I was tagged by @mysticwiki to post 8 characters I relate to, but honestly who needs 8 different characters when Oikawa Tooru exists. Also this image was too big for tumblr to handle so I had to tweet it and link the pic from twitter. 

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im sorry to bother but I can find a parent!phan fic where they adopt teenager and she finds baby stuff in one of their rooms and got upset bc she didnt think they wanted her?? I know it had a second part where she locks herself in her room and crys bc its her mom and dads death anniversary??? Its my favourite fic and I cant find it!! ty in advance!!

This was “We Wanted You” and the sequel “The Emotions We Hide” by brighterbolder, but I think it’s been deleted :(

- Emily


We wanted you by brighterbolder isn’t deleted, the post jsust doesn’t work on the theme I believe. If you go to this post on their tumblr: /post/135404165720/we-wanted-you and press ‘like’ in the upper right corner, you can still read it in your likes :)

same anon about brighterbolder again, this is the link to its sequel, the emotions we hide, it’s the same story as the other one: /post/146612630925/we-wanted-you

Yay! Thanks anon! :)

We Wanted You - Dan and Phil adopt a thirteen year old girl who accidentally discovers that they were originally supposed to have a baby boy instead of her.

We Wanted You: The Emotions We Hide - The anniversary of the death of Julietta’s parents prompts her to hide her sadness from her new adoptive dads.

- Emily

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Hi im looking for a fic were phil is a tattoo artist and dan is pastel i think but phils hands starting shaking so dan had phil do one last tattoo before he couldnt do anynore tattoos. Thank you!

This was called Any Change In Time by peachy–memes but I think it’s been deleted :(

- Emily

Edit: WAIT no they have an ao3 :D

Any Change In Time (ao3) - Dan just wanted a tattoo, but somehow he ended up with a boyfriend.

- Emily