🍸The fabulous artists who adorn my walls! I adore these illustrators, who stun me with their talent. No one captures swagger and female empowerment quite like @_catface. I still can’t believe I have a portrait of myself from one of my favorite artists 💁🏻🗡✨!! Proceeding clockwise, the Shrigley-esque impressions of @ledonnestudio, the print from @poisonappleprintshop that I also have tattooed because I’m THAT in love, work from my best bitch @emilyfundis 🏆, my 👻 @hauntedmeat, and an original painting from @barronzone, bc Alex knows that much like Dr. Orpheus, I am a stay-at-home necromancer. 💀🔮⚰
There’s no way to properly appreciate the work at this scale, please tap for names and check these bitches out! #poisonappleprintshop #emilyfundis #catface #hauntedmeat #etc #iloveyouguys #artistssupportingartists #givingtuesday