Pop Stars // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: the team has a case involving a famous musician, specifically the reader’s favorite musician (which happens to be Nick Jonas) Reader is super star struck and heart eyed and flirty and he seems to be enjoying the attention and flirting back. Spencer gets really insecure and jealous.

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: For those of you who are not Nick Jonas fans, just imagine it’s your own favorite singer!

“Penelope, please tell me you’re not kidding right now,“ you said excitedly as you looked at the newest case file. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion at your question as she pushed her hot pink glasses onto her face.

“No my love. Why would you ask that?”

Emily smirked as she looked over at you nearly bouncing in your seat. You were like a child who had just heard she was being taken to Disneyland.

“Because she’s Nick Jonas’s biggest fan,” she replied for you. You grinned wildly as you nodded in agreement.

The case on hand involved the famous pop star. There had been murders in every city he toured in on the night of his concert and the FBI had been called in to investigate. Everyone’s first assumption was that the killer was part of the singer’s crew. They were just an hour away from his next venue and were meant to meet him soon.

Spencer frowned at your excitement. He was quite familiar with your love for the young man with you constantly playing his music and watching his music videos in your spare time. He had found it cute, adorable even, the way you gushed over the celebrity. But he had never, ever thought about the possibility of you meeting him one day.

“I am such a huge fan,” you gushed as you stood face to face with Nick Jonas. The rest of the team had scattered to interview the rest of the singer’s crew and had purposely left you to handle the man alone. Well, with Spencer anyway.

“It’s always nice to meet fans, especially such pretty ones,” Nick replied with a charming smile. Spencer had to restrain from an obvious eye roll as you blushed deeply at his comment.

“Well it’s not every day I get to meet handsome talented singers,” you replied flirtatiously. Spencer’s mouth dropped in disbelief at your interaction, but the fact went unnoticed as the two of you were wrapped up in your own small bubble.

“Mr. Jonas, we just wanted to know if you’ve noticed any of the crew acting weird. Perhaps disappearing after the concert and not coming back until the mornings?” You asked as you attempted to return to professionalism. As much as you wanted to bask in the presence of your favorite singer, you had to remind yourself of the reason you were there in the first place.

“I can’t say I have. I’m pretty exhausted by the end of the night so I head straight to my hotel room,” he replied. “And call me Nick.”

“Nick,” you repeated with a smile. The young man grinned brightly as he looked at you.

“So how does a young beautiful girl get such a badass job?” He asked with a small smirk. “You must be the entire package.”

You blushed deeply at his comment.

“I’m more than meets the eye,” you replied with an amused grin. Spencer stood speechless at the banter between the two of you.

“If you’re free tonight, you should come by the concert. I’ll put you on the VIP list. Maybe we can hang afterwards,” he replied with a mischievous smile. Spencer felt his blood boil at the man’s poorly masked intentions and finally decided to speak.

“If you don’t have any useful information then we’ll just be going,” Spencer interrupted as he took hold of your arm. Your eyes widened in surprise at his aggressiveness, having momentarily forgotten that he stood beside you.

Nick chuckled, immediately recognizing the signs of a jealous man.

“You can bring your friend too, Y/N,” he replied with a knowing smirk at him. Spencer scoffed as he led you away, you waving goodbye at the singer. It wasn’t until you were out of his view that you pulled away from Spencer.

“Spence! What the hell was that?!” You exclaimed in disbelief at his rudeness. Spencer rolled his eyes at your reaction.

“What? The guy is completely useless! We’re wasting precious time talking to him,” he replied defensively. You rolled your eyes at his argument.

“We should come back later,” you suggested. “It’ll be a good concert.”


“No?” You asked with a raise of an eyebrow. You took one look at him. Arms crossed, pupils dilated, breathing slightly heavier and that one cute vein on his forehead was sticking out like it always did when he was upset.

“Spencer Reid, are you jealous?” You asked with an amused grin. He immediately let out a surprised squeak as you stopped in front of him.

