emilys cosplays


I’ve been meaning to do a quick Jadzia Dax closet cosplay for a while now and I finally motivated myself to do it today! And since I’m going to be doing an Ezri cosplay soon, I wanted to test out making the spots too!

I have more pictures but these two I had the most Jadzia-esque facial expressions so I wanted to post them first!


UNTIL DAWN FANS. I made this for you <3

Our new Until Dawn parody series is launching soon! Here is the trailer - we hope you enjoy it.

A reimagining of the game, found footage documentary style. Episode 1 coming in a couple of weeks!

Ok here it is, everyone: the best photo of the entire con akshsnjdjdj 😢 🙏 💛 I’m so happy that kalaely came up and asked for a photo together, they are so sweet and so insanely perfect as Emily I cryyyyy. ;u; 💕


New Blackwood Files out now!

Our Until Dawn parody made for the fans - part one is here

Rant post (overwatch addition)

I have decided on taking a small temporary break from tumblr for the utmost stupidest reason. That reason? Because people seem it their goal to go out and intentionally make people’s business their problem. Mainly the overwatch fandom (toxic, but addictive). I’ve seen so much racism and ship-hate that it just baffles me. I’m a multi shipper, and ship both Gency and Genyatta (many more on top of that but I won’t get into detail) But guess what? Shipping the first one apparently makes me homophobic and the second one is wrong because it’s a “student teacher”.
Here’s the thing, 1) When did my ships start to effect your personal life in anyway?
2) Who cares? They are game characters. The reason the fandom ships them is because it’s cute. It’s not like they are going to start promoting ww3, chill the fuck out.

One more thing. Ethnicity shouldn’t stop someone from cosplaying a character. If you’re a different ethnicity then the character that’s fine, because guess what a lot people seem to not get about cosplaying? Cosplaying is not trying to look exactly like that character, it’s taking you as a person and filling the role of that character! Like acting. Yet everyone seems to make a big deal if there a poc soldier 76 or a white Genji. Since when did liking and representing your favourite character begin hurting some biggots life on tumblr or Facebook who seems to think it effects their life in any way??

Love the overwatch fandom, but you all need to chill.

Scarfed for life! Emily Part 1

I have actually come quite a bit on Emily now, the first thing I finished was the sword! But I am not 100% happy with a detail so if I have time I will fix it before the con or if not, after. And I will put it up here when I fixed it. :)

I decided to make the scarf after crying over the vest for a week, I needed it to make sure the vest was the right shape. So I started Monday, and finished at 23 on Tuesday. :) For a tiny scarf. And that for the simple reason that I messed up. But let’s not go into that and just how I did it right haha!!

A while ago Bethesda realized a reference picture with Emily’s scarf, which I until then did not think was a triangle. So I cropped it out of the picture and made the blue parts white to save printer ink. Then I cut out everything that would not be gold.

When I had my base pattern I put some spray glue on the back, note that it was just sticky glue and not strong at all. I just used that so my pattern would stick to the vinyl for a minute.
The vinyl I have had a plastic layer on top of it that I could paint on, so I lightly dusted some black spray paint over my pattern and then I pulled it of, leaving me a perfect pattern underneath.

And I cut and cut and clipped. The hard part was then to iron the vinyl on my scarf! I tested it out with scraps on the failed scarf we don’t talk about and then I went in sections on this, was not easy and I messed up a couple of places but nothing very noticeable.

It turned out absolutely gorgeous! Just like I imagined it. Was worth my many hours of fine work and cramped up hand and arm.