Mr. Bailey complains that his rep is trash
So he’s seeking compensation in the form of cash
Bailey thinks he’s entitled to some monetary gain
Because Eminem used his name in vain

Eminem says Bailey used to throw him around
Beat him up in the john, shoved his face in the ground
Eminem contends that has rap is protected
By the rights guaranteed by the first amendment

Eminem maintains that the story is true
And that Bailey beat him black and blue
In the alternative he states that the story is phony
And a reasonable person would think it’s baloney

The Court must always balance the rights
Of a defendant and one placed in a false light
If the plaintiff presents no question of fact
To dismiss is the only acceptable act

If the language used is anything but pleasin’
It must be highly objectionable to a person of reason
Even if objectionable and causing offense
Self-help is the first line of defense

Yet when Bailey actually spoke to the press
what do you think he didn’t address?
Those false light charges that so disturbed
Prompted from Bailey not a single word.

So highly objectionable, it could not be
–Bailey was happy to hear his name on a CD

Bailey also admitted he was a bully in youth
Which makes what Marshall said substantial truth
This doctrine is a defense well known
And renders Bailey’s case substantially blown

The lyrics are stories no one would take as fact
They’re an exaggeration of a childish act
Any reasonable person could clearly see
That the lyrics could only be hyperbole

It is therefore this Court’s ultimate position
That Eminem is entitled to summary disposition.


On the Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma beef

So yeah, this happened.

Nicki for some reason took a shot at Remy Ma in two songs. In fact, Nicki has been doing subliminal disses at Remy for the longest. And then Remy shot back at her with ShEther.

Most of the bars are Remy sex-shaming Nicki. Like a good chunk of it is about that much to my consternation. However, I interpret as Remy calling Nicki a fraud and a liar, which is still pretty shitty to involve sex. Of course, people say men do not get attacked for physical appearance or their sex life, and that is not true. On the very beat Remy rhymed on, Nas criticized Jay-Z thinking he is a pimp and super attractive when women only liked him for his money and he still ugly. He called him a h* and spreading STDs. And even shamed him for being proud of eating a girl out. Tupac shamed the fuck out of Biggie sex life. So no, while there is gender history and misogyny that makes Remy’s comments worse, don’t act like comments like these haven’t not been made in rap disses.

That said, Remy also made some valid points about Nicki’s 360 deal and her brother. She signed a 360 deal, contrary to what Nicki said in her response. Her 360 deal is slightly different in that she owns all of her 360, including merchandise and promotions. However, it is as Remy said. She still is paying for it. And also, a lot of Nicki’s fame has to do with those promotions and advertising.

And her pedo brother? I have never actually bought that lame ass excuse about Nicki not releasing her brother on bail, it was just her mom using her name to do so. Even then, after dude was released, she posted a picture on instagram claiming to support the fuck so yeah. She ain’t shit.

The one thing about this diss song was Remy brought bars, alliteration, homophones, and clever ass double entendres.

Then Nikki released No Frauds, and it was lame as fuck. I was expecting Monster and got lazy ass rhymes from all three who were involved. Drake and Wayne said nothing about Remy, and Nicki’s retort was whack as fuck. She keeps throwing her accolades at Remy like that shit matters. She does realize that her fame has lot to do with absolutely no competition, right? Can’t really compare yourself to Lebron James and Michael Jordan when the next closest is Shawn Bradley. Especially when most of your success came from pop songs. Femcees are far and few in between and that has a lot to do with Nicki shutting them down with these subliminal disses. She tried to do the same to Remy Ma. 

And before you say some shit like dudes don’t support female rappers, bull fucking shit. Women are the main consumers of female rappers or rap in general. Yes, it is true that a lot of accolades are given to women because of their looks, but Remy had that trouble from the get-go in her career. She tried that pretty girl rock, but that was not true to her character and came back with Ante Up. Even now, she still comes with that hard ass hood chick flow. Not to say that Remy is not attractive, but there is a clear difference between Remy Ma and Nicki.

I don’t really care that Nicki enlisted Drake and Wayne. But the thing is that they clearly had nothing to say and also, it makes her look weak. When Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit came at Ja, it was because Ja came at 50 Cent and Eminem. That is a fact. And honestly, people should not make that comparison because it was later revealed that G-Unit lawyered up and prevented Murder Inc from saying anything about 50 Cent…similar to how Nicki may have gotten Shether pulled from Soundcloud.

Remy won this. Nicki can laud her accolades on she wants, but she still got bodied. She can hide behind Jay-Z, Beyonce, and apparently Ellen Degeneres all she wants. She still got bodied. I suspect that Remy is going to respond to Nicki bringing up Remy’s son and questioning her parenting in this diss. I am just proud that Nicki responded and respected the culture.

“Airplanes” is about wishing you were younger and living in simpler times when life was easy and fun, thinking about what life would be like if they never made the choices they have made long ago.

Then Eminem states an awesome fact:

if you spend your life never taking any risks or leaps and thinking everything is going to fall into your lap already prepared for you, then you’ll never get anywhere in life. You’ll just keep on wishing and hoping instead of making your dreams come true, by yourself, right now!


“Since when is offensive language a reason for being unpopular? I like the fact that Eminem is brash and angry and politically incorrect. At least he has an opinion. He’s stirring things up, he’s provoking a discussion, he’s making people’s blood boil. He’s reflecting what’s going on in society right now. That is what art is supposed to do.” - Madonna talks Eminem.