“No. Of course not. Why would I be?” He replied with a scowl. He was jealous. Nick Jonas was a good looking guy. He had muscles, something he was definitely lacking in compared to him. His lean muscled couldn’t compare to the man’s biceps. Not to mention he had a great voice. It was no wonder he had so many fangirls. Spencer just hated that you were one of them.

“So you wouldn’t mind me coming to his concert tonight? By myself?” You questioned with a small smirk. His scowl deepened as he stared down at you, unsure of how to react. You were testing him and he knew it.

That’s what profilers did. Despite everyone promising not to profile each other, they still did it. Everyone knew when someone was having problems at home or when someone was dealing with their own emotional demons. So it wasn’t a surprise to him that you had figured him out. The thing that had bothered him most was that he was unable to figure you out. You were good at masking emotions and he hadn’t been able to make any conclusions on your own feelings about his crush.

“No. I wouldn’t mind. But there’s a killer on the loose,” he tried to reason, desperately grasping at anything to make you stay. You shrugged nonchalantly at his argument.

“I’m an FBI agent. I can handle myself,” you said as you turned away to continue walking. “Guess I’ll be hanging with Nick tonight.”

“Wait no!” He abruptly yelled as his hand caught your arm. He had acted instinctively and he mentally cringed as he prepared for your reaction. He was slightly confused when he pulled you back only to see a satisfied smile on your face.

“Oh just kiss me already you jealous fool,” you exclaimed giddily, throwing your arms around him and crashing your lips onto his.

Spencer froze in complete surprise before he realized what was happening. His rigid shoulders relaxed as his arms wrapped around you, pulling you in deeply as his lips moved slowly against yours, savoring the feeling of your soft lips. It was a feeling he wanted to commit to memory as it felt so gentle yet passionate. His hand tenderly held your neck as he kept you in place, not willing to let you go just yet. His lips parted yours open, his tongue roaming your mouth in a way he had only dreamt of before.

It wasn’t until a loud clatter from the stage crew startled the both of you that Spencer sheepishly pulled away. You giggled as Emily approached the both of you, not having seen the two of you in each other’s arms. Spencer was beaming with happiness that he had finally been able to kiss you. It was something he had longed for but had never built up enough courage to actually do.

“Y/N, did you find your loverboy?” She asked with a grin as she tossed you a Nick Jonas t-shirt she had stolen from the merch table. You smiled, looking over at Spencer’s grinning face. He met your eyes with a spark of joy that mirrored your own.

“I think I did.”

Just a Crush // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer is overcome with jealousy when Reader becomes obsessed with celebrity actor Rami Malek

Requested by: @flyingzombiedog 

“Garcia, I need you to do me a favor.”

Spencer stood in Penelope’s office, looking around at the monitor set up she had as he nervously chewed on his thumbnail. There were toys and fluffy trinkets scattered everywhere as she turned his attention to him, surprised to see him in such an anxious state that morning.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“I need you to look up Rami Malek,” he replied seriously.  She immediately thought he was joking as the man never bothered to look up anything that wasn’t related to a case or one of his newest scientific obsessions. Rami Malek certainly didn’t belong to any of those categories.

“Are you…you’re kidding right?” She asked with a small laugh. The amused grin on her face vanished as Spencer stared blankly at her. “Oh my god. You’re not kidding.”

Spencer frowned at the amusement that had passed through her face. DId she know something that he didn’t?

“Please enlighten me as to why you need me to look up an actor for you,” Penelope replied with great curiosity at his sudden interest in anything related to pop culture.

“He’s an actor?” Spencer asked in surprise. Penelope scoffed. Of course he didn’t know. It was Spencer Reid who was standing in front of her after all, although his shock at the fact raised more questions than it answered.

“Reid. He’s a famous guy. So what is this about?”

“I…I-uh heard Y/N talking about him to Emily the other day and I thought he was a real guy. Not that he’s not real but you know what I mean,” he replied nervously as he scratched the back of his head. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop into your conversation but he had stopped in his tracks when he heard your dreamy giggle. He briefly caught the name as you spoke to Emily excitedly and it had bothered him since.

