Scribbling in Photoshop. Needed something quick, loose and thoughtless to take my mind off the fact that in a weeks time exactly I will be catching a plane to Melbourne by myself and taking flight into an unknown future.

Inspired by this guy’s self-portrait, which is up close a scribbly, expressive, digital mess: http://picasio.deviantart.com/art/Selfportrait-2012-296444722?q=gallery%3Apicasio%2F136977&qo=5

Okay, change of plans for this week! 
I have decided to focus my sketches on the human figure, because that is really where I need the most practice.

I thought I would start with hands as we need to do hand sketches for uni anyway - two birds with one stone. I have always struggled with skin tone colouring, and this was SO HARD! Will hopefully make my final illustration for this a tonne easier