emma blackery


[´。✪ω✪。`]- Revelmode - #FinalFanartFriday


Last picture redraw of Revelmode. I reallly,sincerely loved them and supported the crew since the beginning.I believed in them more than i believe in everything else hehe! All their charity donations, streams and events ,i’m genuinely sad it had to be ended so fast.

 Side story / I participated to every single of their #FanartFriday (i missed the first one but eh). Sometimes missing 1 or two nights of sleep or drawing during classes but waAhtever. That was every week a creative and challenging event .Some adrenaline for an artist like me!

tbh,I think ,no, i’m deadly 100% sure that the community manager was Felix. (At least,for the first months,before recruiting a new one.) I guess that’s him who originally had this idea of #FanartFriday and i’d like to personally thanks him for that. i had a blast from the beginning to the end ! It’s hard to find every week a new theme.Sometimes it’s cool,sometimes it’s weird! However,that was always entertaining! 

Thanks for everything !  ٩(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)۶


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