“Oh my god. You got jealous!” Penelope exclaimed with a loud laugh. Spencer scowled at the fact she found it so funny as she turned and typed into her system.

“This is him,” she announced as she pulled up various photos of the actor. He was handsome, undoubtedly so, and Spencer immediately felt threatened although he knew it was an irrational thing to feel. The man was a celebrity, it’s not like he would ever actually meet the man. Or more importantly, you would never meet him.

“Thanks,” he replied quietly before turning on his heel and walking back out to his desk.

There he was again. That handsome structured face was on the tv screen for what must have been the tenth time that week. And there you were, watching his every move with bright eyes. You might as well have been the living embodiment of the heart eyes emoji at that point.

“Y/N, let’s go out and do something,” Spencer suggested in an attempt to regain your attention. You quickly hushed him, waving his idea away with your hand and turning the volume up on the television. You failed to notice his glower at the screen.

“Y/N, it’s already…” he trailed off as he pressed the home button of your phone to check the time. The screen lit up with the face he was already sick of staring at. “You have got to be kidding me.”

“What?” you asked innocently as you peeled your attention away from the television although your mind was screaming at you to look back at the beauty who was on the screen.

“You’re obsessed. It’s ridiculous,” he commented bitterly as he sunk into the couch with annoyance. You raised an eyebrow at his uncharacteristic anger and noticed the bright screen of your phone.

“Are you talking about Rami?” you asked with a hint of a smile. He mocked the name beneath his breath in a childlike manner as jealousy consumed him. He was tired of hearing that name, and it seemed as if he heard it literally anywhere he went nowadays. He heard it on the radio or in passing conversations. He would see his face plastered on posters and taxi cabs, all promoting his show. It was as if the actor himself was taking joy in causing him such emotional distress.

“Spence, you know it’s just a silly celebrity crush, right?” You asked lightly with a teasing smile. The deep frown on his face let you know that he didn’t seem to agree.

“Spencer!” you laughed as you playfully shoved his shoulder. He finally directed his attention to you with an unconvinced look. “You’re my boyfriend. I wouldn’t ever trade you for anyone else. So stop thinking things because I know that big brain of yours is capable of imagining things that aren’t happening.”

He let out a deep sigh, feeling a bit embarrassed at having acted so unreasonably over something that others would have simply looked past. You smiled reassuringly as you turned the television monitor off.

“There. No more of Rami Malek. You happy?” you asked with a delighted chuckle at his jealousy. Spencer Reid was never a jealous man so seeing this side brought out of him was entertaining to say the least, and not to mention flattering. Spencer nodded contentedly before he stopped and stared at your phone with poorly masked distaste.

“Can we change your lockscreen too?”

When Monsters Come // Spencer Reid

Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossover

Summary: The BAU team is called into a small town when people start to disappear in the local forest. They arrive only to find the Winchester brothers who seem to have a strange bond to the Reader.

A/N: This is part 1! I decided to split it into parts as it was getting just a tad too long. I hope you enjoy!

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what's on my desk; spencer reid dirty imagine

Pairing: Spencer Reid/Reader

Rating: Teen (for a dirty imagine this is pretty tame)

Request: Hey can you make a dirty imagine with Reid when Hotch catches you guys making out really intense in the elevator LOL


You walked into the BAU with your long term boyfriend, Spencer Reid. You two had been dating for 2 years now and had loved each other ever since that first day you laid eyes on each other.

Everyone said you guys were perfect together and not to brag or anything but you knew you were. 

“Hey what are you thinking about?” Spencer asked laughing, as you snapped back into reality. He knew you sorta had a tendency to daydream and got a teensy bit distracted but it was just another one of your quirks that he loved about you. 

“Nothing much…” you said smiling as you punched the level 5 button on the elevator and closed the gap between you two so you were nearly centimeters apart. The elevator doors closed leaving you two alone in the elevator but you still hadn’t closed the gap completely. 

