emma annotated

Why I'm not a feminist anymore

As you’re all probably unaware, in my younger and stupider years I considered myself a feminist. This is because in school I learnt that feminism was created to give women equal rights, which is what it originally was, and so as a women I believed that everyone should be a feminist because everyone should have equal rights. Then I remember annotating Emma Watson’s feminist speech in my English class and thinking it was all fair enough. I even remember some SJW lady coming into my school to do a presentation on political correctness and in her speech I remember her saying that 1 in 4 women will be sexually abused and that women get paid less than men. Because I didn’t know any better, and I didn’t think someone that the school had brought in would lie, I believed it all and was disgusted that in 2013 this stuff was still happening (this was in 2013)
I remember debating with a boy in my class about how the wage gap is sexist and looking back on it, his arguments were on point, after a while I couldn’t really come up with anymore arguments. This was the first step of me leaving feminism.
Next, I remember reading an article in English about a guy who thinks women can be just as, and even more sexist than men (we had to read this article and compare it to the Emma Watson speech) because my English class was all-girls, most people thought that the guy in the article was being a dick. However I understood things from his point of view. Instead of following a crowd, I looked at both sides of the argument and came to my own conclusion that modern day feminism is awful. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in SOME things, like how colours shouldn’t be gendered and how neutral toys like dinosaurs and animals shouldn’t be put in the boy-toy aisle. But I also think that although both men and women have different problems they have to face, they both still have problems and feminism is just making women seem like idiots and they give females everywhere a bad name.

I think people should stop believing everything they see and not pick one side based off one argument. People should come to their own conclusions after considering things from both points of view