The Sound Of Pack

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by vaposaur

It’s not even two weeks later when all hell breaks loose. Stiles swears it’s all Peter’s fault. Their plan was to wait, not jump into stupid action. Now he has to deal with an emotionally constipated Derek, and a headache the size of a hurricane.

Words: 16246, Chapters: 6/7, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2esfHy6
What would it take to convince them to join the Legion?

For a lovable anon. Now, Emissary from the Burning Legion was sent to convince the racial leaders to join the Legion, not to fight it. But what would make the leaders to side with the Burning Legion?

Anduin: He joins if it means no one else will be ever again asked not forced nor tricked to join the Burning Legion.

Ghost Varian: He joins if it keeps Anduin safe from any harm.

The Council of Three Hammers

Muradin: He joins if he can get his friends back.
She joins if they can assure a good life and power for Fenran (aka her son)
He joins if it grants him power to protect his people.

Tyrande: She joins if the Legion get their ass from the Emerald Dream from once and for good.

Mekkatorque: He joins if he gets to be Chief-engineer.

Legion Emissary: I don’t think they would put you in any other position anyway.

Velen: He joins if the Legion promises the will never corrupt anything in contact with the Light.

Genn: He joins if it means the upcoming downfall of the Undead (And the Legion)

Aysa: She joins if the Legion grants her all the knowledge there is.

Velen: Okay, wait here. I have major flashback and I think I need to explain some things to you…

Thrall: He joins if the Orcs will be finally left alone in peace.

Spirit of Vol'jin: He joins if they give someone of equal worth to Azeroth.

Ghost Garrosh: He joins if the Legion puts the Outland back together to its original form of uncorrupted Draenor.

Baine: He joins if it means he can deliver justice and peace.

Sylvanas: She joins if she gets to be in charge. She is not going to be some low ranking member of anything.

Lor'themar: He joins if he is not going to be in charge of anything yet not being commanded around… And if he gets a huge amount of mana, because addiction is a terrible thing to cope with.

Gallywix: He joins if it means he gets wealth and power

Legion Emissary: That… that is all? Dude, you could had sign up all the time along!
Well, but this gives mi an alibi. If enyone ever asks me, I can pretend I didn’t have a choice…

Ji: He joins if it means somebody is going to notice him and admire him.

Taedal: You are kidding, right? There is no way Taedal is ever going back. Not happening, just no. Maybe… Maybe if they promise him his own datadisc, he could think about it…

Legion Emissary: …Datadisc… Like, disc with data?
Just the next time, in… 2 years, let me do anything I want, and give me a lot of things to work with.
Legion Emissary:
That could be arranged.

blizzard: we made so many world quests you could go weeks without seeing the same one

also blizzard: made exactly three (3) unique quests for the entirety of the kirin tor emissary, which requires completing four (4) quests


Name: “Hale’s Emissary | Sterek | Trailer”
Genre: AU-ish
A/N: Beware the big bad wolf and his badass emissary :).

I sort of adjusted the role of an emissary. Stiles is a special one, thanks to his mom’s disease (which we still don’t know whether it was natural or supernatural).
Stiles’ connection to Derek as an emissary is so strong he can feel what Derek feels, especially pain. It is needed, though. Stiles draws his powers from Nemeton, unlike the other emissaries but similarly to Jennifer, and using his powers leaves him with physical marks/scaring, which most of them can only be healed by Derek’s healing powers (some of them, though - for the most powerful ‘spells’ are permanent).


Love this trailer!


Sterek AU: Stiles is starting to think it may not have been the best choice jumping into some stranger’s car while trying to avoid the Sheriff. This guy’s eyebrows are giving off definite serial killer vibes and he doesn’t seem to be responding well to Stiles natural wit and charm. 

Luckily for Stiles, Derek almost definitely won’t kill him. When the Sheriff finds out that his son carjacked his new deputy however, it might be a different story (insp.)

It is not that you become this Brahman. You are already that. It is not that you are going to become God or perfect; you are already perfect; and whenever you think you are not, it is a delusion.  

~ Swami Vivekananda


Stiles and his Emissary uniform. [Triskelion added once he–loudly–joined the Hale pack.] Special kudos to anyone who recognizes the symbolism on his jacket. XD

*The Hale family jacket for the more extravagant evenings or meetings with other pack leaders.  [Usually taken off almost immediately after said meeting so Derek can sulk in comfort. ]