Got this aaaawesome big riot grrrl pin from @emilypollution the other day! Fucking love it, it’s absolutely perfect ❤

Also, at the bottom of the pic you can see the classic “punks not dead” pin that I got from @gutterchild66 😃 met him a couple of years ago at Rebellion and we’ve stayed in touch, and he’s pretty fucking awesome 😊 thanks again man! 😘❤


pics from earlier today.
they have this thing in my hometown every year called Kungälv goes London Camden Market. two years ago emilypollution boss asked us to have a “punk studio” at this market for the kids so that they could get mohawks done. this year they asked us to do it again, and it was a lot of fun!
we were placed right by the entrance and kids started to line up almost imediately. we didnt have time to do a mohawk on everyone that wanted to, but I think we styled 10 mohawks or so. some long, some short, some got regular mohawks, some got liberty spikes and one girl got a regular mohawk and then spikes on one side of her head and then we slicked the hair back on the other side, and it looked fucking awesome on her! and she was so happy, it was really great to see. it almost felt like we lit a little fire in her^^ (and she looked so much like a young Brody Dalle, it was insane)

anyway, these pics were taken when the market was closing down and I finally had time to finish putting Emily’s mohawk up. I started it when we got there, before we got any “clients”, but when they started pouring in Emily’s mohawk had to wait and she ended up standing there with an unfinished mohawk for like 4 hours xD I felt kinda sorry for her :P

after the market we went to Emily’s place and had some pizza and just relaaaaxed. 
all in all, it’s been a great day^^ and I’m tired as fuuuuuuuck