A second chance?

See that man up there? The man with the big goofy grin? Yeah that’s him, Skyler Page, the man who sexual assaulted Adventure Time artist Emily Partidge, The man who’s everybody being talking trash about, but does Skyler really deserve all this hate?

On July the 2nd Emily Partidge had to courage to reveal the world that she had been sexual assaulted by Skyle Page, Creator of Clarence.

Emily wrote a series of rants through Twitter about her Skyler Page and about woman rights and unfortunately shes not the only one who’s been ranting about Skyler Page. Numerous of Emily’s followers have been supporting her all the way from this tragic even.

Though not everyone is completely on Emily’s side. Jeff Rowe a friend Skyler Page has made a small appeal for Skyler on his Tumblr account http://jeffrowegifs.tumblr.com/post/90700109592/skyler-page though Emily has also made an argument over this http://emilord.tumblr.com/post/90707412751

But even though through all these issues Emily still has the heart to protect Skyler even if its just a little

Despite my anger, I really hope that this dude gets help. I’m incredibly hesitant to lay all of his behaviour on mental illness after hearing (private) accounts of people’s personal experiences with him, but I’m not a doctor, nor do I know him personally.

- Emily Partidge

I am not using Skyler’s mental Illness as an excuse of his behavior because sexual assault shouldn’t be blame just for a mental illness but let us all remember that Skyler only sexually assaulted her not rape her ad that those two are too separately different things 

Skyler didn’t rape me. this is a really messed up rumour that needs to stop being propagated. sexual assault does not equate rape.

- Emily Partidge

All I ask is that you think and becareful on what you say about this issue and give Skyler a second chance because let us all remeber that sexual assault and rape and not the same thing and shouldn’t be treated equally.

no matter what side you’re on or what you believe, please don’t be an asshole.

- Emily Partidge


Title cards designed by Michael DeForge, Laura Knetzger, Charmaine Verhagen, Sam Alden, James Baxter, and Aleks Sennwald

painted by Joy Ang

Adventure Time: Season 8 arrives this week!

5 NIGHTS of new episodes premiering at 7:45/6:45c (except for Two Swords which airs at 7:30/6:30c) on Cartoon Network.


TWO SWORDS - January 23rd

written/storyboarded by Tom Herpich & Steve Wolfhard


DO NO HARM - January 23rd

written/storyboarded by Laura Knetzger & Emily Partridge


WHEELS - January 24th

written/storyboarded by Graham Falk & Charmaine Verhagen



written/storyboarded by Pendleton Ward & Sam Alden


HORSE AND BALL - January 26th

written/storyboarded by Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone



written/storyboarded by Hanna K Nyström & Aleks Sennwald

Ice King Comics on the Way

The Los Angeles Times is reporting Ice King is getting his own six-part miniseries in comic-book form beginning in January, the heart of winter, no less. Emily Partridge is writing, Natalie Andrewson is drawing the pictures. Adventure Time: Ice King is being published by BOOM! Studios’ KaBOOM! imprint.

Cover by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb.