emma and greg


My top 10 Greek gods and goddesses

1. Aphrodite - Goddess of love, beauty, and lust. (Holland Roden)

2. Apollo - God of the sun and God fo the muses. (Greg Sulkin)

3. Artemis - Goddess of the moon and of the hunt. (Katherine Langford)

4. Athena - Goddess of wisdom and war. (Emma Watson)

5. Hades - God of the underworld and of the dead. (Alex Pettyfer)

6. Hera - Queen of the Gods and Goddess of marriage and fertility. (Daisy Ridley)

7. Hermes - messenger God and God of transitions and traveling. (Eddie Redmayne)

8. Persephone - Goddess of the underworld. (Saoirse Ronan)

9. Poseidon - God of the sea. (Jack Falahee)

10. Zeus - King of the Gods and God of the sky. (Liam Hemsworth)