moon signs and what makes them cry

Aries Moon: Disappointment, defeat/failure, not feeling good enough, getting last place, anger, frustration, limitations, injustice, guilt

Taurus Moon: When they’re hungry, when they’re drained, when they’ve bottled up their feelings for too long, animal cruelty, rejection, feeling alone, being proven wrong

Gemini Moon: Talking about their feelings, lack of intellectual stimuli, lack of ways of self-expression

Cancer Moon: Sad movies, other people’s pain, family issues, cruelty of any kind, emotional music, receiving criticism, hurt/sick children

Leo Moon: Losing an argument, not feeling good enough, hurt pride, animal cruelty, not knowing how to comfort others, bullying/humiliation, the thought of aging/dying, when they’re at their breaking point, being a third wheel, being ignored

Virgo Moon: Other people’s pain, self-reflection, animal cruelty, will cry for joy before crying for sadness, when plans change, betrayal, not feeling good enough, making mistakes at work, stress, feeling incompetent 

Libra Moon: Being overwhelmed, anger, being ignored, frustration, sad movies, relationship issues, other people’s pain

Scorpio Moon: Self-defeating attitudes, aggression directed at them, being yelled at, being overwhelmed, rejection, having to repeat themselves, animal cruelty

Sagittarius Moon: Other people’s pain, being overwhelmed, feeling alienated or alone, anything that has to do with them, having to express their emotions in words, anger

Capricorn Moon: Family issues, music, sad movies, animal cruelty, not having access to money, having fewer hours at work, not being taken seriously

Aquarius Moon: Pretty much nothing.

Pisces Moon: Animal cruelty, heartbreak, sad movies, extreme anger/frustration, other people’s pain, being yelled at, death, being cheated on, loss of loved ones