On Feb. 18 2001 Madonna wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times newspaper in defense of Eminem over the public and media criticism of his offensive song lyrics and Grammy Award nomination.

“What is the big deal about Eminem? Since when is offensive language a reason for being unpopular? I find the language of George W. much more offensive. I find the hypocritical nature of most popular figures in our culture much more offensive. I like the fact that Eminem is brash and angry and politically incorrect. At least he has an opinion. He’s stirring things up, he’s provoking a discussion, he’s making people’s blood boil. He’s reflecting what’s going on in society right now. That is what art is supposed to do. And after all he’s just a boy. Thank God he’s rebellious and not well-groomed. He gets my vote. Yours truly, Mrs. Ritchie.”

Straight Outta Compton

Straight outta Compton was gold. It was magic. It was inspiring. It let’s us know who paved the way for Eminem, DMX, 50, T.I., Luda, Kanye, Jay and Nas and Kendrick, The Game, J. Cole and Drake. It makes you realize God damn life is crazy. Even if you’re not a rap fan, it makes you remember that California Love song you heard that one time on the radio, on Pac birthday or something and you were like damn that beat is tight; and then you got to see the background of it, from the movie, and think it’s insane that Dr. Dre produced that. He helped make the magic, the genius, that 2pac was.
“One two three and to the four Snoop doggy dogg and Dr.Dre is at the door…Ready to make an entrance so back on up” -Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang (feat. Dr. Dre)  -The fact that Dr. Dre made that siq beat amazes me. That song I’ve known for years, that he was a part of the making of it.
It was gold. It makes me want to go on iTunes right now and buy everything that Dre produced. It makes me want to be in that industry and meet people and hear their come up stories. It makes me want to buy “Beats” by Dre. It makes you remember, or realize rather, how real the struggle was. It allows you to make a contrast with rap then and rap now. To think about the fact that Eminem was being criticized for being an artiste, and telling the truth and expressing himself, years after N.W.A were fighting to exercise their right to the 1st amendment. And he was still ridiculed, something that had happened so long ago was still happening. It shows you that some things in society never change. It made you realize how crazy it is that in 1991, people were rioting in the streets because of Police brutality and today in 2015 NIGGA WE STILL fighting that fight.
That movie is nothing but fucking REAL.

Let's Have A Chat

Since his release of X Infinity came out as of today, I figured I’d go on a chat about George Watsky. George Watsky, as many of you may not know is a musician, a rapper if you will, who specializes more in spoken word poetry and fast rapping. To me, he is amongst Twenty One Pilots as being the new people to shape the music industry. Before you on and bitch about the fact that “Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time you egg, stfu” , I’d like to point out that Watsky is nothing like Eminem. Exited from that, Watsky is one of the greatest musicians of all time. He speaks about problems that nobody else addresses, like his “never-ending virginity”, being broke as hell, and being painfully awkward, just to name a few. He is real and he is here on this Earth to teach some of us a lesson or two about the grit of life when some of our parents and friends choose not to. He is a friend to those who can’t se to catch a friend request (online and in real life), and an older brother to those who need a family to depend on. He also is an excellent namer of pets. Aside, I love George Watsky for all of these roles: musician, friend, brother, and pet namer. Oh and did I mention he has a book? Count in author too. I encourage you, no matter what genre you’re into, to check his music out and join the family.

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A couple weeks back, Jon Bellion gave the Hip Hop Facts twitter account a fact a day for a week. I thought it was something worth posting in case you missed some or all of them.

OHHF tweets pretty cool, often obscure facts about hip hop artists and they frequently send out facts about all the Visionary artists along with the president of VMG, Chris Zarou. Check them out, and hit that follow button if you like them!

Interesting facts about Eminem

Eminem, born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III is an American actor, songwriter, record producer, but most people around the world recognize him as a rapper. Entitled as the “King of Hip Hop”, he has won a total of 15 Grammy’s in his career, his ten albums have been listed number one on the Billboard 200, making Eminem one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time and has sold more than 155 million albums and singles.

Eminem’s debut album was “Infinite” which was released in 1996, The album “The Slim Shady LP” helped him to rose to mainstream popularity in 1999 and also helped him to win his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. After that, Eminem has released highly successful albums, including – The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, Encore, Relapse, Recovery, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 which helped him to win a total of 15 Grammy’s in his career. Below are some interesting facts about Eminem, which you may never heard of.

Interesting facts about Eminem

1-Eminem failed 9th grade a total of three times, and then dropped out. All he wanted to do was rap.

2-Eminem has his own radio station, Shade 45.

3-Eminem has a tattoo on his right lower shoulder of Hallie.

4-When Eminem was in fourth grade, he was bullied by an older child. The beating caused a near-fatal brain hemorrhage.

5-Eminem cuts his own hair.

6-Eminem dropped his weight from 76 kgs to 65 kgs for his 8 mile role.

7-Eminem doesn’t allow people to curse in his home and he won’t swear in front of children.

8-Eminem is in the Guinness Records for being the fastest selling hip-hop artist.

9-Eminem used to spend hours at night studying the dictionary so that he could expand his vocabulary for his rhymes.

10-Eminem originally wanted to become a comic-book artist.

What is the big deal about Eminem? Since when is offensive language a reason for being unpopular? I like the fact that Eminem is brash and angry and politically incorrect. At least he has an opinion. He’s stirring things up. He’s provoking a discussion. He’s making people’s blood boil. He’s reflecting what’s going on in society right now. That is what art is supposed to do.
—  Madonna on Eminem