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TV Trope - Act of True Love

The Act of True Love proves beyond doubt that you are ready to put your loved one’s interests before your own, that you are truly loyal and devoted to them. Usually this involves a sacrifice on your part, at the very least a considerable effort and/or a great risk. The action must be motivated, not by morals or principle or expectation of future reward, but by sheer personal affection. When your beloved is in dire need of your help, or in great danger, and you do something, at great expense to yourself, for the sake of their safety, their welfare, or their happiness, thus proving beyond any doubt that you put their interest ahead of yours.


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Ok but Emma my absolute FAVORITE FREAKING TROPE is tiny shy Derek who has been wronged by someone and everyone assumes when he goes to confront his wrong-doer that uh-oh here's this huge guy about to punch someone but no instead Stiles jumps out from behind him and "WHAT THE //FUCK// DID YOU SAY TO MY BOO!? I WILL FUCK UP YOUR SHIT!" as Derek shyly stands aside trying not to say anything because he's anxious and smol

Oh my god, yes. I mean, we all know Derek can take care of himself in a fight but at the same time, I love the headcanon that while Derek can fight, it doesn’t mean he necessarily likes it, or is ready to get into a fight at any given moment when someone is being an asshole. 

Derek’s aggressiveness always seems to come from a place of defense - just as Stiles uses sarcasm - and the image of Derek just sighing and stepping out of the way while Stiles comes at this guy, a small, private smile on his face as Stiles ultimately stumbles and falls, is my favourite. Maybe Derek, yes, being a little shy about it -or total AU where Derek really is just a shy smol summer child who’s never been in a fight in his life - because no-one ever assumes he needs protecting and while physically, he doesn’t, emotionally it’s just so nice having someone who will go “what did you just say???” on anyone’s ass who dares to insult Derek or make him upset. 

Please, give me all the Derek headcanons where he could fuck a person up but chooses not to, or gets out of the habit, because he gets butterflies every time Stiles “defends his honour” before inevitably banging his head on something (but not before he gets a few choice words in - this is Stiles, after all).  

It Wouldn’t Be Terrible - CS AU

My take on the “married in Vegas but only one remembers it” trope.

Emma Swan awoke snuggled into the very solid chest of Killian Jones. It wasn’t the first time, but her days since last waking up with him could be counted in years. Thirteen years to be exact.

The early days of their friendship had led to many shared nights, both platonic and romantic. The nights that Henry just would not stop crying. The nights they were too tired to keep their eyes open for the end of the movie. The nights lying tangled in the sheets and in each other’s arms.

Until Emma pushed him away. Telling him she needed him too much to risk their friendship being anything more than just that, friendship.

But Killian Jones wouldn’t be pushed away. Not completely.

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Favourite SQ fic tropes

Emma can’t cook for shit
Regina finds her mess/clumsiness endearing
Henry figures it out before they do/they tell him
Henry does not GAF
Regina is a vocal feminist
Emma calls Regina “your majesty” (bonus points for non-magic AU)
Regina only texts in full sentences
Emma is a creative swearer
Regina calls Emma “saviour” (bonus points for non-magic AU)
Regina has to borrow Emma’s clothes


Look at that side eye Emma gives Rumple. LOOK AT IT. That’s the sort of sid-eye that says “Asshole, you are not subtle and we are not playing your games.” I wonder if the concept of them putting aside their awkwardness and working together to rescue someone they care about is beyond him. Mostly, I’m here for two women coming together to do the right thing, and recognizing the strength in each other. 

The “prophecy” (cuz as others have said, I’ll put 20 bucks on that being Jafar as the Oracle) garbage I can handle. They’d never kill Emma for real, because she dies and there’s no show. It’s her fairytale FFS. No way does a show about hope end with their heroine dying.

You’re just insulting my intelligence, A&E.

It’s the lying that really gets my goat. She straight up lied to his face. I get that she’s frightened out of her mind but if this goes one for more than 1 or 2 episodes I’m gonna be really pissed. (Note: pissed at the writers, not Emma.) Killian doesn’t deserve to be treated this way, not after all the times he’s proven that he’ll stay by her side. So in the immediate aftermath of finding out, I’ll give Emma this week. Maybe even next week, but come on, girl. 

The most annoying and sad part? SHE’S KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE WOULD SAY. He’ll tell her the fate is crap. That the future isn’t set and that he’ll fight for them, for her. Because that’s what Killian does: makes Emma feel good about herself. The time she needs that the most she pushes him away. Not a fan.

I can’t enjoy any cute couply moments because she’s lying to him. And they made it about CS because he’s the one who confronted her about the tremors. Even worse, the show has given us NO EXPLANATION why this is happening NOW. What makes Emma being the Savior different this year? Why is she only seeing this now? I need an explanation that’s more than “we couldn’t think of any other plot for her this year.” Because my girl Emma deserves better than this.

Emma knows better than anyone that lies HURT. So yeah, time to process is okay. But this keeps going on, then Killian has every right to get in her face about it and call her out. As her partner, this affects him too and he has a right to know.

Once he does find out: I am all for them beating this thing together. No one takes down Captain Swan. I’m just not going to be happy until the lying stops.

I want to like P&P&Z, but every time I see its staggeringly beautiful Elizabeth Bennet against yet another weird-looking Darcy, I’m pissed off all over again.

Welcome to Storybrooke #2

a/n: For cs au week day three — beloved tropes. Emma moves from New York to Storybrooke and straight into a prank war between her new neighbours.

I never really got to know my neighbours in this house and now we’re moving so there’s not much point. But by far my favourite story about them is the time I called the city to report the f***ing rooster in my neighbour’s backyard.

           Noise had been a constant thing in the city, the hum and buzz, voices raised in anger and joy all clearly audible through the thin walls of her New York City apartment. Emma had thought that moving from the big city to the definition of small town America — a sleepy, seaside town in Maine — would bring with it a blanket of silence. Cicadas, maybe. The occasional clunk from an ancient car making its way down Main Street.

           She did not expect a rooster.

           Grabbing her phone from the floor to check the time, Emma pushes up from the air mattress with a groan. Henry’s still asleep, of course. Her son could probably sleep through the apocalypse. Emma on the other hand… as if it’s not enough that her kid was kicking her for half the night, now she gets woken up by a goddamn rooster.

           Their house isn’t in the country for fuck’s sake. The grey Victorian that Henry chose for them is right in the middle of town. Is it so unreasonable for her to not expect a rooster crowing to wake her up at five in the morning their very first day in town?

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if you don’t ship swan queen, you don’t get to determine whether it’s queerbaiting or not, whether the writers lead us on or not, whether we’re “just seeing things” or if we’re truly being lied to.

if you don’t ship swan queen, you don’t see it the way swan queen shippers do. when something is given to, or for, swan queen shippers, you aren’t the target audience. we are. we are the ones A&E, ABC, lana/jen/their PR, etc, try to keep in the fandom with swan queen, not you.

if a swan queen shipper says that once upon a time queerbaits with swan queen, take their word for it. writers don’t accidentally queerbait. writers don’t say their writing was “unintentional” yet still give emma and regina tropes that romantic couples get. writers don’t accidentally give emma and regina blatant parallels to other canon romantic couples on the show.

stop sweeping our words under the rug. stop saying swan queen isn’t queerbaiting. because i think it is. many others think it is. so it is. the point of queerbaiting is that LGBT fans are lured into the fandom with a promise of an LGBT couple, only to be treated like shit and dismissed by the writers. and that’s what swan queen is.

so don’t add onto that by also letting us get treated like shit and dismissed by the fandom.