Diesm vs. Christianity, the way it should be done
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:The Bible was written by over 40 authors over a period of 1500 years. #THF...none of which were Jesus...
  • Amy Netek:Which proves what?
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:That's it's not fact it's faith which is totally okay but just not my cup of tea
  • Amy Netek:Doesn't exactly prove that. But. "Fact" gets proven wrong/ not 100% accurate all the time. Science books we used 5 years ago are no longer worth anything because the information in them has changed due to new found "fact".
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:Exactly:) think about how long ago the bible was written!
  • Amy Netek:The bibles 'lives', my love! It's ever changing. The facts in it can mean one thing to you one year and another thing to you the next. God can so not be put into a box. Because He lives in us, so does His word. He's not subject to our way of logic. Humans wrote the bible but they were not our words, they are His. God wrote it with 40 different hands.
  • Amy Netek:We could prob go back and forth for awhile, which i'm always down if you are, but we don't gotta blow up your status haha Though, neither of our arguments "prove" anything. To me, my argument is logical, to you, yours is.
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:I believe in god I just think he's proven through nature &the living plants, animals, ocean, &mother earth! I understand why the bible was written too! It's supposed to be there to give people something to believe in and instill morals but so are alot of other things! But as long as you're passionate about something power to you!
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:Lol I'm always down for a healthy debate:)
  • Amy Netek:I totally agree. Science/nature is actually where I see like..the radness of God the most. Science is ridiculously complex. It boggles my mind how all of this works.
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:Read up on deism!:) I know plenty about Christianity to debate anydaaaay:)
  • Amy Netek:I can understand the idea of deism, but I also agree with parts of organized religion and living your life by the bible (which always speaks the importance of nature). I just follow Jeezy, though, haha, because following organized religion is not what God called us to do. We've horridly corrupted it. I live by the trinity. Father, Son, Holy spirit. He leads me, not the church's rules. Fa sho. ha
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:see i wish every christian was like you amy!! you actually think about the beliefs presented to you &make your own decisions instead of blindly listening. there are some beautiful stories in the bible that show the world the right &wrong way to go about their lives, but it's the not so beautiful verses &stories that people don't question &most definitely should deny that make me reject christianity...dont even get me started on equal rights
  • Amy Netek:thanks, girl. :] There's a lot of stuff in the bible that goes deeper than just what it may literally say. Things can be confusing. I personally feel that nothing in the bible is wrong/incorrect. There are a lot of aspect to the things in there that people don't take into account. Like who specific books were written to and at what point in history and time those things were written about. The Who, What, When, and Where of things in the bible can change the meaning/perspective entirely. A lot of people also don't take into account that Satan is real. The spiritual realm plays a huge part in everything, both good and bad. We influence the spiritual realm, too. I don't believe much in black&white when it comes to the bible/God. Because every human, every person's story, and every period of time is different. People take advantage of that though, and claim things are 'of God' when they're really for their own selfish crap.
  • Amy Netek:Christianity is corrupt, I totally and utterly agree with you. That's why I do a lot of the mission work I do. I'm not trying to put them in a church, i'm trying to help them have a relationship God. Two totally different things. Church can be an important aspect to someone's walk with God, but you do have to be open minded and have to be lead by God, not people. People are what have turned people against God, not God himself. You know? It makes me way sad. It's about spirituality&relationship.​ Not about a building&rules.
  • Amy Netek:Like--when i've done mission work, i'm told NOT to tell people in other countries i'm a christian . One, cause I could like..be imprisoned, haha. And two, cause to them, when they think Christian, they think of all the corrupt sides, what they've heard about 'christians' or the bad stuff they've seen so-called 'christians' do. Technically, and by real definition terms, I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus, I follow Christ. BUT. What the world tends to see as 'christian' is not what it's supposed to be.
  • Amy Netek:If someone in another country asks if i'm a christian, my response is "What do you think a christian is?" and then my conversation goes from there. It's such a bummer that I have to do that. But if I said yes, not knowing what they think a christian is, then I could just be pushing them further and further away from God. In certain scenarios, saying 'yes' to the question 'are you a christian?' is an open door for satan to make a fool out of me, and of God. He's a clever SOB, hah.
  • Amy Netek:‎(Sorry i'm sending you so much stuff, I've experienced a lot and learned so much, and where i'm at with God is just rad right now, so I have a lot to say and share. haha ♥)
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:i completely agree:) im a cradle catholic &have been confirmed &the whole shabang but from what I've learned, experienced, seen, read &heard, I just can't support the idea of jesus being the son of god &dying on the cross to save us. from everything I've ever experienced i can only see god in the cycle of the world &how everything is a continuous circle. there is no way that everything in the natural world works (almost) perfect &there not be a god. but they god I know exists is just a creator &that is where his job ends. though we have developed more that other species, we are just like them in the sense that we are created, born, grow, ripen, rot, die &go back into the earth to begin again &help nourish another cycle. we are not better than the plants &animals around us, we are just lucky to be born &live a life. so make the best of your life &if you can, help mother earth because she is just another creation. she was born, has grown, and though she will eventually ripen, rot &die, she has a much longer path than any of us &humans are the only gifts from god that are conscious enough to purposely make a effort to extend her life as long as possible. lalalaaaa &this happens on many planets all over the universe everywhere even if we don't know it:)
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:i agree with corruption of religion &how it's sad you can't be open about your spirituality*
  • Amy Netek:I can understand that. So I guessing you don't believe in Heaven or hell? since that's the reason we need Jesus. The thing that gets me there, is that the earth doesn't run perfectly. Between human corruption like theft and poverty and abuse, and natural corruption like earthquakes and tsunamis and even unbearable temperatures. So like, if God created the world to just be, and to just be nature and have a simple life and death cycle, then why wouldn't the world be perfect? If the spiritual realm, if satan, had no play in it? if relationship with God had no play in it?
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:no, i mean when i was younger and was learning all about catholicism the idea of heaven scared me. I don't want to live eternally, even if it is in bliss. I want to be at rest after i live my life &it's my time to die. I want to be part of the earth, like I'm meant to be. &i said that NATURAL world works ALMOST perfectly. i understand that there are millions &millions of things that go wrong in the world, even in cycle of life like birth defects &mental illness but just like any other creation, there will be glitches and development &adaption. (ex 1: humans may produce a child with autism, a genetic glitch, it doesn't mean that child is worse or better, it is just how biology works itself out, develops itself. ex 2: evolution; ex 3: plants can have dna adaptations like different strains of marijuana:); ex 4: an iphone is created &may have problems until the creator and developers fix it &upgrade it)
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:lalalaaalala i like us:)
  • Amy Netek:But that's the thing, why would God create a world that didn't work in harmony with itself? The glitches are all part of evil and the negative side of the spiritual realm. I'm not saying that we are punished through glitches. I don't believe in that whatsoever. A baby born with autism is not to punish the mother or the child. Or the idea that Katrina was to punish 'sin city' is the most bogus thing i've ever heard. But the world was once perfect, before we sinned. Therefor our sin and the sin of others has altered the world through satan and evil. The sins of people I will never met have effected my life. Like I said before, Satan is clever. Like a snake.
  • Amy Netek:Haha :] ♥
  • Amy Netek:Before sin, the world was absolutely perfect. Our sin corrupted everything. Not only we were altered, so was the Garden.
  • Emily Elizabeth Bell:see this is were i reeally disagree. what do you think about the dinosaurs and evolution? do you believe that adam &eve were real? i think the decisions people make come back around. in simple ways or complex. each person is different but in general, if you make a negative choice, you may end up with a negative reaction either persona lly or interpersonally. if you make positive decisions, you will have positive feelings, consequences &whatnot. there are some things we can't control like birth defects or the family/situations we are born into but those aren't based on decisions. like you said its not a punishment for being like a bad fetus or something lol but simply a genetic digression
shoutout to my hometown, hollaaa

