Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Emilyyyy ♡ ♥

Hope your day’s as gr8 as you areeeeee. I also hope you really like the shooooooes too
But ye it’s a vizsla and a samoyed puppy bc i know you really like em. (I was gonna draw a great dane but i suck and i can only draw two pups at once) alsoiwantedittosymbolizeuslikeyouthecutievizslaandmethefloofysamoyed idk

ahhs sorry it’s not that great and you deserve so much better, but i trieeeeed

used refs


My best friend should never allow me to go hang out with new guys I just met, by myself.

Today I started hanging out with this guy at 5pm and literally at 6pm I text emily saying save me!!!!!

It was about two hours with this guy and I had to make up a crazy story about my friend Ernie breaking his leg where the bone stuck out while skateboarding just to take a 7:10pm train home.

AND WHEN I TOLD HIM ABOUT MY FRIEND ERNIE’S FAKE BROKEN LEG HE SAID “I’m a boy scout, I understand the urgency”

jazzafraz said:

2, 20, 34, 36, 39, 42, 58, 70. please and thank youuuu (sorry i’m just really curious)

Have you ever:
 2.) Gotten into a real fight?

 hahaha, no I’m literally the hugest wimp. 

Right now, are you:
 20.) Worried and confused about something important to you?
 Relatively, yea. Not so much confused as worried

Do you:
 34.) Believe people deserve second chances?
 To a certain extent yea. for the most part yes

 36.) Think things will get better?
 Yea, I think so. Imean,timehealsallwounds

Preference in boyfriend/girlfriend:
  39.) Long hair or short hair?
  Either one tbh

  42.) Shy or open? 
   Either again, sorry I’m not very specific.

 Would you:
  58.) Join a band as a part-time activity? 
  OH HELL YES, IN A HEARTBEAT. I need to hone my guitar skills a bit   before I’m band ready tho, haha. Me and my friends keep saying we’re gonna start a band, we have a million band names made up. But we don’t have a singer and none of us can really play, soo yea. 

 70.) Sleep naked
I would, but I don’t like not having pants on? Does shirtless count?