emilys cosplays


UNTIL DAWN FANS. I made this for you <3

Our new Until Dawn parody series is launching soon! Here is the trailer - we hope you enjoy it.

A reimagining of the game, found footage documentary style. Episode 1 coming in a couple of weeks!


I’ve been meaning to do a quick Jadzia Dax closet cosplay for a while now and I finally motivated myself to do it today! And since I’m going to be doing an Ezri cosplay soon, I wanted to test out making the spots too!

I have more pictures but these two I had the most Jadzia-esque facial expressions so I wanted to post them first!

Ok here it is, everyone: the best photo of the entire con akshsnjdjdj 😢 🙏 💛 I’m so happy that kalaely came up and asked for a photo together, they are so sweet and so insanely perfect as Emily I cryyyyy. ;u; 💕