what’s the deal with the banana’s

well emily and i had bought this photo op and didn’t have any idea, so we’re kind of drunk in an h&m and see these banana print clothing and are like yes

so Emily and I are standing in line for our photo op and once we get up to Jensen he smirks a little and is like what is going on? I, not evening pausing for a second am like “Jensen you can make any face you want but please hold these banana’s.” Jensen still just as confused (amused?) stops us for a second and asks “So wait do you like banana’s?” and Emily is like “A little bit.” After this moment Jensen is like actually crying in laughter, like he is bent over hitting his head with laughter, Chris (the photographer) at this point walks over, “Did you just ask them if they were in cult?” Jensen being the drama queen he is, is like so offended, but still cracking up a bit “No, I asked if they liked banana’s!" 

Mind you we’re both like waiting to get this show on the road because I’m certain creation is going to yell at us for something, but so I reiterate that I just want him to hold them however, so he puts them on his fucking shoulder with that model pose. But afterwards Chris steals the banana in my hand, and Jensen still holding the banana bunch puts it behind his back and STEALS A FUCKING BANANA and gives us a little wink smirk thing, and hands it to his handler like I’m keeping this. 

Gary one of the like CEO’s of Creation Entertainment is like wow nice job ladies you go. And it’s also very clear that Jensen was in a great mood afterwards it was so nice. 

also what should be noted is we are wearing these fucking banana leggings as well so

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 emilyfromthepool replied to your postLOL SAM IS A COCKBLOCK

eric kripke is the real cockblock he made the charactars DUH HEATHER SUPERNATURAL ISN;t reall!!!! itz frum da brain ov that GUY!!! like a real persun u cud c him on teh streeet one day or the GROSCERY STOR he made sam


a fond vidcon memory of mine is talking with emily and vondell about weird types of videos that we can watch for hours.

vondell’s was minecraft streams, emily’s was people opening mail, and mine was dogs with human hands, so LETS BRING THIS BACK