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Headcanon that 2p America and 2p Canada-
  • go to junkyards to restore and fix old school cars together
  • can play basketball in a slummy abandoned park for hours
  • are kings of their local skateparks
  • can do a fuck ton of fancy duo-skateboard tricks together
  • do parkour together
  • make 4am liquor store runs together
  • smoke weed together
  • have a complex secret handshake
  • read Playboy magazines together
  • blast hip hop in their room and dance together
  • go to raves together
  • regularly play beer pong together
  • cheat off each other in school 
  • have to yell at each other to study / remember to do other important things
  • are known as the hottest bad boys of their school
  • drive the exact same pickup trucks but in different colors
  • ride motorcycles together and call themselves a biker gang
  • draw dicks on each others’ faces when the other is sleeping
  • are the fucking best of friends but are too stubborn to admit it


  • 2p America free-style raps while 2p Canada beat boxes
  • 2p America breakdances while 2p Canada carries the huge stereo
  • 2p America and 2p Canada’s motto around each other is “bros before hoes”
  • 2p America is Native American and 2p Canada is part Eskimo and they’ll occasionally nerd out about their cultures together

the lost photos of steve rogers and bucky barnes 2/?

[part 1]

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I managed to avoid spoilers this whole time and I just killed Caesar and.. did Eminem lend his face to that character or what

Yes, it’s actually a little known fact that while developing Fallout: New Vegas, Bethesda was experimenting with motion capture in their games, and modeled several Legion characters after celebrities that were popular around 2010. After some financial issues with the project and contract disputes, Eminem and many of the other celebrities were dropped from the cast, but their likenesses were still used in-game. Here you can see Adam Sandler preparing for his role as Vulpes Inculta by dressing as a Roman soldier before being fitted with his motion capture suit.