid story.

I’m doing this translation about how schools should really take advantage of using technology in the classrooms. Guess which is the school with the best technology in the USA according to this article? Dalton School in NYC. I giggled when I first read the entire article and had to go back to read the name of the school again because I thought my obsession with Glee had reached a WHOLE new level xD The article is from 1995 but still. What’s funny about the story is that apparently the school does have teachers (including some with PhDs) xD


Some time ago, I don’t even remember what I was looking for in my culture dictionary (Oxford - Guide to British and American Culture) and I came across this definition (you probably can’t read it from the photo):

the ˈTardis /ˈtɑːdɪs; AmE ˈtɑːrdɪs/ the vehicle in which *Doctor Who travels through time and space in the British children’s television series. Outside, it looks like an old-fashioned British police telephone box. Inside, it is much larger than outside, and looks like a modern spacecraft: It’s not a very big bag, but it’s like the Tardis, I can fit everything I need in it.

Do people actually say things like that example?