Things from the book we always forget about in no particular order

- Rich’s apparent bellybutton kink
- the squip actually wasn’t the evil asshole we see on stage
- Eminem fuckin died I guess
- when Jeremy stops the play to ask Christine out
- and gets fckn rekt
- Michael knew what the squip was
- and he didn’t want jerm to get one
- the humiliation sheets
- we don’t know if Jeremy actually gets the girl
- he just wrote a book on how he fucked everything up
- same
- gameboy dude
- Mr Reyes constantly singing
- feel free to add on

For me, music has no other purpose but to bring people together. And people such as Eminem… you know for while Flea’s daughter was crazy about Eminem until at one stage she said that he’s a mean guy. I didn’t oppose when she liked him, I even bought her his album, but I was really happy for her when she found out herself. I don’t want her to go out with guys like Eminem, I want her to meet a great guy with charm and so on… (laughs). If Eminem is her idea of a perfect guy, well, then I don’t know…
—  John Frusciante (Laut.de, 2001)