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november 29th, 2016 marked the last pinof to ever be filmed in phil’s old bedroom

march 30th, 2017 marked the last phil liveshow to ever be streamed in dan and phil’s old lounge

april 4th, 2017 marked the last dan liveshow to ever be streamed in dan’s old bedroom

april 13th, 2017 marked the last baking video to ever be filmed in dan and phil’s old kitchen

april 20th, 2017 marked the last gaming video to ever be filmed in dan and phil’s old office

and april 25th, 2017 marks the beginning of a new chapter

'Arrow' Boss Teases Trials Ahead Building to Ultimate Prometheus Showdown
When Arrow returns after its long hiatus, Felicity will find herself going up against Team Arrow. With Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) still on the loose, mysterious hacker organization Helix offers Fe…

When Arrow returns after its long hiatus, Felicity will find herself going up against Team Arrow.

With Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) still on the loose, mysterious hacker organization Helix offers Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) a way to track him down in exchange for her services involving something illegal. Needless to say, Oliver (Stephen Amell) & Co. won’t be happy.

But Ollie and Felicity will be forced to face their divide head on next week when the duo gets trapped in the bunker together. Will this actually bring them closer together? EW turned to executive producer Wendy Mericle to get the scoop:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tease of what Felicity has gotten herself into? And will we get more info on Helix?
WENDY MERICLE: We will definitely get more info on Helix. We’re super psyched about this episode because it is really Felicity’s Dark Night of the Soul. We’re not going to wrap it up here, but we’re definitely going to take her to one of the darkest places we’ve ever seen her character go. Because she’s gone down this rabbit hole with Helix, she’s going to find out that — as per usual when people get themselves involved with these organizations — things aren’t always as they seem. Even though she has been really blinded by her drive to get Adrian Chase, I think she’s going to come out of this asking some pretty tough questions about herself and her moral decisions, and there’s a pretty big fight with Oliver, too.

How might this actually bring Oliver and Felicity closer?
We’re also very excited about next week’s episode. We haven’t done a lot of bottle [episodes], and this is one of the few that we’ve done. I think it turned out so well. [Director] Wendey Stanzler hit it out of the park. They’re stuck in a bunker together, and they’re not in a good place. They’ve taken their individual paths, which is was exactly what they wanted at the top of the season. They’ve gone down these different roads. Oliver’s tries to pull her back from this brink and has failed. All that fallout is going to happen right there in the bunker where they have nowhere to run and there’s no escaping that conflict.

And yet the sizzle trailer seems to indicate they’re on the road to reconciliation. Is that true?
They are definitely on the road toward — well, the interesting thing about taking her down this road with Helix is she is going to come out of it with this, the same way Diggle came out of it when he killed his brother — new understanding and appreciation for where Oliver’s been and what he’s been through. No matter whether they end up together or not (sorry, all Olicity Twitter fans), this is going to absolutely deepen the relationship. It has to. She’s now gone through her own island in a way.

Speaking of Diggle, an upcoming episode features Diggle and Lyla dealing with some marital issues. What’s going on there?
We’ve always wondered, ever since Lyla stepped up and took over A.R.G.U.S., the interesting thing about her character is she, in a lot of ways, is very similar to Oliver in that she’s now in the position of making some really hard decisions and having to constantly justify the means by the end. Dig’s going to find out about some of these things that she’s been doing, and he’s going to really wonder where did his wife go? It’s rich territory because they’ve always been such a solid couple. They’ve had their ups and downs, but I think this is the first time where Dig has looked at her and wondered that this person that he sees in front of him doesn’t really resemble the person that he fell in love with. That’s an interesting question for anyone in a marriage situation to be asking themselves.

It’s interesting because there was an episode where Diggle and Dinah were working really closely together, and fans noticed some chemistry between them. Does that play into this at all, or was that just two good actors working off each other?
It’s two great actors working off each other. [Laughs.] That said, I think that part of the fun of having the team there is it’s going to create theses different dynamics. If, down the road, there’s a little misunderstanding here or there, I’m not saying that might not happen. But right now, that’s not the case.

With Chase still on the loose, how much danger is the team in?
It’s safe to say, without teasing too much, they’re in the most danger they’ve ever been in.

How will the team — most of whom are relatively new and have not faced an ultimate showdown with a big bad before — deal with heading into the final battle with Prometheus?
Each character is going to have a different reaction to it. Dinah is very much on the page of, “This guy just needs to be taken down.” Rene is too, but he’s going to have other stakes; we’ve met his daughter before in episode 513. The people who have potential for collateral damage, if you will, the people with families who have more at stake are going to have different attitudes about that. Everyone is going to be on the same page of wanting to take this guy down. Nobody has really been left unscathed by Adrian Chase. They’re going to be all in, and all in in a way that newbies would be. There’s no doubt that Oliver is going to have a much more profound sense of the dangers ahead, but by the same token, he’s come to rely on this team and he needs them.

