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What has been the hardest time for you the past 19 years of your life? You can answer in 1 word or a paragraph, a sentence, Anythangggg this aint hi skewl or colllllege lolololol. And how can I help you as a bestfriend ^_^

hi bb ok so I’ve clearly been avoiding answering this but the hardest time in my life was definitely my suicide attempt and working through the process of recovery. You were already there for me then and i haven’t really experienced another time in my life when i needed so much support from friends fam and just general kindness ty! :3

People on IG play too much with their catfish mornings. This is a real “Good #morning I just woke up” picture. 🙌 😪 🙊😓🙀😭😹 Post-dreams. -Waking up 2 lbs lighter than right before I went to sleep. ♡ —Crazy dreamer, crazy sleeper. #JustNow #igivenofucks #me #emilydeadwoman (at Home ♡)

Ever since the demons stopped visiting me in my sleep, I realized… Sleeping alone really isn’t that bad. ☠ ✗☽ I’d much rather stay sleeping alone until I’m with that someone who I know is worth waking up next to every morning. (at Home ♡)

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♡ Happy Friday everyone! 👋🙏🙌😊 #regardless #DontJudgeMe 🙊😌 #HAPPINESS #emilydeadwoman #me #dayoldMakeUp @EmilyDeadwoman (at Home ♡)

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Bitches be like “I don’t smoke.” —I really don’t though; only #hookah 😂😭 😹lmao @ my baby O’s 🙊😹 #smokerings #travisscott #andain #EmilyDeadwoman @EmilyDeadwoman —081613 (at New York City)