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so i listened to be more chill for the first time and don't fully understand it. could u explain the plot??

Here’s script by the way: read here  I’ll go by songs to summarize it. Also this took me an hour to write up. That’s how much I love you guys.

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Be More Chill Senior Year, The Bus Ride

Six A.M. in the morning Jeremy woke to the sound of his alarm clock going off. He shuffled off the bed with a groan, hitting the snooze button on the clock before heading to the bathroom to take a shower. Senior year would be starting today and was a mixed bag of emotions for him. On one hand it was the final year of the Hell known as highschool on but on the other it also meant college would be starting soon and he had absolutely no idea what he wanted to do.
‘Too bad you don’t have a little voice in your head anymore to help you make the right decisions.’ The SQUIP’s voice chimed in on Jeremy’s thoughts. Ever since the incident last year Jeremy’s self doubt had a new voice that sounded too much like the super computer he used to have in his head. ‘Your using past tense incorrectly Jeremy, I’m still here.’
‘No you’re not.’ He never told anyone except Michael about the new voice in his head. He didn’t need the SQUIP ruining anything else for him this year.
‘Fine, don’t believe me but I recommend you take a shower; you stink.’ Jeremy took a quick whiff of his armpit before gagging and heading towards the bathroom. 'And remember what I said about touching yourself in the shower.’
'Jesus Christ…’
Halfway Across Town:
“Honey, please tell me your not still wearing that jacket to school.” The Mell family sat at the table eating breakfast as Michael’s mom made pancakes.
“Mom, this is the same jacket I’ve been wearing for the past like six years.”
“Exactly, it’s your senior year. Maybe you can try something different like a nice sweater or maybe that blue dr-”
“Sorry, but would it kill you to try and dress a little nicer today?”
“Quit badgering the boy, it’s his final year let him dress however he wants.”
“See? Dad thinks my jacket’s pretty cool.”
“Now I never said that.” Michael sighed poking at his eggs when he noticed it was almost Seven.
“Where are you going?” His mother looked over at him as he started putting his shoes on.
“Car’s still being fixed, need to catch the bus.”
“You don’t have to take the bus, I can drive you over.”
“No thanks Mom, it’s cool.”
“Are you sure? It really wouldn’t be a problem.”
“Bye Mom!” Michael was already out the door before she could say another word. The bus was already pulling up at the the stop sign as Michael rushed to get to it before it took off. By the time he got in he was panting and out of breath when he spotted Jeremy near the back and sat down next to him.
“Michael! You look exhausted.”
“Yeah, had to run to catch the bus.” Michael noticed Jeremy was wearing his Eminem shirt with a snort.
“Nothing, just thinking about the last time you wore that shirt.” Looking down Jeremy made a weird face.
“Yeah, the little voice in my head told me to grab it.” Michael’s smile fell.
“Do you wanna talk about it?”
“It’s okay, it’s more annoying than anything else now.” It had taken Jeremy a while to get used to the new voice he heard everyday. At first he thought it was the SQUIP, still there but after a while he just passed it off as another voice in his head. That didn’t mean it still hurt hearing that voice say anything. Jeremy still can’t bring himself to drink regular Mountain Dew out of fear that maybe that voice was real.
'Jeremy, it’s adorable how you keep saying “maybe”.’ Jeremy shook his head before turning back to Michael.
“Can we talk about something else?”
“Yeah, so last night I’m at Game Stop…” Jeremy smiled as Michael told him about the guy behind the counter who was totally flirting with him.
'Too bad you don’t have the balls to flirt with Michael.’
'I don’t like Michael.’
'Mm-hmm, sure. You just jerk off to him over the phone and think about him all the time.’
'I’m not taking this from you.’ The bus had come to a stop in front of the school. Getting off the bus Jeremy took a deep breath.
'Senior Year…’ Jeremy couldn’t get rid of the sinking feeling in his chest as they went through the front doors.

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i always viewed it as, the squip doesn't dress you in what is most "fashionable" necessarily, but what will advance your social position/play into your new persona. for example, the eminem shirt might be lame but it got brooke's attention and sympathy

mhm and as far as the whole thing concerning rich’s fashion goes too - i’ve always taken it as something like that too? making bold fashion decisions to draw certain attention to yourself. i feel like the clothing they choose for who they’re assisting is based off of things that will benefit them in the long run

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hc that once the squip was out, jeremy took the eminem shirt and shoved it to the back of his closet to never see again... except for a big argument between him and michael , where he wore it for two days to piss him off. (he ended up almost having a panic attack thinking jeremy was leaving him again. jeremy was still apologizing weeks later)


In response to this request from @kpopfanfictrash:

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader
Words: 1.6k 

Is anyone even truly a person at 5:30 in the morning?  You’re quite certain that you aren’t and that no matter how many times you punch that alarm clock and throw yourself into the shower, you never will be.  Still, by 6:04, you’re dashing down the hallway, badly contained cup of coffee in one hand, purse in the other, makeup half assed simply so you feel human, and the most comfortable pair of flats you own on (the correct!) feet just to make it to the elevator so you won’t have to clamber down the stairs again.  You’ve just managed to get all the things in your hands straight when the doors whoosh gently open.  

And there he is.

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Hey do you know that two kids, Jeremy and Michael?

“Sorry, that could be anyone so let me be more specific: One’s freakishly tall and the other is kinda nerdy?-Whoops! Not specific enough, huh? Okay: One wore an Eminem shirt for a while and the other cried in the bathroom at a really weird party? Don’t think I’ve heard of them!”

  • Jeremy: Why tf should I get an Eminem shirt you disembodied voice
  • Squip: you just dont get it man, there’s two sides to him, yes he raps about killing women and violently abusing them some times but thats just slim shady. his alter ego! its not really him. other times, he raps about his daugther and how much he loves her. you dont get it… u dont understand, you’re just judging him based on his extremely violent and disturbing lyrics. he’s actually a good guy and you’re a judgemental prick!!!!!!