Name: “Hale’s Emissary | Sterek | Trailer”
Genre: AU-ish
A/N: Beware the big bad wolf and his badass emissary :).

I sort of adjusted the role of an emissary. Stiles is a special one, thanks to his mom’s disease (which we still don’t know whether it was natural or supernatural).
Stiles’ connection to Derek as an emissary is so strong he can feel what Derek feels, especially pain. It is needed, though. Stiles draws his powers from Nemeton, unlike the other emissaries but similarly to Jennifer, and using his powers leaves him with physical marks/scaring, which most of them can only be healed by Derek’s healing powers (some of them, though - for the most powerful ‘spells’ are permanent).


Love this trailer!


Emissary (all these things are meaningless).

Requested by the always awesome @artsekey!

My take on the Emissary from episode 79, “Lost in the Mall”.

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It is not that you become this Brahman. You are already that. It is not that you are going to become God or perfect; you are already perfect; and whenever you think you are not, it is a delusion.  

~ Swami Vivekananda

You think of yourself as a citizen of the universe.
You think you belong to this world of dust and matter.
Out of this dust you have created a personal image,
and have forgotten about the essence of your true origin. 

~ Rumi