eminem photography

“I can’t even remember this one. I don’t remember the jacket. I don’t remember anything about that. I remember the time frame, because I remember how bleached my hair was. It’s weird, right? In the beginning, when I first did it, it was with peroxide. Somebody told me that would bleach your hair, like, make it white. And I remember just wanting to do something different. But in the beginning of my career, it was always - for some reason,when I would bleach it, I would keep it a little bit shorter. Then I started to (let it grow longer). I think now I keep it the exact same length as it was in the beginning of my career, like how blonde and how short it is here. But around the first two albums, I was keeping it super short and super blonde. And then as I got older, it would just be a little bit longer. It’s just a weird thing that I’m always able to associate these time periods (with my hairstyle).”