I like the way your name
tastes in my mouth
and rolls off my tongue
in such gentle silkiness

I like the way the thought
of you tumbles and bounces
around the the hills and valleys
in my head and gently
rests in the quiet recesses
of my innocent

I like the way you fit into
my heart

—  Emily Marie McBride

For five years now I’ve been trying
To find the words to say
And I guess tonight I’ll be
Crazy enough to try.
You took nothing with you
But that day left so much.
I learned what it sounded like
When a heart breaks and I saw
The way a body has no strength
To stand when you’ve hit rock bottom.
I guess that most of all I learned
To appreciate what I have.
I took you for granted and the time
That we had.
I have a few memories, glimpses of here
Or there, but I can’t stand to think about how much I can’t recall.
I’m so much more than I was back then
and the more I think about it, I’m sure
we would be friends.
It breaks my heart when people say that
I’m so much like you. Because I realize all that I never knew.
Every day I miss you and wish that I just
had the chance to say goodbye.
You are so much more than tears and regret.
So I’ll write the words so no one will forget.
I will write words to keep your
Memory alive so when the last is gone
In my words you’ll still live on.
I miss your smile and the power you had
with words and I missed the way you talked to me
Like I wasn’t just a kid.
I love you so much and I wish I had the chance
to say, but I’ll see you again one day and when
I do I’ll tell how I waited my whole life
To finally say I miss you.
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