Malcolm Merlyn popped up in the sizzle reel. What role will he be playing in these last episodes?
Malcolm is going to be doing exactly what he’s always done. Part of the fun of him is that you never know exactly where he stands. One thing that is absolutely clear is he’s always there for Thea. He and Thea are going to have some pretty cool scenes together because she’s going to come back and he’s going to be there. She’s not happy to see him. Oliver is going to be pulling at any possible help, whether he can trust that help or not; he’s going to be calling in every reinforcement he has to take down Chase. I think Josh Segarra has done an amazing job at really making Chase one of the scariest villains that we’ve seen on the show.

Are Oliver and Slade actually aligning then?
That’s a great question. With Deathstroke, you never really know who you’re dealing with, in a similar way with Malcolm, but with a little bit more of an edge, because the history between Slade and Oliver is as deep and troubled as the one between him and Malcolm. Slade is definitely coming back. We’re definitely going to be thinking he might be on Oliver’s side. That’s all I’m going to say about that, to quote Forrest Gump. [Laughs.]

What’s next for Thea?
Thea is going to be going through a very similar emotional journey — Oliver’s going to maybe arrive at his conclusion emotionally a little bit sooner than she does, but it’s the same idea of really grappling. The last time we saw her, she was going away to try to figure herself out, because she had gone down this very Moira-esque road and started to pull these antics that were really morally questionable. She sees that, so when she comes back, it’s not going to be because she’s ready, it’s going to be because she has to. She’s going to be working that out. Eventually, she’s going to get to a place where she can put the past behind her, but it’s going to be a pretty hard road for her.

Will Oliver ever be able to operate as Green Arrow again? And if not, what does that mean for the future of the show? Are we going to see a new legacy for him?
He’s questioning his legacy; he’s been doing it all season. The fact that we’ve put the Green Arrow under the microscope to such an extent, we are definitely setting some stuff up for season 6. We will definitely see the Green Arrow again, but in what capacity? That’s a really good question. That’s a premiere question.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Imagine the look on Emily's face when the girl she has loved since she was 13 asks her to marry her. When the girl who she thought was dead for years is in front of her asking to spend the rest of her life with her. When the girl who she would sneak away to the kissing rock with is kissing her at the top of the church altar. Imagine the look on Alison's face when the girl she secretly loved for years is promising to love her forever. When the girl who she wrote story after story about attempting to repress the feelings she was so scared to have, is standing in front of her saying her vows. When the girl who she struggled to hide from for years but did to protect her is finally saying I do. Imagine the look on their faces when they finally get the forever they promised each other so long ago.
INTERVIEW: Arrow EP Teases Deathstroke's Return, al Ghul Sibling Rivalry & More
Arrow EP Wendy Mericle addressed the return of Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn and Artemis' important finale roles, Oliver's legacy and more.

CBR: First, let’s get the topic that everyone’s talking about out of the way: how did Deathstroke’s big return come about?

Wendy Mericle: Well, he’s a big character on the show! I mean, obviously, Oliver’s had a long history. We always said we were going to be closing out the first five years and ending it with a bang, and ending it with Oliver looking back at his past, and there’s no real way to tell that story without Deathstroke being a part of it.

Deathstroke isn’t the only big Season 1 character to return. How does Yao Fei factor into Season 5?

Yao Fei, on the show, has always operated as Oliver’s conscience. It’s not going to be any different this time. He’s going to be there at a crucial moment for Oliver, where he’s going to make a very big decision about his future. Yao Fei knows him and understands him in the way he knew who he was when he was on the island when he was first moored there and couldn’t get off and was a lost castaway. I would definitely be thinking about, “Who was Oliver when he met Yao Fei?” and Yao Fei is going to be reminding him of that and reminding him of who he’s become at a very crucial point in the flashback story.

What can you tease about the sibling rivalry between the al Ghul sisters?

It’s rooted, as always with siblings, in the parents. The parents always mess it up for the kids! [laughs] And in this case, it definitely goes back to Ra’s al Ghul and how he treated them. We know a lot about his fight with Nyssa and what that was about, but what we don’t know is that he simply had a very similar attitude towards his older daughter as well. When Talia left and Nyssa was stuck basically in a giant castle with Ra’s, it did not sit well with her.