Making him wait was the best part. 

He placed his hands on your hips and you wrapped yours around his shoulders. You were pretty tall but he was even taller reaching almost 6'2, easily overwhelming your (your height) frame. His breath hitched as he pressed his forehead against yours, leaving your lips less than 2 centimeters apart.

It was around this time you hoped he couldn’t smell that garlic that you threw into your omelet that morning, but so far you were pretty sure he either didn’t notice or didn’t mind.

Then it was REALLY CLEAR that he didn’t mind as he crashed his lips onto yours backing you up so that your back was against the elevator wall. You guys were making out hardcore and you were loving it. 

As his body leaned into yours you felt his clearly apparent hard-on pressing onto your bare leg. You smiled loving what you could do to him. 

“Y/n,” he moaned as you felt him through his pants growing harder than you thought possible. It sounded weird but you thought it was cute how Spencer would get “excited” about the stupidest and easiest things. You didn’t even have to try.

Honestly he did the same to you but you would never tell him that. This was kind of the only advantage it was to be a girl and you sure as hell weren’t going to let him in on your little secret that just watching him read got you hot and bothered.

“Spencer,” You gasped as he began kissing your neck and grinding against you. Spencer’s tie was on the floor, his cardigan was already unbuttoned and you were on the 2nd button of his shirt was you heard it.

The sound of Hotch clearing his throat. 

Spencer clearly heard it to as you rapidly threw yourselves to separate sides of the elevator.

“Oh hey Hotch…” You said awkwardly, straightening out your blouse. Spencer took the opportunity to frantically rebutton his cardigan and feebly attempt to disguise his hard on. Clearly, it wasn’t working too well. 

“Were they at it again?” Rossi asked casually as he walked by. 

“What do you think?” Hotch replied sarcastically with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Even though he was annoyed, Hotch was your ‘home boy’ and you knew he totally shipped you and Spencer. Even if he didn’t know what the word meant…

Hotch turned on his heel leaving you and Spencer bashfully following behind him. Hotch and Rossi continued walking, expecting you right behind them.

You quickly grabbed Spencer pulling him towards you. 

“Hey baby, we’re not through just yet…” You whispered as you pulled him close. Spencer still had an obvious hard on and even though you knew that for the rest of the work day there would be most likely be no free time for you guys to have your fun you were going to enjoy this.

“Do we have time?” He asked eagerly, a mix of boyish excitement and lust in his eyes.

“I wasn’t talking about that silly! You haven’t put on your tie yet!” You said grabbing it from his hand as you began tying it for him. “But today is going to be very, very interesting…” You said as you felt him again through his pants and then began walking away, leaving Spencer alone in the middle of the hallway. 

“Y/n!” He yelled playfully as he ran after you and wrapped his arm around your waist. You two walked inside the BAU together still giggling about how Hotch walked in on you guys but all laughter stopped when you heard the last bit of Rossi and Hotch’s conversation.

“It wasn’t that bad compared to what they were doing on top of your desk last week.” Rossi said to Hotch laughing, assuming that Hotch already knew. 

He didn’t.

“SPENCER AND Y/N IN MY OFFICE. NOW!” He yelled from across the office. You and Spencer exchanged glances, cracking up as you made your way to his office.

“Sorry! I thought he knew!” Rossi whispered as you climbed the stairs. Hotch definitely shipped you and Spencer but Rossi was basically waiting for you guys to get married.

“It’s chill Rossi. This will just be another one of those crazy stories we’ll have to tell at the next family dinner.” You said giggling. The team had dinner together once a month at Rossi’s house where he taught us all how to cook al italiano. 

“SPENCER AND Y/N! WHAT IS ON MY DESK? GET IN HERE NOW.” Hotch shrieked from inside his office leaving you and Reid erupting in laughter because both of you knew exactly what was on Hotch’s desk. ;)

*not too dirty but this is my first one! send in more requests and i’ll write them up and post em’ right away! peace out


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