emir's palace

Emirates Palace - Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Emirates Palace is a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi. The building is designed to incorporate typical Arabic architectural features, such as the hotels large dome, and its 114 smaller domes. The colour of the building is intended to reflect the colour of the Arabian desert. The hotel cost $3 billion USD to build, making it the third most expensive hotel ever built. 

The hotel has 394 residences, most of which feature gold and marble fittings and furnishings. The penthouse level has six Rulers Suites, reserved exclusively for dignitaries and royals. 


A weekend in Dubai, UAE.

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DAY 3242

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi          Feb 12/13,  2017        Sun/Mon . 12:52 am 

A birthday free day of the Ef .. a quick reference to the calendar and a confirmation .. it is indeed birthday Ef free .. love and luck and blessings and affection and greetings to all that were of birth .. tomorrow .. in some part of the world ..

Children born before your very eyes, grow and produce children, who now prepare to grow their own in time .. and the procedure, though biological in science, is introduced through rituals and traditional norms in permission ..!

A formality of tradition .. though not entirely necessary .. procedures happen even without .. but society and morals and several other incumbrances, not insurmountable, suddenly raise an ugly head when a path not traditionally trodden is not taken .. 

It was prevalent in times gone by .. gone by, by millions of times .. and prevalent in times of the present .. alarming in some, and not so in others .. the condition of those that matter being of consideration .. mostly the elders and that most complicated and ever readable term ‘family’ ..

And the transfer of relation from daughter to daughter-in-law, of two different families coming together as one .. the tribe increasing and thereafter increasing with each biological construct, it is of not much alarm in time for the universe to be of same family ..

Marriages are an understanding, rather than a ritual or a legal paper .. the ritual lends some termed authenticity, an announcement, a confirmation through prayer or ritual, that make two into one .. 

But would it stop if there was absence of either .. prayer and paper ..?

A social gathering unobtrusively makes many ways in the exhibition or in a sense a confirmation of the thought .. 

Gentleman or Lady bumps into you, a gesture of conversation occurs .. it does normally .. and in a while either one shall emit -

“Meet my Wife .. or meet my husband ..”, and you acknowledge the union with greeting and pleasantry ..

You never ask -

‘Err married ..? Could I see your marriage certificate ..?”

Naa .. you do not do that .. you accept .. you understand .. you trust .. you believe ..


Three crucial words that fructify in your mind and in the minds of all that are introduced then, of the status of the individual just met .. but in many ways those three words do also justify and signify and confirm in more ways than one a sacred unwritten law that governs the matter of marriage .. one that is defined through procedures to be of endless association and togetherness .. infinity !

The concerned wedding is a ‘destination wedding’ .. a term I just learnt yesterday - DESTINATION WEDDING ..!!

A destination that is away from home of either .. of some exotic, or commanding value, of eminence, of possessing the opulence that perhaps is a mode of giving the bride or the groom - status ! Or a managerial concept in that the destination becomes the ‘wedding planner’, and the time trial and exertion of a personal touch, is of convenience for its execution .. simple .. the job is delegated .. 

Delegated by the Father of the Bride, to make impressive impressions on the other .. an exercise which I may have commented on before .. 

The Father-of-the-bride bringing to the event the very best at the very best expense .. to what .. to get rid of the daughter !!!!! Alright ‘rid’ is harsh .. but gets through all the effort to understandably, give away his daughter to another ..

It has challenged my thinking often .. 

Love ..

Amitabh Bachchan


There is an ATM machine that gives gold bars instead of notes in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

[video length: 1:52]

DAY 3243

Emirates Palace, AbuDhabi        Feb  13/14,  2017         Mon/Tue  3:37 am

Birthday - EF - Saikarun Balivada      Tue, February 14 .. and our love and greetings to you on your special day .. have a good day and days ahead !

The wedding in the morning and the family sets out in suitable attire .. the cousins dance as is traditional .. and the brother dances with the sister , the cousin bride ..

And later at night formal get together to bring in the end of proceedings .. and back tomorrow .. wedding over .. all the pomp and grandeur over .. its back to work ..

more later .. love

Amitabh Bachchan