How well is Prometheus going to adapt to his new status quo?

I think he’s going to adapt as well as he’s adapted to everything. Chase is ten steps ahead, as always. I think he anticipated this move. He knew it was going to happen, and he doesn’t have any problem. He’s always one step ahead. He’s playing a game of chess and I think, for the first few episodes of the season, our team was — to some extent — playing checkers. I think the team is smarter than that now. They’re definitely up to speed. They know how to kind of get under his skin, and that outing won’t have no consequences for him, but it’ll be nothing that Chase can’t get past and manipulate to his own advantage.

In the Season 5 sizzle reel released last week, Felicity is right smack dab in the middle of the action. Is that something we can expect to see a lot of in these next few episodes?

Felicity in action is something we all love. The writers love it. We all love to see Emily [Bett Rickards] picking up a weapon and doing something badass. [laughs] I think she wears it really well, and I know the fans love to see it. She’s going to be in the action. We’re heading into the finale. Felicity is always at the center of everything, right along with Oliver. She’s definitely going to be in the middle of the fight, for sure.

Is that indicative of a new direction for this character?

She’s definitely heading towards new directions, especially with what we’re talking about very loosely in the writers’ room with Season 6. She’s going to be taking on some new roles. Whether or not those new roles lend themselves to guns and that sort of fighting, I can’t tell you, but she’s a badass in everything that she does, whether that involves a weapon or not… That’s how we see her, and that’s what we like to see her doing.

We’ve also got an Olicity episode coming up. Will we learn anything new about this relationship that perhaps we didn’t get to see in Season 4?

We’re very excited about this story. We wanted to tell it all year, and we finally found the perfect episode to do it in. We’re going to be telling the story of really what happened between the two of them. We left in them in such an ambiguous place at the end of Season 4 and, when we picked them up in Season 5, they were happen to be working together and not be together. We’re going to tell the story of how that came about, which is fun… We’re going to find out some information about that, and we’re also going to really see their relationship deepen a lot, and not in the romantic way. I mean it in the sense that Felicity is going to be going through something in [episode] 19 with Helix that is going to really allow her to see Oliver’s point of view with some clarity and with personal experience for the first time.

Will Team Arrow as we know it make it through the season finale in one piece?

That is a great question that will not be answered until Season 6.

Word on the street is that the show is moving away from flashbacks. Has there been any talk about how the series will fill this gap?

Here’s the thing. There’s so much story on the show, and it’s really exciting for the writers and for everyone on the creative side to be thinking, “Wow, we really have a lot more real estate to play with.” We always have so much story and we’re always pushing story. It’ll be great to have this extra space to play around in. That said, the flashbacks have worked so well on the show, they’re not going to be gone forever. We’re obviously not going to be going back to Lian Yu and we’re not going to be telling the story of the five years that Oliver was gone, but we might get some glimpses into the backstories of other characters, which would be really fun.

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen Malcolm Merlyn in “Arrow’s” present day, but we got a quick glimpse of him in that sizzle reel. Just how important will he be in the next few episodes?

He’s going to be a huge factor leading up to the finale. This season is all about legacy, and when Malcolm comes into the story, it’s really rooted as much by necessity from Oliver’s point of view as it is about what Malcolm means to him and what Malcolm means to Thea. It’s a great story, because it’s going to have a lot of action but it’s also going to have this kind of emotional undercurrent that is going to lead to a really big, huge series moment for him. I think it’s a great story to tell, and it’s great stuff for John [Barrowman] to play.

Would you say that, by the end of this season, Oliver will complete his emotional journey of finding himself and be at one with himself?

You know, I don’t know that anyone who has two identities is ever going to be fully a cohesive person, as this season explored. What I do think he is going to end with is this sense of peace about the last five years and what he put himself through. He’s going to go into Season 6 with this degree of experience and this level of wisdom that we’ve never seen him own before. I think he’s always had it, but he’s now at this place where he’s done enough good both as the mayor and as Green Arrow that he can speak from this place of confidence. He’s a little bit older, a little more mileage and a lot more experience. That’s a new role for him to play. That’s something we’re very excited to see him grow into.

Is there any redemption for Artemis in the eyes of Team Arrow?

I think it’s still a question mark. Honestly, I think the jury’s still out on her. Even in the finale, where she does play a pretty significant role, I think that the team is reluctant to give up on her. No matter how dark she goes, she was that innocent person that Oliver met in [Season] 4 [episode] 19 that has been through so much. I think it’s partly what Madison [McLaughlin] brings to the role that makes it hard to give up on her.

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