Vocaloid3 Clara done in my livestream!! (THANKYOU EVERYBODY)

(btw I’ll still be livestreaming a few more hours so feel free to check it out <3)
I WANT TO SAY THAT I’VE DECIDED THAT CLARA IS AROMANTIC I was thinking about her as asexual but I think that aromantic fits her better <3 (I’m so sorry Bruno)
And she’s probably a fan of Artic Monkeys (OmG SO MUCH HEADCANONS IN ONE POST)


My new GC2B binder… I’m crying.. This is such a step up from my previous Underworks binder. It breaths, doesn’t move, and compresses in only the right places. I’m a 32C, and this is a small, and it binds perfectly. No overhang, no rubbings, nothing. Thank you so much gc2b-apparel. Highly recommend too all FTM/genderqueer/masculine-presenting individuals out there. You all deserve the experience and feelings I have right now. Good luck to you all ❤️