Got this aaaawesome big riot grrrl pin from @emilypollution the other day! Fucking love it, it’s absolutely perfect ❤

Also, at the bottom of the pic you can see the classic “punks not dead” pin that I got from @gutterchild66 😃 met him a couple of years ago at Rebellion and we’ve stayed in touch, and he’s pretty fucking awesome 😊 thanks again man! 😘❤


So..i had a lot of you guys inboxing me about how I put up my beehive, so I thought I could show you in pictures!
I really hope you enjoy it. I’m not so good at explaining, so I hope you understand. If not, just inbox me and I’ll try to help you :)

In picture number one I’ve just been backcombing my hair so it gets all fluffy. But don’t backcomb it to hard, your hair will just look like a mess if you do. I use a brush instead of a comb for a softer result.

In picture number 2, I brush up my hair at the same time as I gently spray the hair with some hairspray.

In this picture I’ve started to use the hairdryer, my best friend! ;)
After I’ve sprayed with hairspray in picture 2, I simply use the hairdryer to make this hairstyle stable to resist wind and other lousy weather. 

Make sure to get some hairspray in the middle as well!
Otherwise your hair will fall in and look weird.

After spraying your hair, tuck the edges in with your hand.

Use your hands gently to form the shape of your hairstyle.

Don’t forget the back! ;)
And it doesn’t matter it if looks  weird at the back for the moment.
You can adjust it later with some spray and your hairdryer.

Now it should look something like this!

Time to pick out a bandana you like.
Put it around your head and tie it just over your forehead or over your bangs.

And now your done! :)


In Two Punk Rockers’ Hearts - Sarah Eriksson

A documentary about Sofia and Emily - two Punk rockers from Sweden. They share their lifestyle and shed light upon Punk in general. 

I’m finding it very interesting how a lot of people judge other people to fast.
I often wonder if it depends on low self-esteem, that you’re insecure or whatever. Or if you just are really stupid.
I notice that a lot of my followers more often ask me about my looks, my mohawk and my modelling work. (And no, it’s not a bad thing if you really wonder, so don’t stop asking) But nearly anyone asks me what I’m interested in or about my views about life and the world.
Not many knows that I’m really good at science, biology..etc.
I’ve done a lot of research in my life and my biggest dream in life is to become a zoologist. 
I can’t understand that many people judge “underground people” (and others of course) and think they are less smart. I don’t have a bad life, I haven’t had a fucked up childhood and I’m really not stupid.
In fact I often feel that I’m one step ahead from most people around me.
And I hate that. Most people I meet are stupid and ignorant and I really wish that people could just for once open their minds a bit and try to be nice to each other.
I get judged by people every day. When I’m waiting for the bus, when I’m at the supermarket and when I walk down the street.
There are always people who thinks that I look like this because I am nothing.
I can’t become nothing. I’m not smart enough.
Stop fucking judge by the cover.
I do not judge you.


Finally, the documentary about me and Sofia is done! :)
It was so fun to be in this film!!
We talk about punk, punk music and what it all means to us.
The maker of the film is my fantastic friend Sarah Eriksson!