Lucas Drugged Emily, Ezra`s $$$, and What is Ted`s Secret? - 3x05 Analysis

3x05 -  “That Girl is Poison”      

       Ezra Can`t Stock His Fridge, But CAN Buy Expensive Antiques

Ezra`s financial situation has always been such a mystery to me. At this point in the show Ezra is unemployed and he is going on job interviews. Having been a teacher prior to this, so it doesn`t seem like he earned a ton of money to begin with. His family is super rich, yesm but he wants nothing to do with his relatives or their money. 

So, in this episode Aria brings up the fact that Ezra`s fridge is empty except for a lime that`s starting to grow fur. Another episode, another lime reference. Based on what Aria says we are supposed to get this idea that Ezra is running out of money. But maybe that`s not the case?

Ezra gifts Aria an antique camera, which Aria later finds out (from the photographer who takes photos at Jenna`s birthday party), is a VERY expensive camera. So where is the money from, Ezra? It`s possible that he was the secret informant who got the $50,000 reward from Jason, but something in the next episode makes me think that that`s not what happened. Nonetheless, Ezra has $$$. In season 4 we learn that he probably has more money than we ever imagined. Ezra lives in Rosewood, so he either owns the apartment he lives in and only pays for things like gas, electricity, etc. or he is renting it. On top of that he rents out an apartment in Ravenswood and sets up a lair there, complete with a very expensive looking computer system that allows him to track the girls, disable car engines, and etc. 

Then he starts taking Aria to that creepy cabin that belongs in a horror movie and says that he`s taking care of it while his friend, the owner, is away. I think that`s a lie too and Ezra probably owns it. He installs cameras in every room so he can see what Aria is up to when he leaves her alone one night and goes to (probably) run Shana out of town. More on that in my season analysis posts though :D

So this is one of the questions I`d like to get answered in season 6 - where is Ezra`s money coming from and was he the one who got the $50,000 from Jason DiLaurentis?

                    Emily`s Coat and Paige Accidentally Drugs Herself

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Honestly, Spencer has been one my favorite characters. Obviously, I love playing Alison, but I just love how intelligent Spencer is and all the things that she comes up with. So, if I could trade, it would probably be Spencer. But, everyone is so funny. I mean I love how funny Hanna’s character is and the lines that she has are classic. Aria too and Emily because Shay thinks it’s hilarious all the things that she has to do for Emily. Troian is actually very much like Spencer. Because of how smart she is she’s able to say all these crazy words and every now and then, we’ll be like, “Troy, how do I say that” and that’s exactly what it is when she’s Spencer. I don’t think I could ever do Spencer justice compared to Troian. I think she’s perfect.
—  Sasha on who else she would like to play on the show