emily22hannah  asked:

What, in your opinion, is THE BEST drugstore concealer?

In my opinion, as in for my personal use, I like Hard Candy Glamoflauge the BEST… although you can only find it at Walmart stores or online.

It provides super-duper-full coverage, and hides everything I need it to - from redness, to blemishes, to dark undereye circles.  You get a lot of product in the tube, especially considering you only need a tiny little dot of product to cover anything, and it blends out easily with a brush or your finger.  Use too much and it can get a bit cakey, but like I said - a little drop will do, so don’t go squeezing out half the tube.  You need less of this concealer than any other concealer I’ve tried, which in my book, means value.

The texture is very thick and creamy, and not very liquidy at all, which could be strange for some people.  It lasts all day and I have no problem using it alone with just a bit of tinted moisturizer, or with a full on face of foundation.

Unfortunately there are only three shades - Light, Medium, and Dark, but unlike some brands “Light” is actually very light and “Dark” is quite dark… they aren’t all just a variation of beige.

You also not only get the tube of liquid concealer, but a small pencil concealer as well.  I love using this to outline and perfect my brows and lips, and it works really well as a crease-proofing base for the liquid.

Also, it only costs $6 - very affordable in my book!  Once again, you can find it at Walmart stores, on Walmart.com, or HardCandy.com  :)


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