Things to know about YouTube Rewind 2016

1. The video was shot in over 18 countries.
2. Special celebrity appearances in the video include James Corden, Dwayne Johnson, Trevor Noah, Nicky Jam, The Chainsmokers, Seth Meyers, Charlamagne Da god and Dua Lipa.
3. The video also features creators from all over the world including Dan +Phil, Casey Neistat, GloZell Green, Grace Helbig, Lilly Singh, Markplier, PewdiePie, PrankvsPrank, HolaSoyGerman and Swoozie.
4. The video is set to an original music composition from Major Lazer that includes a variety of hits from Justin Bieber, Ghost Town DJs, The Chainsmokers, Fifth Harmony and Nicky Jam.
5. Viral trends featured in the video include the mannequin challenge, water bottle flip, orbeez challenge, pen pineapple apple pen and the 100 layers challenge.
6. Work on the production started in January 2016 and was filmed at the YouTube Space and on locations in New York, Mexico City, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mumbai, Rio De Janeiro, Paris, Madrid, Bogota and Lima.
7. International YouTubers who are featured include Gigi Goregous, Alexa Losey, John Green, Ingrid Nilsen, GloZell Green, Jesse Wellens, Casey Neistat and Ricky Dillon.
8. The tracks in the video include: The Chainsmokers-Closer ft Halsey, Fifth Harmony-Work From Home, Ghost Town DJs-My Boo, and Justin Bieber-Sorry.


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ᕕ[ ́ ل͜ ́ ]੭ Revelmode - let’s take some pictures ! 


they’re all so kyote. No rly, bless Revelmode for many cool ppl ! #SQUAD GOAL! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

It’s first part ‘cause i’ve soooo many stuff to draw. oh boi waht a challenge !

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Dan Howell - Spoiled. Courageous. Sarcastic. PJ’s best friend from high school. Has worked for nothing in his life, now alone for the first time. He recently moved in with PJ.  And is equipped to do nothing.

Phil Lester - Intelligent. Emotional. Romantic. Suddenly single and facing singlehood with      phenomenal reluctance. An astrologist. Had a crush on Dan back in high school, still likes him. PJ’s former roommate.  

Carrie Fletcher - Attractive. Talented. Quiet. Lives across the hall from PJ and Dan. Wants to be an actress, performs onstage. Loves music, books, and wants to try her hand at anything artistic.

PJ Ligouri - Sweet. Sensitive. Creative. Takes Dan in. Creates homemade movies in his free time and plays the guitar in the subway.

Emma Blackery - Droll. Dry. A bit of an asshole, if she’s being honest. Works in graphic design doing something no one else can be bothered to care about. Survives by way of her humor. And snacks.

Luke Cutforth - Smart. Funny. Emma’s best friend. Had to work for everything he has. Works editing videos for people who can’t be bothered to do it for his or herself. A  bit of a romantic disaster area.

All are in their twenties. All are trying to figure it out.


This is KickThePJ, aka PJ Liguori. He has been making videos since 2007. He is an overwhelmingly creative and funny YouTuber who makes amazing videos. His short films, such as The Forever Train and PJ Tiny Planet Explorer, as well as his more laid-back videos such as his Q&A’s that he calls Slurp’s, are never shy from outstanding and imaginative.

He currently has about 612,000 subscribers. He is so under-rated and should have so many more. So that’s what I was hoping we could do. He is just so wonderful that I want to shout his url from the roof tops because it makes me frustrated that he doesn’t have more.

So please take 30 seconds and go subscribe to him. He deserves his first million.