You love people who don’t deserve it. You love people who you don’t want to love. You love people who hurt you in the past. You love people who hurt you all the time. You love people who love you back. You love people who couldn’t love you if they tried. You love people who don’t even know your name. You love people who don’t know how to love. You love everyone. You love without a thought for the consequences. You love effortlessly and infinitely, and that makes you human.
—  EMJ // You Love

To say that one’s mind raced was but an understatement. It felt like her temples were on fire but it truth of had been the heat in her cheeks, the feverish glow she wore since Dartella’s room and the short, yet long walk that had transpired in between that one room and her own. Tea among friends was not uncommon but the conversation that came after…

She shook her head, thinking, reeling herself back to the present where her attention rested to the whistling pot before her on the stove.

“Of all the people to show interest.” the Huntress lowly murmured to herself whilst pouring a cup of hot water and a lemon mixture.

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Been playing around with the idea of mutliple universes and timelines and decided to do a line up of all the different Kogas that have been born in em

J-Eras are failed timelines where the Jewel is never “wished” away or still somehow has a presence and thus has doomed the timeline to an apocalypse or some kind of cataclysmic failure. Akira down there is just a present-day descendent that works at his parents pet store in his down time. Hes in his early 20′s and a HUGE baby not at all like his ancestor.

princesswahwah  asked:

I want to know everything about all the AU Kogas.... Like what's J-10 koga? He married kogame? 😍

OH OKAY alright lemme get all of em

J-10 (which just stands for “Jewel” and the numbered timeline-timelines without a Jewel in existence are under the D category for “Destroyed” until I think of a better name) is an era where Inuyasha decided he was finally gonna pick a girlfriend instead of trying to date the same girl twice and hooked up with Kikyou leaving Kagome high and dry. She eventually started spending more time with Koga and just the tribe in general until she started returning his feelings (and this takes a couple of years to happen.) Finally they get married and are now a loving couple and both are still friends with the original group (sango inutrasha miroku blah blah those guys.) This Koga, while looking more sinister, is actually very gentle and a better listener.

J-2 Koga is from a timeline where demons aren’t monsters disguised as people, they are more like animals with higher forms of intelligence and communication and enhanced strength. So he’s a pretty much just a wolf except he understands language and is way WAY larger than an average wolf (think dire wolves.) His relationship with the Kagomes isnt romantic as he is a wild animal but they care for one another deeply and are the last two surviving members of the original crew. Kagome is actually older than J-10 Kagome but has the mentality of a 16 yr old. 

Tokugawa AU is exactly what it sounds like-instead of fuedal Japan the gang is in the Tokugawa era of Japan and the Jewel is a highly sought drug rather than a magical piece of jewlery. Characters who were demons are now lower class citizens caught up in crime, which is where Koga’s station is. Characters who are human are either nobility or middle class-Kagome herself being of noble birth. It’s bascially Aladdin with Koga being a dirty lil theif and Kagome a kind hearted princess? thing? and he gets the dokis about it. And they’re both kids.

Descendants AU is basically the canonical show but with everyones great great great great grandkids running around in the present. Nobody’s been reincarnated but they look VERY similar to their grandparents. Akira is Kogas ultra-grandson who is a college student studying Veterinary practices and captain of his college’s soccer team. His parents are alive and well and on the weekends he runs their pet store and hangs with their malamute husky Sarge. His relationship with Kagome is more brotherly but he does remember loving her after extended contact with the jewel, which he doesn’t like.

Theres probably gonna be more AU’s and Eras but those are all the different ones so far!

Today I was looking for a new deodorant to buy and I found this cruelty free line of men’s body products called Every Man Jack. They’re environmentally conscious and free of common body care product ingredients that can cause damage or sensitivity to gentle and allergy-prone skin. I love that their package design is simple and woody. The company also has synthetic shave brushes, which I hear are hard to come by - plenty of cosmetic brushes from shaving to makeup styling are made with animal ingredients. Some of the lip balms and hairstyling products (not the shampoo/conditioner) have beeswax in them, but besides that they are a very vegan-friendly brand.

If any Canadian vegans (especially Canadian vegan men) want something new and possibly cheaper than their average to try out, look for EMJ in Shoppers Drug Mart, or look around online for reduced prices. Americans can also find it at Target and Whole Foods.

I define myself.
Your words do not leave tattoos across my skin;
I brand myself with who I am
For the world to see and judge.

Who are you to carve the name that I was born under
A name that is no longer mine
Into my skin as if it identifies me?
What right do you have
To call me what you please?
Do smooth skin and hips an inch too wide
Make me any less of a man?
—  EMJ // Eleven Months and a Day
Leave places more beautiful than you found them. Leave cities with fond memories. Leave the past where it belongs, and only take the lessons you learned with you. Leave the dead to rest; don’t carry the weight of their ghosts. Leave those who hurt you behind; anger is just a sign that you still care. Leave memories in photographs and journals and songs. Leave people stronger than you found them; leave them better off for having met you.
—  EMJ // Instructions for Leaving Things Behind
Fall in love a thousand times a day.

Fall in love with the man on the subway, the one who holds the door for you every morning, because you can never quite get ready on time. Fall in love with the girl in the grocery line, who dances in place, humming along to the music in her headphones, not caring who’s watching or judging. Fall in love with that intern at work, the one who brings coffee every morning, not to win people over, but just because they want to, because they like the way people smile. Fall in love with your best friend when you get back to your shared apartment and she asks about your day, actually listening when you tell her. Fall in love with the boy down the hall, who brought you cookies when you moved in and has never been anything but kind.

Fall in love with everyone and everything. Fall in love with people and cities and sunsets. Never be afraid to fall. There is infinite beauty in people and life, if only you choose to see it.
—  EMJ // Fall In Love
We spent every day doing nothing, talking about nothing and everything, all the things we didn’t understand, all the things we never would. We woke up every morning with nothing to do, and didn’t sleep till the sun was rising again. We watched our youthful innocence melt away in the summer heat, rising from the ground in shimmering waves. We kissed goodbye to world we knew, and turned to the one we had yet to explore.

I will never regret a moment of that summer we wasted away together. We ended in dust as the leaves fell from the trees, but you taught me how it feels to love and be loved, and I will never stop being grateful to you for that.
—  EMJ // Under Midnight Suns And Satellites
Constellations are such arbitrary things
Stick figures, born of imaginary lines
Drawn between infinitesimal points of light
Thousands of years ago, when we believed the gods had placed them there.

And yet, they endure.
We teach our children
To look to the sky, to find Orion
And Cassiopeia
And to trace the outlines of the stories of ages past,
Forever etched in the inky sky.

I think that
If I could choose a single place to be remembered
It would not be in books or word-of-mouth
Or even as another cryptic artwork, origins lost to time.
I would wish
To be remembered in the stars
In hopes of finding my place among the legends.
—  EMJ // Stick Figures In The Clear Night Sky
Everyone has met one of those people. They have a voice like God himself, a voice that makes every word they speak seem like an irrefutable truth, a blessing, a law of existence. They will change you, change some intrinsic piece of your being; for better or for worse depends on them. But they will change you and they will leave, and you cannot stop them. They are the drifters, the wanderers, the ethereal spirits of this mundane world. They flit from place to place, like sunlight through the trees, changing everyone and everything they touch. They cannot be stopped and they cannot be held down, and if you are lucky, one will take you with them.
—  EMJ // The Drifters