so Selena (or Selenas, as I like to call her) is totally in style right now. think about it. the jewel covered bustiers, high waisted pants, bold shoulders, dark lipstick…it’s real &im embracing it. she, of course, is from Corpus Christi &I love it! so I’m gonna channel my inner Selena &work some high waisted black pants tomorrow. suck it.

Is it weird to think I have a stalker &someone is hacking into my computer if someone put pictures I havent uploaded anywhere on their tumblr &dyed there hair tips blue, has a nose hoop, &wrote the same 2 quotes I have on my facebook on their blog…all in the last month?

update: AND she’s following me on twitter &copies &pastes my tweets quite often…

Though I have always been someone to believe &rejoice in the good in all people, I’ve learned that some people’s “good” is tainted by their morals or lack there of. Let your soul grow &flourish into a beautiful garden of flowers &trees bountiful with fruit. Learn to cut down the weeds &thorn bushes. Cultivate the beautiful, loving, warmth that is decency &light. Do not water the ugliness that so easily overwhelms your garden. I’ve made the mistake of letting others plant their weeds in my garden over &over again, believing they are giving me the most beautiful flower of love. I am building a better fence &growing my own garden from now on. Learn from me, grow with me &one day all our beauty will overwhelm the darkness &the fences will fall.🚧🌸🍍🌷🍎🌹🍆🌻🌺🌳🌼🚧

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