Things noticed in the new trailer!

I’ve only gotten to see it twice cause Im not at home but! These are the things I’ve noticed from the new trailer. 

1. Cole thinks the Witness being bad is his fault. I could be a dick and say it is but lol I’m not. I don’t want Cole to feel that way. 

2. Cassie wants to save the baby. So hopefully she will not be taking the Witness side like I thought she was.

3. Jones wants to put Cole down…..which I called back when we got that first pic of them glaring at each other. If she ropes Ramse into it, I’ll be really surprised.

4. If Ramse starts trying to kill Cole again, I officially hope Ramse is the one who dies this season. Because fuck him, Cole has been there for him from the start. 

5. Cole seems to be standing in a slightly run down New York. Almost looks like a homage to the virus ridden New York in the movie. So maybe we’ll get some time travel to somewhere in between 2044 and 2024 

6. Everyone will think I’m crazy but Im still not sold on James Callis as the Witness. Idk, it’s a feeling I have ya’ll. 

7. What are the light up suits these men i top hats are wearing??? What do they do?? Are they mini time travel machines? Cause if so that’d be dope. 

8. Who’s ready for the Binge Event in May? Cause I am.