Troutman Chapter 9: Friendly Competition

“When we were kids there weren’t enough male or female competitors so [Emily and I] raced against each other on co-ed teams. It’s the only time we ever competed, Emily beat me – still won’t let me live it down.” - Nick

The Troutman-Jackson clan is familiar with a little friendly competition. These athletes grew up in the world of professional kayaking and have been pushing each other since the beginning.  Dane and Nick compete against each other in almost every race. Kayaking becomes extremely competitive during an event, but these two train together every day and are there to motivate each other, while being supportive and giving each other advice on lines.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget your Floaty Back Door! When you’re hustling down the river, there’s a chance your camera will pop loose on a rock and you don’t want it sinking to the bottom.

How the shot was captured: HERO Session, .5 second Time Lapse, Flat adhesive mount on paddle

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Troutman Chapter 10: Tucker Keeps Up

“Oh my gosh it’s hilarious how Tuck uses the camera! He pretends to point and shoot with the camera…but he’s just not quite there yet.” -Emily

Tuck is not only the cutest member of the Troutman-Jackson clan, but is also one of the most adventurous. There’s nothing his professional-kayaker family does that he can’t do too!

Pro Tip: If you’ve got a little grom around, let them play with your camera while it’s rolling. The moments they capture are priceless and can capture your little guy’s personality. Since the HERO Session is so durable, you don’t have to worry about them damaging it.

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Troutman Chapter 7: Up With the Sun

“The random moments are what we love the most about being on the road…getting to take advantage of opportunities to explore and adventure outdoors.” -Nick

The Troutman’s time on the road is punctuated with competition, which adds adrenaline and a reason to explore new territories. The family was up with the sun heading to GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, CO to compete with the best of them on the Colorado River. Nick raced down Gore Creek in the downriver sprint at Mountain Games and came in 3rd at the iconic Vail bridge downtown!

Pro Tip: Use the HERO4 Silver’s LCD screen to your advantage! You can easily frame up a shot and get a preview of the lighting. We’re talking perfect sun flares to accent your photos.

How the shot was captured: HERO4 Silver, Single shot

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Troutman Chapter 11: Life on the Road 

“Being on the road with the family, it’s pretty fun. Imagine your weekend adventure is 6 months long…so many cool opportunities to capture cool content and capture those moments. We always make sure to have our GoPro cameras with us so we don’t miss a beat.” -Nick

For this little family, hitting the road together was a no-brainer, they’re spending their days chasing great weather and the best water.

Pro Tip: Time Lapse is your friend. Your chances of capturing that perfect shot increase with this setting.

How the shot was captured: HERO Black, .5 second Time Lapse, Aerial drone shot

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Troutman Chapter 8: Emily Jackson FTW

“This is a classic, 90% of our photos are paddle-shots. These are cool because you get more of your surroundings from this angle. It might hinder your paddling a bit, so we do this a lot during training sessions but not in a competition.” -Nick

Emily Jackson uses the “paddle-shot” technique, practically invented by the Jackson-Troutman family, to capture her brother Dane who’s close on her tail. Emily holds her own in a family of professional kayakers. She won GoPro Mountain Games nine times, with the only year she didn’t win being the year she was pregnant with Tuck. Emily is a legend.

Pro tip: Stick a flat adhesive mount to your paddle and make sure the surface is clean before you give this tip a try. You don’t want your camera floating away!

How the shot was captured: HERO4 Black, .5 second Time Lapse mode, flat adhesive mount on paddle

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